Walnuts - the product that is currently available in fairly free access. Most often, we acquire it only when we are preparing for any holiday: for decorating cakes, as a seasoning for meat. But very rarely we think about the beneficial properties of walnut.

How are walnuts useful?

  • First of all, it must be said that walnuts can lower cholesterol levels in the human body. Lowers the level of harmful fats in the vessels.
  • Walnuts are so useful that they can even prevent the occurrence of malignant cancers!
  • The composition of the walnut contains a large amount of fiber and antioxidants. The latter, as we know, contribute to slowing the aging process in the body.

  • Allergic Dietetic Association called walnut the most useful product for the body!
  • Walnut can only harm people who are allergic to nuts, or people who are individually intolerant of any substances contained in it.
  • According to its nutritional properties and composition, walnut is able to completely replace the meat! That is, this nut is especially useful to those people who prefer a vegetarian way of eating, or during the period of fasting.
  • Regular consumption of walnut reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes. For this you need to eat about 6-7 nuts daily.
  • An interesting fact: walnuts contain much more calories than, for example, chocolate. But at the same time, its frequent use does not contribute to the accumulation of fat, but rather helps in the process of losing weight!
  • In the confectionery industry, walnut is used quite widely. Jam is made from it, used as decoration on confectionery products. In addition, walnut is used in the creation of medicines and vitamins.
  • This type of nut is high in protein and nutrients. Doctors prescribe regular use of walnuts to those people who are weakened by the disease, who have beriberiosis, fatigue and a general weakening of the body.
  • Walnut oil is successfully used in cooking. In addition, using this oil, they release various paints, varnishes, soap, mascara, and add them to essential oils.
  • The oilcake left over from the processing of walnut is incredibly nutritious for livestock and poultry.
  • For the prevention of breast cancer in women, it is recommended to eat about 50 grams of walnuts per day.

  • In folk medicine, walnut kernels have been used as a treatment for tuberculosis.
  • Walnut oil is used as an effective tool in the treatment of kidneys.
  • Those people who consume walnuts on a daily basis, or at least, quite often, notice that in this connection there is a great benefit of mental activity.
  • Walnuts are very high in vitamins, minerals and organic matter. Ideally, a person should receive these substances from his daily diet.
  • The composition of the walnut contains such important vitamins as vitamin B, C, PP, and trace elements such as fiber, carotene, iron and cobalt.
  • Walnut is well known as a diuretic and vasodilator. If you have been prescribed any medication that has this effect, then you, with double health benefits, can replace it with daily use of walnut kernels.
  • According to the results of research, scientists have found that after a few weeks of regular consumption of walnuts, a person's memory, mental activity improves many times, the body's strength increases in conditions of increased radioactive background!
  • Walnut successfully copes with constipation, iodine deficiency, expels slags from the human body.
  • This wonderful nut contains more vitamin C than citrus! If you eat this nut regularly, it will be an excellent prevention of colds!
  • Walnut, in addition to all its incredible properties, helps to strengthen the muscles of the human body after difficult physical work. In addition to strengthening the muscles, walnut also removes fatigue and tension from them!

In addition to eating whole walnut kernels, you can cook a large variety of sauces, salads. Grated and finely crushed walnut is a great spice for meat dishes. In addition, a large number of pastries are decorated with whole or crushed walnut kernels!

You have seen the beneficial properties of walnut! Nature took care of us, creating such a tasty and healthy nut! So why not take advantage of this great gift? Eat walnuts - and be healthy, smart and strong!