Vitamins for athletes


If you are a professional athlete, you know which vitamins you need to take. They may recommend a coach or doctor. But if you started to train intensively just now, then you need to learn about the drugs that will be needed to maintain high physical activity.

The best vitamins for athletes

Why do athletes need vitamins? First of all, like all other people, for the prevention of vitamin deficiency. Because during intense workouts, the body of athletes consumes more nutrients coming from food, the amount of vitamins limited to the diet is often not enough. In order to prevent the need to introduce multivitamin complexes that can quickly fill the deficit.

Also, vitamins are necessary for athletes to maintain the necessary daily dose of nutrients during periods of preparation for competitions, when the intensity of training increases, as well as in the regulation of body weight due to the correction of the diet.

Vitamins for athletes: how to choose?

When deciding which vitamins for athletes are best to choose, it is necessary to focus on the goal set before you, since each trace element is responsible for certain functions in the process of vital activity of the organism.

The complex of vitamins for athletes

To increase the overall tone of the body are needed:

  1. Vitamin B3, which is responsible for the proper nutrition of the muscles during increased loads;
  2. Vitamins E and C, which are responsible for reducing the number of free radicals;
  3. Biotin, which is actively involved in the important processes of amino acid metabolism;
  4. folic acid, which normalizes the blood formation process.

For active growth of muscle mass are required:

  1. Vitamin B1 and A, which control cell growth processes and are responsible for protein synthesis;
  2. orthoic acid, which has anabolic properties.

To improve performance, an athlete needs to take:

  1. Vitamin B12, which promotes rapid transmission of signals from the brain to the muscles;
  2. Vitamin B6, actively involved in all important metabolic processes;
  3. Vitamin B2, which is involved in improving muscle tone.

To prevent injury should be used:

  1. vitamin C, which is responsible for the proper formation of connective tissues in the body;
  2. Vitamin D, necessary for proper and complete absorption of calcium and phosphorus by the body;
  3. Vitamin K, which is responsible for normal blood clotting.

To recover from intense loads you need:

choline, which contributes to the recovery of cell membranes.

Vitamins for athletes from the pharmacy: description

Vitamins for athletes from the pharmacy: description

Anavite Manufacturer: Gaspari Nutrition

Complex drug "3 in 1", which includes a set of minerals and vitamins in sufficient quantity for athletes. Contains Beta-Alanine and Carnipure to increase endurance and normalize nitric oxide levels during recovery between long workouts.

Animal Pak. Manufacturer: Universal Nutrition

Need for maximum growth of lean body mass and a rapid increase in strength. No, perhaps, today a drug that would support muscle tissue better than this. It is necessary for very intense workouts. Saturated with the highest quality nutrients for bodybuilders. The drug will fully provide athletes with a combination of proteins, megavitamins, amino acids and special factors necessary for training, since pyridoxine alpha ketoglutarate, protogen and dibencoside.

Dualtabs. Manufacturer: Twinlab

Megavitamin and mineral formula, which is a two-layer long-acting tablets.

This is a completely new concept in the production of multivitamin and mineral supplements. Each tablet consists of 2 layers - a layer of fat-soluble and water-soluble long-lasting vitamins and a layer of rapidly released minerals and digestive substances necessary for the athlete's body.

Armor-V. Manufacturer: Muscle Pharm

Armor-V includes fruit and vegetable complexes rich in antioxidants and a special optimizer system. They will help you train better, recover much faster from intense loads and increase your performance literally every day.

In sports, anywhere without training! But you also need a balanced diet and additional vitamin-mineral complexes. If you decide to engage in serious physical exertion, select the correct supporting drugs with the help of a doctor or trainer in a fitness club.