Water and human health


Water does not contain neither vitamins, nor a large amount of minerals, nor a large number of trace elements. But at the same time it has a great impact on our health. Water can affect us because it has a memory and a soul, and we are almost 90% of it. What impact this will have - negative or positive - depends not on its composition, but on you and me.

The effect of water on the body

From water is every living cell. If there is a shortage of water, then an imbalance occurs, which can even lead to cell death and disrupt the vital activity of the body. When a person is healthy, his water balance is normal. So, the amount of water that comes out of your body, is equal to the amount that you use. Water balance itself is an important part of metabolism.

Without water, a person can not live more than 7 days. If water is lost by 8% and it is not replenished, a headache occurs, the nervous system suffers, muscle weakness, redness of the skin, dizziness appear, heartbeat and breathing become more frequent.

Water and weight loss

While losing weight, you can get rid of hunger just by drinking a glass of water. The feeling of hunger will disappear, and you do not want to snack that will save you from extra calories. Water promotes proper metabolism, speeding up metabolism. It helps excrete metabolic products and excess protein if your diet includes foods that are too high in protein.

During the diet, there is dehydration of the body, which can adversely affect the work of the kidneys, to avoid this, drink enough water. Water will help fill up during the diet, so the missing magnesium and calcium, will accelerate the excretion of tissue salts. It will help burn fats and remove them from the body.

Curative effect of water

If you have a headache, then drink 2 cups of cool water. Often a headache occurs due to lack of water in the body. Constipation, poor digestion of food appear also due to the lack of water in the body, therefore, using a sufficient amount of water, you can avoid these symptoms. Water will help to avoid disturbances in the process of metabolism.

Health benefits of water

Water helps to improve the nutrition of cells, transporting minerals, vitamins and trace elements, pre-dissolving them, to the cells. This ensures proper vital activity and cell functioning. Water saves cells from death and provides a good and healthy skin color, excellent brain performance and a good figure. It dissolves toxins, slags, and other substances unnecessary in the body and removes them through sweat and urine. Water is responsible for regulating body temperature. When the temperature rises, the body reacts immediately by increased perspiration, so that the skin cools.

What water is better to drink?

Drink purified water. Do not forget to drink 30 minutes before a meal, and 1 hour after a meal. Immediately after eating, drinking is not recommended, so as not to reduce the concentration of gastric juice. Do not replace water with tea, coffee or juice, other drinks, they will not replenish the supply of water necessary for your body. On the day you should drink about 2.5 liters, but not less than 2 liters.

Water in the fight against aging

With age, the amount of water in our body decreases, the deposition of salts and the amount of free radicals increase, and this is what provokes the aging process. Water can neutralize the effects of free radicals. Water will help lower cholesterol, will prevent the formation of kidney stones, salinization of the body. Old age will help delay only living water, which is energy-rich, helps to better adapt to external factors..

Water information function

Scientists have recently established that water has a memory and a soul. From what she sees, hears and feels depends on the change in its structure. Water expresses its attitude to what is heard and seen, a change in the shape of the crystals of which it consists.

Bad words, music, feelings cause the destruction of crystals, the appearance of incomprehensible forms and, as a result, a negative impact on human health. On good thoughts, words, sounds, water reacts with the formation of crystals of the correct form, it becomes energy-saturated. Exactly the correct and beautiful form of crystals makes the water structured and most beneficial for our body.

How to make water structured?

Water from clean streams, mountain springs and springs has an excellent crystal structure, which has a beneficial effect on health.

Distilled water is primordial, dead, but thanks to the sounds of classical music or a sticker with the word “Thank you” stuck on the glass, you can give a beautiful shape to the crystals of water. The words "love" and "gratitude," are able to purify polluted, dead water. The phrase "Let's do it" creates crystals that look like snowflakes.

It is not the mandative tone, but the proposal of joint work that makes water useful for us. By sending the water that we drink, the food that we eat positive emotions, we remove the negative, and in return receive all the benefits that they can give our body for its long and healthy life. This is the opinion of the Japanese scientist Dr. Emoto, who conducted experiments with water.

Water is the basis of our body, it is responsible for our health and the work of our body.. She has a memory and a soul, reacting to negative and positive words and feelings. Everything that water hears, feels, and even sees, is reflected in its structure. The correct structure of water has a beneficial effect on our health and soul. Trying to think positively, listen to beautiful music, speak kind words, we rearrange the structure of the water we drink and from which we are, making it lively and beneficially affecting our health.

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