Weakness in the body


A weak woman, morally and physically, causes sympathy in men and they always want to rush to her aid and do everything possible for her, and sometimes even the impossible. Most importantly, at the moment when a woman catches the eye of a man, she should not be exhausted, tired and weak in terms of health.

How to get rid of weakness in the body, unhealthy complexion and other unnecessary problems for a woman?

Weakness in the body: causes

What is a weakness in the body?

Weakness may be general or partial. General weakness - this is lethargy of the muscles, fatigue, difficulty with physical exertion. But I must say that general fatigue is not only physical exhaustion, but also nervous. The reasons may be different: diet, lack of vitamins, illness, depression.

With partial weakness, things are a little different. Here is the atrophy of a particular body. Partial weakness, as a rule, it is better to entrust the doctor, because a serious abnormality in the body is a job for a professional. But if you later weakened diet or processing, then you can figure it out yourself. So, consider the causes of general weakness and methods of dealing with it.

Diet or starvation as causes of weakness

This oldest "method to become more beautiful" can greatly harm the body. And yet, as for the results of the diet, it works. Maya Plisetskaya, the most famous ballerina, had one effective diet formula that always helped her stay in shape. Her motto was: "Do not eat!". And this diet works. But constantly undernourished are the first signs of weakness. Therefore, diet is a very individual thing. The best diet is all and little by little. Plus sport and enough water.

Weakness in the body: causes

If you are still weak as a result of the diet and want to gain weight painlessly for the figure, start with sleep. The best friend of the girl is a dream and only then diamonds. After all, sleepy girls are not given jewels. To start, stop getting enough sleep, go to bed at a normal time, and before bedtime, drink herbal tea, for example, with thyme or chamomile.

Next, develop yourself a menu, which must be present: bread, butter, meat, fruit, cottage cheese. A small slice of meat, bread and a spoonful of vegetable salad for lunch will help you get on your feet. Overeating is not worth it. And do not forget about water. Drink it need 2 liters per day (this is without tea, coffee and other liquids). Arrange a walk in the fresh air, forget about smoked clubs. Buy a bike and go on trips around the city. It is very refreshing. Your cheeks will again turn pink, and your look will become brighter. And smile more often, no matter in what context, just smile and breathe this life with a full breast. And remember, food is nothing. You have to live for yourself, but not for food. Its absence in your stomach will not make you happier. Only harmony and self-love can make you happier.

Depression or grief as a cause of weakness in the body

It is much worse than diet or something else. The doctor and the family should take you out of depression. Recovery therapy takes months and sometimes years. It all depends on why you are depressed. Grief in the family or personal life can also drive a person into a stupor for a long time. And it is not always possible to determine that this is depression. In the case of identified clinical depression, it is necessary to consult a specialist. In this case, complex therapy will help to cope with the weakness of the body.

Weakness in the body: causes

The best way to deal with grief is work and rest. Everything is in that order. At first it is better to load yourself with work in order to forget about the bad. And this concerns not only the profession. It is necessary to take care of yourself, your home, your family, your parents. Go to work on everything and every minute. You will come home and fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly. And then, when you feel that it's time to relax, start without talking.

If you do not have a passport, make it immediately and better for a long time. Next, select the place where you want to go. It can be anything: the place of your dreams will fit perfectly, every woman has it. And do not think that they will not let you go there in our country and will not let them in the same one. Just go to your goal. And weakness will pass, your new life will take it off with your hand. Yes, at first it will be difficult when you need to work and work in order to forget. But then, when you allow yourself to rest with a sense of accomplishment, it will be awesome. After all, there is nothing better than relaxation after superproductive labor. Be patient, ladies. After all, as you know: nothing happens badly very, very long.

Traditional medicine against weakness in the body

There are some well-known drugs that are best used for weakness.

  • Birch sap 3 times a day for a month will be a great help to recovery.
  • Herbal teas are a great way to calm down. Make vervain or linden, drink and say that you are the most beautiful in the world. Self-hypnosis is a part of our life, so tell yourself more often about love. Next in line is the dandelion jam. It should be taken with tea at the table.
  • Let your friends or relatives surround you at this moment. You will not notice how you will become fresher and more cheerful. There is a not very pleasant, but quite effective assistant - fish oil. A spoonful three times a day before meals and weakness will go away. Choose any additional way to become stronger.

Weakness in the body: causes

A woman is a beautiful and enthusiastic creature. We, ladies, have a wonderful function in us - we are mothers, caring wives, beautiful workers and just the most beautiful creatures on planet Earth. Let's love yourself and indulge more often.

Let us allow ourselves to be weak in the presence of men, but only so that they in turn feel strong and necessary. This is the normal course of things. We will not violate it. In the end, we always strive for harmony!