Vitamins for the eyes to improve vision


The range of various tools designed to fill the vitamin deficiency of vision, today at the same time pleases and introduces a stupor. What should I know when choosing a drug? Which complex is better to choose for the child? So, vitamins for the eyes to improve vision: a list.

The Basics of Choosing the Right

Vitamins for the eyes to improve vision

All vitamin complexes from the pharmacy can be divided into two groups:

  • tonic;
  • directional principle of action.

In turn, the composition of common drugs includes a whole range of minerals and nutrients that help strengthen the body as a whole, support the immune system and saturate the body with various kinds of microelements.

Directional tools are designed to solve specific problems, for example, to strengthen the teeth and bones, to overcome the effects of severe stress, or designed specifically for pregnant women. The composition of such complexes includes only those vitamins that are necessary for the body at a particular stage of development. All extra nutrients are excluded from them.

The composition of good vitamins for the eyes to improve vision include groups A, C, E, B2 and trace elements: zinc, acids, carotenoids and extracts of various plants. Such agents may vary in dosage. There are three main areas:

  • vitamins that cover 30-50% of the daily needs of the body;
  • compensate for 100% deficiency of nutrients;
  • two to three times the daily norm.

Mineral complexes with higher doses are needed for quick relief of the lack of necessary vitamins. However, these drugs can be taken only as prescribed by an ophthalmologist. Medium-concentration medications are consumed with a moderate shortage of beneficial substances. But low doses allow you to maintain the right balance of micro and macro elements. In addition, all the vitamins for vision can be divided according to the form of release of the drug. They come in tablets, syrup and drops.

Children's vitamins for eyes to improve vision are available in syrup, they have a pleasant taste and smell. For kids and teenagers who cannot or do not want to take pills, liquid vitamins are the best option. Although the doctors recommend to choose the drug without coloring pigments and flavoring additives, as they can cause urticaria, scabies and other unpleasant allergic reactions.

Overview of the most popular drugs

Vitamins in tablets, syrup and drops to improve vision

Vitamins in tablets, syrup and drops to improve vision are primarily intended to protect the tissues of our eyes from the aggressive effects of ultraviolet rays. In addition, these drugs can improve the sharpness and clarity of vision, to establish a mechanism for the perception of light in low light conditions, to reduce damage to the sensitive tissues of the retina.

Vitamin supplements are used not only as a preventive measure, but also as an adjunct to the treatment of ophthalmic problems. Preparations offered in pharmacies are able to solve the tasks to one degree or another. We will not consider them all, but focus our attention on the most popular vitamins.


The active component of the tool is an extract of dried blueberries with natural auxiliary substances. Taking these vitamins increases the clarity of vision and helps the eyes adapt to the dark, and also helps to improve blood circulation in the retina. The drug is prescribed in the presence of one of such indications as:

  • senile retinal degeneration;
  • impaired vision;
  • damage to the ocular vessels as a result of diabetes mellitus;
  • impaired night vision;
  • congenital weakness of the eye muscles;
  • abiotrophy.

"Striks Forte"

The active ingredient is beta-carotene in combination with the extract of dried blueberries. The drug is able to accelerate the production of visual pigment, improve vision in the dark, activate the processes responsible for visual acuity. In addition, the pills are endowed with antioxidant properties, which contributes to the removal of free radicals from the body.

The drug is intended for use in such cases:

  • with eye strain from prolonged computer work;
  • in the case of retinopathy on the background of acute diabetes;
  • in violation of hyperopia;
  • in case of malfunctioning mechanisms of vision adaptation to the dark.

As a comprehensive preventive therapy, tablets are used for primary glaucoma and during the period of rehabilitation of the body after surgical interventions in the eyeball cavity.

"Complivit Oftalmo"

This is a combined drug, which, in addition to the active substances, contains a number of auxiliary trace elements and vegetable carotenoids. Capsules are discharged in such cases:

  • people whose profession is connected with permanent work with a computer, reading or papers;
  • to relieve eye fatigue syndrome and tension in the orbits;
  • contact lens wearers;
  • with visual impairment in low light conditions.

Contraindications for taking capsules are:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • age up to 18 years.


The tool contains a whole set of natural ingredients: vitamins C, A, E, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium. In combination, these beneficial substances provide comprehensive support for all systems of visual function, and also slow down the processes of vision loss due to age and structural changes:

  • improve color perception and adaptation to darkness;
  • regenerates damaged retinal tissues;
  • slow down the clouding of the lens;
  • neutralize the negative effects of electromagnetic fields and sunlight.

In medical practice, such vitamins are prescribed as a prophylactic in the treatment of cataracts.

"Blueberry Forte"

Choosing vitamins to improve vision

One of the best dietary supplements. The composition of the drug is based on the action of active substances derived from natural herbs and plants:

  • dried blueberries;
  • tea leaves;
  • carrots;
  • medicinal eyebright.

Such an additive to improve vision can be used as an additional source of vitamins of groups B and C. The drug is prescribed to maintain and prevent all functions of the visual apparatus.

"Biorhythm for sight"

The peculiarity of this vitamin complex is that the capsules have a different composition, and they must be taken in accordance with natural human biorhythms. The daily dose of tablets contains:

  • taurine;
  • blueberry extract;
  • zinc;
  • carotenoids;
  • vitamins E and A.

The composition of the tablets for the evening reception include:

  • magnesium;
  • bioflavonoids;
  • taurine;
  • vitamin b group

Vitamin complex is designed to maintain the work of the visual apparatus and replenish the supply of necessary nutrients according to the requirements of the body at different times of the day. Supplement is contraindicated during lactation and pregnant women.

Consumer opinions

Reviews of vitamins for the eyes to improve vision are generally positive. With regular use according to the instructions or instructions of the doctors, they fully have the effect declared by the manufacturer. The average course of treatment is 4-6 weeks, which is very convenient.

The only disadvantage of most vitamin-mineral complexes are contraindications to the use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation. In any case, before taking the medicine, it is advisable to get a preliminary consultation and be examined by an otolaryngologist.