We dance with health benefits. dancing and pregnancy


Dancing for us is pleasure and joy, an attribute of any holiday, a friendly company, a loved one. We are always happy to devote time to them and give strength, but as an alternative to gymnastics, running or walking, we do not even consider it. Maybe because we believe that health promotion is associated only with willpower, physical exertion? Totally in vain.

Unlike running or swimming, dancing is always with us. Few people can find strength in themselves and run several kilometers, while swimming due to the lack of a pool nearby, is inaccessible. Therefore, we don’t want to bother ourselves too much, because it’s already hard enough for us to live in this world. But to strengthen our health, we must in spite of any difficulties, especially since such a pleasure, like dancing a little, can give us. And they do not require anything from us except the desire and sounds of their favorite music.

"Allow me to invite"or about the benefits of dancing

Let's start with the fact that dancing, like nothing else, can cause us a sense of joy and a positive attitude. Dancing will help get rid of tightness, stress, depression, stiffness and lack of self-confidence.. Dancing, you strengthen the spine, pectoral muscles, train the muscles that usually do not work for you, improve the blood supply to the pelvis, improving women's health. Remove the negative effects of sedentary and too nervous work, moving to the rhythms of your favorite music.

The respiratory system will become more durable thanks to regular exercises, and you will be able to say goodbye to persistent colds, bronchitis, and severe asthma attacks. Dance movements will help strengthen the work of the bodies, keeping them in shape, will become an obstacle to their aging ahead of time. They will charge your body with energy.

Dance rhythms sound in unison with your rhythm, and thus helping to regulate the activity of the heart, and this is an excellent prevention of heart disease. Making all these dance moves to the sound of music, you yourself, without noticing, strengthen your muscles and bones, keep your entire body in good shape. You will remember that you yourself are grace and beauty. If you have previously suffered from lack of composure and accuracy of coordination of movements, then dancing will help you forget about it forever..

You will learn to present yourself to others, because you want it for you. It is proved that dancing can prolong the life of those who regularly devote their time to them. After all, dancing, you remove the accumulated stress, forget about all the turmoil and serious problems. You are overwhelmed with joy, positive. You start to look at the world with wide-open eyes, with joy and expectation of happy changes in your destiny, or simply rejoice that your life has turned out this way and not otherwise. Those who dance are not related to such categories as old age and illness.

Dancing by the rules

  • Before you start dancing, warm up your muscles a little, do a little warm-up, or start dancing slowly, gradually picking up the pace you want.
  • During the dance classes try to feel your body, do not give him too much load.
  • Engage only in your pleasure and never, if you have no desire. Dance as you like, making any movements with your arms, legs and body. The music should make you want to dance. Dance until your bad mood disappears and a smile does not appear on your lips.

Being engaged in dancing in a pair, you can improve relationships with your man. You will have a new general interest. You will begin to better understand each other, and this is a direct path to harmony in family life. You will feel weak and defenseless, and your man - the head of the family, will become more confident.

Dancing and pregnancy

The state of pregnancy does not involve sitting at home and just going to your gynecologist. During this period, you also need to move enough, because it directly affects the health of the mother and her future baby. And here dances can be a great alternative to exercises, slow running or walking. Thanks to dancing lessons during pregnancy, there is a decrease in discomfort caused by the state of pregnancy, an increase in energy and vigor, a rapid overcoming of postpartum depression..

They also help to strengthen the muscles and lower abdomen, muscles of the back and hips, internal muscles of the vagina, which further facilitate the process of childbirth. Significantly reduces the risk of complications during childbirth and the risk of their occurrence, the appearance of hypertension, the risk of preterm birth, the appearance of toxicosis in the last trimester, and even diabetes.

When dancing, try not to stand in one place for a long time, move smoothly and slowly, do not make any movements on your back. If you have any dizziness or pain, consult a doctor immediately. Dancing, you will distract from all your problems, worries, stress caused by the state of pregnancy, relax. Dancing will help you learn how to breathe and relax properly, which will help ease the pain during childbirth. Dancing will also help to improve metabolism and firm, supple skin. This will prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Slow oriental dances will help you feel that during pregnancy, you are just as flexible and become even more beautiful. You will continue to feel welcome and beautiful all the time.

If you didn’t play sports or dance before pregnancy, start dancing only from the second trimester, and be sure to consult your doctor first.

Considering that dances are among the most simple, useful, and most importantly enjoyable activities in our lives, it remains only to add to all of the above: "Allow me to invite you!".

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