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Movement is life. Famous phrase that everyone has heard and knows. Without movement, a person cannot be considered healthy, but for some reason we forget about it all the time. If you spend little time on physical exercises, deny yourself physical exercises, you will not be able to avoid further health problems and assume that you are healthy.

All scientists, doctors, researchers, despite the presence of contraindications for a certain category of people, running is recognized as physical activity, which has great benefits. That is why he will help to avoid the destruction of our health, if we are friends with him.

Who does not pay enough attention, effort and time to run, as one of the most useful procedures to improve their health, that deprives himself of one of the wonderful opportunities to be healthy for many years. After all, it is our sedentary lifestyle that not only does not contribute to the improvement of our health, but directly destroys it, exerting a negative impact on all systems of human activity. No wonder one of the priority programs of any developed country is a program to introduce a healthy lifestyle as the basis for the life of every person.

Danger of sedentary lifestyle

If you neglect physical exercises, spend little time on physical exercises or do not do them at all, then for you there is a direct threat of disruption of the functioning of internal organs. This happens because your lymph cannot move without muscle contraction, and they only work under the influence of the load. There is a threat of slagging of the body, and all this will lead to the emergence and exacerbation of disease. If the muscles do not get enough load, the capillaries stop working normally. Removed parts of the body do not receive enough warm blood, our hands and feet are cold.

Running - a way to increase motor activity

  • There are several types of running that will help increase your physical activity. One of them is running on the spot. The procedure of running on the spot is quite pleasant and does not require much effort from you. Running on the spot will warm you up, give your muscles the necessary load, and set your blood in motion, enriching the body with oxygen and nourishing the cells.
  • Running on the street, in the park or in the stadium, at full strength, regularly, will contribute to the good work of the internal organs, improve blood circulation, metabolic processes and mental activity, various positive changes in the body. Thanks to running, the heart rate increases, the immune system is strengthened, breathing is improved, and the skin tone improves. Running eliminates and prevents the occurrence of cellulite, due to the improvement of metabolism and strengthen the muscles of the legs. Regular jogging leads to slowing the aging process.

To promote health, running is one of the most useful and affordable sports.

Running and losing weight

When losing weight, the role of running is huge, indisputable and indispensable. It will effectively contribute to the burning of deferred fat and food calories. Running - one of the most effective means for losing weight.. When you run, all the muscles of your body are involved, everything works. The most intense load is difficult to imagine.

For weight loss, you must start to run for a short distance, and then run for a long distance, reducing the rate of movement gradually. During the run, be sure to monitor the rhythm of breathing. Due to this alternation of running pace, our body can not get used to the load. And this will contribute to the burning of more calories than with monotonous and homogeneous movement. You can choose any other pace when doing a sharp acceleration, and then reduce the pace of the run. The number of accelerations depends on your desire and strength.

If you follow these recommendations and run regularly for more than an hour, then the source of energy for the body is stored fat stored in the most inappropriate places, and from which you want to get rid of.

Wellness running: what you need to know?

1. In order to achieve the effect, it is necessary to train at least 3 times a week.

2. Fat burning occurs only from 45 minutes after the start of running, so you need to run for at least an hour.

3. In order not to harm the knees, you must run more slowly, focusing on the heart rate.

4. Calorie burns more, if you run uphill or just intensively, while jogging, calories burns several times less.

5. Regular jogging will help activate metabolic processes and increase the burning of subcutaneous fat, which is most important in the process of losing weight.

If you want to maintain performance, good health, a positive attitude, jogging or another sport is a prerequisite and the only way to achieve this. Isn't this all one of the main reasons for starting tomorrow morning or even tonight, getting your sneakers, shod and getting started running, no matter what?

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