Water aerobics


Aqua aerobics - this is aerobics, which are held in the water. It will suit everyone who wants to strengthen their health, improve the contours of the figure and throw off weight. In addition, aqua aerobics is an excellent alternative to strength physical exercise - all muscle groups train in water and there are no strong loads. Often aqua aerobics is recommended for problems with the spine, diseases of the joints, pregnancy and the elderly.

Advantages of water aerobics


Water perfectly helps to get rid of the accumulated problems for the day and relax in the classroom. Water aerobics strengthens the nervous system and helps to cope with various stressful situations.


During classes, a water massage of the body takes place, which occurs as a result of water fluctuations due to our movements. This massage neutralizes lactic acid, which tends to accumulate after exercise.

Safe fitness

In aqua aerobics classes, bruises and stretching occur very rarely, and in terms of their effectiveness, aqua aerobics is not inferior to normal fitness and attention is paid to all parts of the body. You can choose a special program that will align and correct the wrong posture.

Treatment of varicose veins

For people suffering from varicose veins, water aerobics is simply indispensable as a treatment. Classes in water improve the condition of blood vessels, increase blood circulation and normalize the outflow of blood from the veins.

Muscle activity

People with sore joints and limited mobility will be able to develop normal functional activity of muscles and joints using water activities.

Sport for pregnant

Pregnant women often experience a serious strain on the spine in the last months of expecting a baby. Water aerobics perfectly relieves the spine, providing a woman with the level of her usual physical activity without harm to the baby. Also during pregnancy, the nervous system of the woman is very easily excitable, and the water has a calming effect. Aqua aerobics has a preventive effect of colds due to easy hardening, and it is very important for the expectant mother to have good immunity during pregnancy.

Weight loss effect

And of course aqua aerobics will help those who want to lose weight and strengthen their figure. The density of water in combination with physical exertion allows you to burn fat. Another advantage of water is a lower temperature compared to body temperature, which also affects calorie dropping. Water aerobics will be the best choice for those who are ashamed of their own fullness. During classes, the main part of the figure is hidden under water, which gives greater confidence and relaxation in movements. Water massage, which occurs during contact with water, fights cellulite well, and if you combine it with active water training, you can soon forget about the existence of cellulite.

How to do water aerobics?

After entering the water, you should not immediately begin to actively exercise, you must first get comfortable in the aquatic environment - swim, get used to to water temperature. Then you can start warm up - These are non-intensive warm-up exercises and stretching. Then core exercises and final complex. Basic exercises are mainly exercises to improve flexibility, elasticity of all parts of the body, endurance of the body, the development of muscle strength and strengthening the cardiovascular system.

The duration and activity of classes should be selected individually, based on their physical fitness and state of health. Usually, people with poor health and previously not particularly involved in sports or fitness are advised to first engage in about half an hour at an average pace. Then you can gradually increase the time of training up to 45 minutes. People with good health and sports training can do an hour at an accelerated pace, as well as use additional equipment for training - balls, dumbbells, weighting.

A set of exercises for water aerobics

The first exercise is for hips and buttocks.

First, stand near the edge of the pool, and the water will be approximately at chest level. Now, holding your hands to the side, or special protrusions in the pool, bend and pull your left leg to yourself, and then begin to lift it upward in a bent position, as far as you can. Now stretch the leg and pull back, with the heel should be pointing up. Then the leg returns to the first position in the bent knee. Try to ensure that the posture is as straight as possible, and the stomach is drawn in. After each lift, you should not rest, repeat this exercise 15 times for one leg, then rest for half a minute and repeat the climb with the other leg. Now stand up to the side of the pool and start swinging your straight leg to the side. This exercise also do 15 times for each leg.

The board: these exercises should be done with outstretched arms from the side, the back must be even. If you slouch, your muscles will not work to the full. To increase the effectiveness of the exercise, try to do it at a faster pace.

The second exercise for the outer and inner thighs

In this exercise, shoulder, pectoral muscles and triceps are also involved. It is very important for women over 35 to pump triceps, since with age this part of the body can lose its elasticity, and because of this the skin will look sagging.

It should be performed standing completely in the water, leaving only the neck and head in the air, and hands, if pulled out, should also be under water. Now begin to advance by adding steps, 7-8 steps for one repetition is enough. During the steps, both hands are first stretched to the right, and then at each step they are stretched to the left, they are waving their arms. With the completion of the step, the hands again return to the right.

The third exercise on all muscle groups

And it is done simply - it is running in the pool. To perform this exercise, it is not necessary to use the pool, any reservoir will do. Water jogging can be performed as a warm-up, or between basic exercises. While running, watch your posture, water at chest level. It is better to run not in place, but from one edge of the pool to the other.

The fourth exercise - to strengthen the press, legs and buttocks

Starting position - lying on your back and keeping afloat, while the legs are straight and hidden under water, shoulders are also in water, face is completely above water, keep balance with your hands so as not to go to the bottom. Now begin to raise the shoulders, while the legs remain in the same position. Exhale and return the shoulders to their original position. Inhale and start doing the exercise again.

The board: make sure that the legs do not bend when performing the exercise. If this is problematic, ask for support from below behind you. Such an exercise is perfect for those who swim uncertainly and are afraid of water in order to feel the balance.

Fifth exercise for the hips, back, obliques and arms

The water is at chest level, start jumping, scrolling 360 degrees around you. Work actively with your hands and help yourself spin. Do 4 scrolling in one, then in the opposite direction.

Aqua aerobics is the way to the ideal body shape, great well-being and good mood! Many water activities so much to their taste that they look forward to each workout.

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