Vitamins for vessels

The health of any person directly depends on the state of the vessels. Their walls must be strong and elastic. These indicators are affected not only by lifestyle, bad habits, but also by stress, ecology. In order to avoid problems with the cardiovascular system, it is necessary to take preventive measures. An excellent way to strengthen blood vessels are vitamins.

Vessels perform an important function. They expand or contract under the action of blood circulation. In fact, it depends on them what pressure a person has. If the vessels start to malfunction, then the metabolism can be disturbed and thrombosis can occur.

The main preventive measures are aimed at maintaining the elasticity and smoothness of their walls. Vitamins and various drugs not only strengthen the blood vessels, but also affect their blockage, make them clean. Take care of the vessels need not only older people. It is known that they grow old together with a person, but on the other hand, problems can begin even in young people. Blame for all the wrong lifestyle and stress. Signs of vascular problems:

  1. Cold limbs
  2. Poor heat tolerance
  3. Dizziness, blackouts in the eyes, fainting
  4. Constant weakness
  5. Pressure jumps

Preparations for strengthening blood vessels: a list

Sometimes preparations for strengthening blood vessels have the proper effect. Basically they contain vitamins and other active ingredients.

Vitamins for vessels: how to choose?

Troxerutin (an analogue of troxevasin) - is prescribed for thrombophlebitis and venous insufficiency. Available in the form of a gel and capsules. It is worth remembering that this drug can enhance the effect of vitamin C. The gel is released in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription.

Ascorutin - eliminates the fragility of the capillaries of blood vessels, reduces their permeability, strengthens the walls. Also, the drug acts as an antioxidant, improves metabolic processes in the body and tissue synthesis. The action of the remedy is due to the vitamins C and R. contained in it.

Ascorutin is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, through the bloodstream reaches various organs. Available in pill form. Excreted in the urine. The drug has contraindications: an allergic reaction is possible for some components, it is not recommended to be used for thrombosis and to be prescribed to children under 3 years old.

Vitamins for strengthening for vessels

  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - enriches the blood with iron and promotes normal blood flow. Increases overall immunity and resistance to stress. Vitamin C is found in black currants, citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, grapefruit), dill, parsley, rosehip.
  • Vitamin P - reduces the fragility of blood vessels and increases the elasticity of their walls. Included in the troksevazina, which relieves pain and strengthens blood vessels. Also found in black currants, mountain ash, wild rose.
  • Vitamin E - prevents thrombosis, reduces the load on the vessels and the heart. Prophylactic use of this vitamin reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.
  • Group Vitamin B. Vitamin B5 deficiency leads to impaired blood formation, pain in the legs, spasms and dermatological problems. Vitamin is found in liver, peanuts, yeast, yolk. It is worth remembering that when heated products it collapses.
  • Vitamin A - normalizes blood circulation, affects the epithelium. The doctor picks up the dose, because overdose can lead to health problems. Vitamin A is found in carrots, milk, apricots, and spinach.

Vitamins for vessels and heart: what foods are contained in?

The body receives many vitamins for vessels and the heart from food. There are lists of products that positively affect the cardiovascular system.

An excellent remedy is dried apricots. This dried fruit contains antioxidants that protect the vessels and the heart. Also in dried apricots a large amount of potassium, magnesium and other microelements that prevent clogging of blood vessels. The iron contained in the product has a beneficial effect on blood circulation. It is believed that it is enough to eat 50 grams. dried apricots a day.

Those who suffer from narrowing vessels are recommended to eat dark chocolate. Thanks to this delicacy, more precisely the flavonoids that it contains, the expansion of blood vessels occurs. Remember that only chocolate with a cocoa bean content of at least 70 percent can be beneficial! There is too much sugar and little beans in milk chocolate, so it is not useful for vessels.

Vitamins for vessels and heart: what foods are contained in?

Do not abuse the butter. Remember cholesterol! It is better to replace it with olive oil - saturated fats in its composition have a beneficial effect on the vessels and their elasticity.

To strengthen the walls of blood vessels, doctors recommend introducing various cereals, nuts and honey into the diet. Soya, surrounded by many myths, is also great for this purpose. It is believed that its constituent microelements remove the dangerous cholesterol from the body.

Affects the operation of vessels and fish. It contains Omega-3 and saturated fats that can lower blood pressure, prevent thrombosis and increase the amount of non-dangerous cholesterol in the blood. For this effect, fish is recommended to eat several times a week.

It is believed that vitamin C strengthens blood vessels. Therefore, people who have problems with the cardiovascular system are recommended to eat citrus fruits, black currants. A huge amount of this vitamin is contained in wild rose broth and chokeberry. So you can replace black tea and coffee with these drinks.

An excellent tool for the prevention of atherosclerosis is avocado. The fruit contributes to the normalization of metabolism, blood formation and lowers blood pressure.

Dr. Ways to maintain a normal state of blood vessels is that you need to try to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

Try to normalize your weight. Extra pounds - this is an additional burden on the heart and blood vessels.

Avoid stressful situations. In the body, everything is interconnected. As a result of stress, blood circulation is accelerated and the nervous system is loosened. As a result - the vessels get a big load. Walk more outdoors, practice yoga and relax more often.

Stay healthy. Everyone knows that due to the large amount of fat in the food, cholesterol accumulates in the body, which can clog the blood vessels. It is better to follow a simple diet: enter the menu of poultry, fish, olive oil, nuts, vegetables, cereals.

Exercise and harden. In order for the vessels to be normal, it is enough to engage in any sport or exercise 2-3 times a week. Experts advise choosing swimming, easy jogging, dancing and yoga. Also on the strengthening of blood vessels are well influenced by douches and a contrast shower.

Many processes in our body depend on the vessels. Strengthen them need at any age. To this end, foods rich in vitamins B, A, and E are introduced into food. They may also contain preparations for strengthening vessels. Another way to take care of the cardiovascular system is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Physical loads, the absence of stress, proper nutrition, and other factors affect the blockage and elasticity of the vessel walls.

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