Viburnum tincture


Kalina is a useful berry widespread in traditional medicine. It grows all over Russia. Kalina is often used to make jam, jelly, stewed fruit, fruit drinks, kvass, juice, etc. True, this berry has a specific taste and smell, so not everyone will like it. Despite this, viburnum is often used to treat various diseases, preparing her tinctures and decoctions.

Kalina: composition and useful properties

The composition of viburnum is very diverse, so it will help in the treatment of many diseases. The berries contain vitamins A, C, E, K and R. In addition to vitamins, there are tannins, pectins, volatile, sugars, fatty oils, acetic, ascorbic, formic, capric and isovaleric acids in Kalina. The fruits contain trace elements such as magnesium , potassium, iron, copper, iodine, manganese, phosphorus, carotene, etc.

Viburnum tincture: recipes

The rich composition allows the use of viburnum for many diseases and ailments, as well as for prevention. Tincture helps to deal with headaches and insomnia. During hysteria, with nervous exhaustion, neurasthenia and epilepsy, it is useful to use Kalina in any form (it will help you to recuperate, relieve nervous tension and calm down). Useful tincture and hypertension.

If you wipe the skin with tincture or juice of viburnum, you can achieve excellent results - it cleans, refreshes, rejuvenates and improves color. It helps well in acne, inflammation, acne, etc. In skin diseases, tincture of viburnum can also have a positive effect.

Girls who have a painful flow of menstruation are advised to drink juice, decoction or tincture of viburnum. It relieves spasms, inflammation and severe pain. Nutritionists advise taking Kalina during diets, as well as people with a slow metabolism. Berry is also useful during the peak of viral diseases, as it enriches the body with vitamin C and strengthens the immune system.

The beneficial properties of viburnum were also experienced by patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, the berry is useful to use for constipation, diarrhea, gastritis, ulcers, colitis, indigestion, etc. Viburnum juice is used for the prevention of various oncological diseases. People with excessive sweating, it is useful to wipe viburnum decoction problem areas. Effective juice and infusion of the fruit in diseases of the liver, bronchitis, pneumonia and tonsillitis.

How to make a tincture of viburnum?

Viburnum tincture: recipes

To prepare the tincture you need 1 kg of viburnum berries and 1 liter of vodka. Carefully sort out, remove large berries from bunches and rinse under running water. Throw viburnum into a colander, put on paper towels and dry. Put the berries in a sterilized jar, fill it with vodka so that it covers them completely. Close the jar tightly and place in a dark and warm place for a day.

Then remove the tin with tincture and add the remaining vodka. Tightly close the container with the lid and place it in a dark and dry place for 3 weeks. When time passes, you can use the tincture for the treatment of various diseases and for prevention. For a more aesthetic appearance, strain the tincture through cheesecloth.

Cooking infused viburnum with sugar

Take 3 kg of viburnum, 1 kg of sea buckthorn, 700 g of sugar and 2 liters of vodka. Carefully sort out the berries of sea buckthorn and viburnum, rinse and dry. Prepared fruits packaged in cans and top up with vodka. Tightly close the jars with lids and leave for 3 - 4 weeks to infuse in a warm and dry place.

When the agent is infused, pour the vodka into a separate container, and fill the berries with sugar. Shake the can well. Close the lid again and remove for 2 weeks. After this time, syrup will appear in the jars. Mix the syrup with the previously drained vodka and bottle. Thanks to sea buckthorn, this tincture will not taste as sharp.

You can make a tincture of viburnum on honey. Sort, wash and dry the berries of viburnum. Fill a 3-liter jar with half berries, pour 500 ml of brandy and 500 ml of honey. Now fill the jar to the top with boiled water at room temperature and tightly close the lid.

Put a tin of tincture in a dark place for a month. Do not forget to shake occasionally. The finished tincture can be taken as intended.

Recipe for decoction of pressure

Viburnum tincture: recipes

Pound 5 tbsp in an enamel saucepan. berries, pour 500 ml of boiling water and heat in a water bath for about 15 - 20 minutes. Instead of a water bath, you can use another method - insisting means in a dark place for 3 hours. Filter the finished tincture, dilute with boiled water and take 1/3 tbsp 3 times a day. This tincture quickly normalizes pressure and relieves headaches.

There is another good tincture of viburnum from pressure, but for its preparation you will need viburnum bark. Pour 50 g of bark 2 tbsp. boiling water. Simmer on low heat for half an hour. Strain the finished tincture and take it 3 times a day, 1 tbsp.

Kalina is a useful berry, famous for its healing properties from ancient times. To find Kalina in Russia is very simple, because it grows almost everywhere. You can cook anything from this berry, but not everyone can take it because of the specific smell and taste. To brighten the taste, you can supplement the tincture with other berries, fruits and spices. But remember that before applying the tincture should consult with your doctor.