Warts on hands

A wart is a relief seal of the skin, characterized by a round shape and up to 1 cm in diameter. It does not stand out in color, it does not cause any painful sensations, and there is no skin pattern on it (lines and furrows). If the wart is old, it is often horny, dry, and the young is smooth and soft. They often appear not alone, but as a whole "family". Why is this happening and how to get rid of it?

Causes of warts on the hands

Causes of warts on the hands

First, you need to figure out whether a tumor on your hands is a fret because the methods of its removal (non-surgical), acting on a different problem, can either not be crowned with success or lead to unpleasant consequences. An exact diagnosis can be made by a doctor after an examination, and in some cases you can do it yourself, guided by the definition above.

  • The immediate "provocateur" of warts is the papillomavirus, which is present in every adult organism that carries it. Usually a virus of type 2 or 4 is involved, which develops on the surface of the skin and mucous membrane.
  • The reason why the virus is suddenly activated on the fingers is the frequent injuries of this part of the body, as well as possible contact with its carriers. Moreover, this happens not only through direct skin contact, but also through indirect contact: through surrounding objects — a door handle, staircase handrail, etc.

Given the fact that the "provocateur" of warts can sit in the body for several years, without being aware of itself, there is a certain "stimulant" for its activity. Most often in this role is a significant weakening of the immune system. Accordingly, with its strengthening often the warts disappear on their own. However, this is not an axiom, so it is often necessary to look for ways to solve the problem.

How to cure warts on hands at home?

Medications or traditional medicine? This question, perhaps, is one of the most pressing. How difficult is this disease in general and can it be called so? According to the doctors, the warts are more likely to be annoying from an aesthetic point of view, and may also cause discomfort when working with your hands, but they do not pose a serious threat to health. In some cases, the person does not notice the appearance of tumors until a certain point at all and subsequently lives with him for several years, until the warts themselves go away or there is no need / desire to eliminate them.

However, we can not exclude the likelihood of a simple warts in the oncogenic neoplasms, as well as the risk of infection of other family members. Injury to the wart contributes to its growth.

How to cure warts on hands at home

  • The most simple and reliable folk remedy for warts -pistotel. A poisonous plant, with which you need to be especially careful, is actually very useful. The value is its juice, which can be seen by breaking the stem: with yellow liquid, you need to lubricate the warts daily, up to 3-4 times a day. Therapy lasts until complete cure, so harm is almost impossible.
  • Garlic is a little less effective, but can also be used to eliminate warts. For this purpose, it is necessary to rub the damaged areas 1-2 times a day with the juice of a clove passed through a press, or even make a slurry of chopped garlic with a drop of vegetable oil. The compress is applied for 20-25 minutes., Covered with polyethylene.
  • You can try and potato gruel, because this tuber contains solanine, destroying the infection. The wet mass is applied to the wart, covered with polyethylene and left for 6-8 hours. Usually 2-3 procedures are enough (that is, 2-3 days) to significantly reduce the neoplasm, or even reduce it.

As for pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment of warts, most of them are aimed not at suppressing the activity of the papillomavirus, but at strengthening the immunity: thus, it is necessary to take immunostimulants. And the warts themselves can be treated with acids: Solkoderm, Salicylic acid, Cryopharma, Verrukatsid.

If none of the above-mentioned methods of home warting relief helped you, you should see a doctor and find out if she really needs to be fixed. In case of a positive answer and the absence of a really working therapy, laser reduction of tumors may be required, especially if they are prone to reproduction.

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