Vitamins for children 7 years


Your baby has grown up. He is preparing to become a schoolboy! Parents have new concerns: how to organize the life of the child so that he learns well, does not miss classes because of illnesses? To help your child adapt to school, many begin to look for vitamins for children at the pharmacy for 7 years old. Which is better to buy and can I give them without a doctor?

New age - special requirements: what does the future student need?

Vitamins for children 7 years old: which is better to buy

In the life of a child comes the crucial stage. Ahead of school, which means that the load on the organs of vision, the spine, will increase, he will need to concentrate attention, engage in intellectual work. Therefore, if previously there was enough ordinary multivitamins, now the task is complicated: you need to focus on certain elements.

What is required for a beginner schoolboy? To support vision, beta-carotene, vitamins E, A, B2, for active bone growth, vitamin D (plus phosphorus and calcium), alpha-carotene, calcium; to improve attention and increase mental abilities - B-complex (in a company with iodine, zinc and iron). To protect your child from infections, strengthen his immunity, it is better to choose a vitamin complex with a high content of vitamins C, A, E, PP and an extract of Echinacea.

Is it necessary for a child to drink vitamins? After all, he can get all the "utility" of natural products. This remark is true, but only for the summer-autumn season. There is also winter and spring in the calendar, when the child’s body is in dire need of feeding with synthetic vitamins. Even if you buy him expensive fresh vegetables and fruits, this does not guarantee protection against hypovitaminosis, because most of the nutrients are destroyed during their storage. In addition, it is difficult to maintain an optimal balance of such components.

how and what to choose from the vitamin range?

vitamin preparations for 7 year old patients

Vitamin preparations can be found on sale for 7-year-old patients (with a “junior” mark on them) in various dosage forms: tablets for swallowing and sucking, chewing lozenges, capsules, gels and syrups. In the pharmacy assortment, there are injectables, they are used to eliminate hypovitaminosis. If you decide to give your child medications for prophylaxis, we advise you to take chewable lozenges: children will be happy to react to such a "treatment."

Thanks to advertising, parents today know a lot about vitamins. But in fact, a doctor should prescribe such drugs. After all, the mother can not know exactly what kind of substance is missing in the body of her child and whether there is a shortage in general. Often parents are price-oriented and choose an expensive foreign product. Such an approach is not always justified. After all, vitamins are developed for use in their own country (this takes into account the statistics of children's diseases, diet and other features).

Vitamins may contain dyes and food additives. So that they do not cause allergies, it is necessary to take into account this fact. There is another nuance: if you constantly drink the means of one manufacturer, then the child may become addictive.

There are no universal vitamins for children 7 years old. Which is better, which is worse - depends on the specific problem and how well such a drug is chosen. This proves once again that in this matter it is impossible to do on their own, without the help of a pediatrician.

true about the pros and cons of popular tools

going to the pharmacy for vitamins for a 7-year-old

Most often, going to the pharmacy for vitamins for a 7-year-old ends in acquiring any of the following complexes. We offer brief information about each of these funds.

  • Vitrum for children from 7 years in the form of chewable tablets. The daily dose for a child of a specified age - 1 pc. The product contains a full set of vitamins, 10 minerals. It also contains large doses of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, so the additive contributes to the formation of proper posture and improves the condition of the teeth. The complex is prescribed to stimulate mental development, improve attention and memory. Babies like the pleasant taste of vitamins. The course of treatment can last up to 3 months. The downside is that in case of individual intolerance, it can cause severe itching and rashes.
  • Chewable tablets Alphabet schoolboy. The instruction contains an indication that the maximum dose for children 7 years old is 3 pcs. in a day. They are allowed to drink in any order (three tablets of different colors daily). They include all the vitamins and 10 valuable minerals plus a daily portion of iron. The composition differs depending on the color of the dragee. In pink there is iron, beta-carotene, copper, B1, B9, C. An orange-colored pill will supply the child B vitamins, B6, B2, E, PP, C and 6 minerals. White, with the smell of vanilla is rich in vitamins D, B9, B12, B5, K, H, chromium and calcium. This complex has several important advantages. It almost never provokes allergies, as in the process of its development, manufacturers took into account the interaction of various components. According to experts, the drug eliminates hypovitaminosis 30% more effective than other supplements; does not contain synthetic dyes and preservatives. Finally, the tablets have a pleasant taste and smell. The lack of such vitamins, according to consumers, is only one - the high price.
  • Multi-tabs for children who are preparing to sit at the school desk, is marked "Junior". Only 1 tablet per day is enough for a child to receive a portion of 11 vitamins and 7 minerals. The supplement also contains a significant portion of iodine, which has a positive effect on the intellectual potential and helps to strengthen the immune system. The tool may have a raspberry-strawberry flavor. According to the manufacturers, there are no dyes or preservatives in it. Among the shortcomings of the parents are the fact that the drug can cause allergic reactions.

These are just three vitamin supplements that pediatricians prescribe most often and which are most often spoken by parents. They deserved much more positive reviews than negative ones, but it is clear that they will not make a round pupil of your child. These funds will only help his body get used to school, survive a meeting with new infections and be more attentive in class.