Nowadays, you can often hear about such a device as the Vitafon. It helps to treat various traumatic and inflammatory diseases. It is believed that he is able to rejuvenate the human body. High rates of therapy are due to microcapillary blood flow and an increase in lymphatic drainage in the affected area.

The device creates microvibration of skin and tissues due to the changing frequency of sounds, which is created at the limit set by the program. This device is intended for use in therapeutic and prophylactic and spa facilities, beauty treatments, as well as for home use. He appeared in 1994. Based on the studies that have been conducted, it is argued that the Vitafon rejuvenates the body. Many patients who have tried it on themselves say that it helps in the fight against perennial chronic diseases and also increases physical activity - and this is the first step towards the rejuvenation of the body. It can be used at any age, only it must be remembered that the earlier the treatment is started, the greater the chances for recovery.

Indications for use of the device

Vitafon will be used for radiculitis, arthrosis, arthritis, sore throat, sinusitis, rhinitis, otitis, bronchitis, osteochondrosis, scoliosis, cystitis, enuresis, hemorrhoids, dislocations, insomnia and other diseases. It is used even for traumatic brain injuries, but this can be done only after the recommendation of the attending physician. The course of treatment is designed for several procedures, the duration of each of which gradually increases.

Vitafon: treatment and prevention of diseases

Before using the device, you should undergo a full medical examination., to clarify the diagnosis and identify possible contraindications to the use of the device.

  • Men can use the Vitafon as a remedy for impotence, but under the condition that it is due to lack of blood circulation, but not for psychological reasons - in this case the device will be useless. With prostate, the device is also very useful. It relieves pain due to the fact that the vibrations are soft, but at the same time effectively, eliminate stagnation in the prostate gland and other pelvic organs, as well as relieve inflammation.
  • In women, the Vitafon improves blood circulation, which is good not only from a medical point of view, but also from a cosmetic one. Procedures should be carried out using pre-selected creams, gels, lotions, and balms. The device helps to quickly reduce swelling and heal wounds left after cosmetic or surgical procedures. The scars left after the operations become soft and elastic.
  • Through physiotherapy with the Vitafon, sleep can be improved, and it is he who mainly influences the appearance of a person. To relax tired muscles, this device is also indispensable. If a woman is planning a pregnancy, then several months before conception she is recommended to undergo a course of vibro-acoustic procedures. This will improve blood circulation in the internal organs of the abdominal cavity.
  • In the absence of organic pathologies and in the presence of failure of the menstrual cycle, you can also use this apparatus. The cycle is normalized due to the effects of vibroacoustics on the sex glands and adrenal glands, which affect the tone of the uterus.
  • Older people are often subject to sudden pressure drops. When referring to a specialist, he can not only prescribe a number of drugs, but also prescribe a treatment with Vitafon.
  • Children can also carry out procedures with this device. If your baby is hurt, then simply applying a cold compress will not be enough, because it is necessary to speed up the recovery processes at the site of the injury. Vitafon will remove swelling and accelerate the resorption of the hematoma itself. Such procedures can be done 2 hours after a bruise, when dislocating or stretching - after 10 hours, with minor abrasions and wounds - after a day. The device will not allow the formation of scars and complications.
  • In case of burns (not heavier than grade 2!), If the skin is intact, the device should be applied immediately, 5 minutes after the injury, then the consequences can be avoided. Vitafon can be applied even to the smallest children. According to the research, the use of the apparatus in children improved digestion. Here only children, especially infants, need a different mode of vibration, unlike adults - the first.
  • When incontinence in children feces and urine, intestinal paresis, hip dysplasia, flatfoot - Vitafon shows positive effectiveness, it has been proven in the course of scientific experiments.

Contraindications to the use of the device

  • If, during childbirth, a parting in the perineum occurred in the parturient, then the use of this device can speed up the healing process.
  • The most problematic area in many people is the spine. Those who are engaged in sedentary work have the most problems with it. Vitfone therapy can also help with pains in the neck, back and lower back. After a day of work, when the muscles are tired, the device can be used to prevent diseases of the spine.

Contraindications to the use of the device

There are also contraindications for such a method of treatment, for example: pregnancy, malignant tumors and neoplasms, thrombophlebitis, severe atherosclerosis, acute infectious diseases, elevated body temperature.

The device cannot be placed directly on the heart area, and if stones were found in the gallbladder or kidneys, then the device can be installed only in the area in which they are located under the supervision of a specialist.

In some cases, the Vitafon may replace or supplement traditional treatment. But to buy and use the device is only after consulting with your doctor and a thorough medical examination. Be afraid of fakes! There are quite a few devices of this kind in the medical goods market, but not all of them are tested at the clinical level.