Weakness and sleepiness


Weakness and drowsiness are the most common causes of anxiety and provoke a visit to the doctor. All of us at least once in our life have observed these symptoms in ourselves, and every 20 people experience this feeling constantly. Loss of energy: what is it - seasonal blues, lack of vitamins or a serious pathology?

Why do we sometimes miserable?

Fatigue, sleepiness and apathy

Fatigue, drowsiness and apathy are the subjective causes of many different disorders in the body. Most often, these symptoms occur due to abnormal rhythm of life. We are constantly loaded with work, then we run home, we learn lessons with children, we cook dinner, we wash, we clean, and in the evening we feel ourselves squeezed like a lemon.

It is not surprising that at such a constant pace, the body begins to give alarm bells and asks for a short pause. In such situations, it is enough to relax a couple of days, take a walk in the park, go to the sea and have a good sleep. However, even such a proven method does not always work. Other external factors, such as:

  • Depression. Most often it occurs as a result of problems and stresses, which retain their relevance for a long time. Unsolved life situations, put aside for long, on a subconscious level, affect a person, eventually causing a feeling of complete apathy and detachment from this world.
  • Improper diet, in which the body is a small amount of vitamins and minerals, can also cause a breakdown. In medicine, this phenomenon is called avitaminosis and is considered a serious pathology.
  • Everyone knows that a person should drink about one and a half liters of water a day. However, not all of us adhere to such strict rules. Lack of fluid in the body - the main cause of fatigue and drowsiness.
  • There are a number of other factors, such as overweight, passive lifestyle and, of course, bad habits. They also adversely affect the overall physical and moral condition of a person. In some cases, memory and vision problems as a result of insufficient saturation of brain cells with oxygen are added to the standard symptoms of apathy.

External causes of apathy include various head injuries. In this case, weakness is accompanied by nausea, dizziness, and the reasons for this are trivial - a slight concussion. If such precedents were, pull with an immediate visit to the doctor is not worth it.

Apathy year round

constant weakness and drowsiness lasts more than six months

The body's energy reserves, unfortunately, are not infinite. If persistent weakness and drowsiness lasts more than six months, the reasons for this should be sought in hidden or chronic diseases. Although most often such manifestations are attributed by doctors to the so-called chronic fatigue syndrome, which, by the way, is also not good.

Such signals the body can give as a result of failures in the various systems. The most commonly affected endocrine, immune, nervous system and even the digestive tract.

Specialists in various fields of medicine warn that a breakdown can be a sign of diseases such as:

  • the formation of malignant or benign tumors;
  • violation of heart rhythms and other pathologies associated with this organ;
  • chronic lack of liver enzymes and abnormalities in the kidneys;
  • thyroid disease;
  • infectious and viral diseases, including chronic tonsillitis and tuberculosis;
  • sleep disorder syndrome;
  • nervous system disorders;
  • anemia, insufficient clotting, leukemia and leukemia.

However, it is worth noting that drowsiness and fatigue are very subjective signs that do not allow an accurate diagnosis. Usually, with serious disruptions in the body, the most characteristic symptoms appear, which should force you to see a doctor.

How to return the courage?

To establish the causes of severe weakness and drowsiness can be the usual passing tests:

  • general and biochemical analysis of urine and blood;
  • ECG or ultrasound.

Studies on the presence of viruses in the body are carried out depending on the symptoms. To avert unnecessary and unnecessary suspicions, the doctor may order a surrender and other additional tests. What exactly, he decides on the basis of medical records, a general examination and your complaints.

causes of severe weakness and drowsiness

The same applies to the chosen course of therapy. For each patient, treatment methods will be selected individually:

  • normal fatigue and fatigue are treated with vitamin therapy;
  • if nervous problems occur, they may prescribe antidepressants for several weeks;
  • when a breakdown is caused by a sleep disorder, mild hypnotics are used;
  • some patients may be prescribed immunostimulants, antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Banal overwork can not be attributed to the category of serious diseases and even more so to try to cure with the help of medicines. First of all, you need to strongly wish to get rid of this disease. It is necessary to adjust your habits and lifestyle, balance your diet, radically change your behavior and attitude to life.

Particularly brave people can try to change jobs or move to a new place of residence. Those who do not like such actions should get a new, exciting hobby, walk in the park, spend more time with friends, and maybe find new acquaintances.

In an integrated approach to the treatment of fatigue and drowsiness today resorted to such methods as:

  • relaxing, therapeutic and acupressure;
  • physiotherapeutic procedures: ozone therapy, myostimulation;
  • physiotherapy;
  • water procedures: swimming, mineral baths.

Will give the necessary energy and properly selected products:

  • dairy and milk;
  • eggs;
  • boiled chicken meat, pork and beef;
  • Steamed fish;
  • fresh fruits with vegetables and juices from them;
  • porridges;
  • nuts.

Of course, fatigue, apathy and drowsiness rarely can be classified as serious symptoms. But this is not a reason to let the situation take its course. A long and protracted blues can be an excellent ground for the birth of many diseases. That is why it is so important not to remain idle with the appearance of the first signs.