Viburkol candles


Modern mothers are well versed in pharmacy, there are medicines for all occasions in home first-aid kits. But not everyone knows that there are drugs that can replace a whole range of measures, bring the desired benefits and minimize harm. Some of these tools include viburkol candles for children.

Antipyretic, analgesic

Many parents are wary of homeopathic remedies.

Many parents are wary of homeopathic remedies: inconspicuous powders, peas and candles promise a cure for diseases, increased immunity and are generally presented as a panacea for all ills. But is it worth categorically to refuse the offered help only because it has not been tested? So far - not tested.

What do moms read in the annotations to the medicine first thing? Not indications for use and dosage. First - contraindications and side effects. So the person is arranged, that the beginnings imagines the most terrible consequences, and then he realizes what to do with all this.

Medicine Viburkol - candles for children, the instruction describes how a drug that increases the activity of enzymes that bind toxins in the body. The drug activates the protective functions of the body, increases its resistance. Candles relieve inflammation and fever, soothe cramps, pain, soothe a child.

Composition Viburcola is almost one hundred percent vegetable. They are saved by moms who trust homeopathy, teething, signs of ARVI, fever, sleep disturbances, colic, and digestive problems. In addition, experts recommend viburkol with chickenpox, parotitis and flu.

Say "Yes!" ...

Reviews of candles for children Viburkol can meet the most controversial

Reviews of candles for children viburkol can be found the most controversial.

Anastasia, Ali's mom

"During teething, an irreplaceable thing! We put on one candle at night and sleep peacefully with the whole family!"

Alexandra Vorozhtsova, mother of Elizabeth and Lyubov

"Excellent homeopathic candles, help out very much when teething"

Tatyana, mother of Daniel and Stepan

"Viburcol helps during vaccination so that the temperature does not rise from vaccination. But for the teeth, another means was used, it did not save"

Evgenia, mother of Stasik

"My baby was born prematurely, very afraid of infection! Viburkol is our salvation! As soon as the temperature rises high, I put a candle and the heat can be avoided. Plus it helps with teething, relieves pain and relieves the condition of the crumbs"

... or not"?

Raisa, Stepan's mom

"Useless thing. The child calms down from the viburkol, sleeps, but the temperature keeps up early, I use paracetamol. It is not worth that kind of money!"

Olga, Arina's mother, warns of possible side effects:

"I was led to the fact that the composition of the viburcola was natural. It burned me: the herbs provoked a strong allergic reaction, the daughter's face and ears swelled up, they called an ambulance to help her. I was very scared, I will not experiment with more homeopathy

Homeopathy and Dr. Komarovsky

Reviews of candles for children Viburkol Dr. Komarovsky very critical

Reviews of candles for children viburkol Dr. Komarovsky is very critical. Being a supporter of traditional medicine, he categorically says that modern science can neither explain the mechanism of action of homeopathy, nor its effectiveness. Fans and opponents of his point of view is more than enough.

It is possible to believe or not in the help of homeopathic preparations, the most important thing, while applying them, not to forget about the principle “do no harm”. Blind imposing one's point of view can be not only harmful, but even dangerous. Just as the blind imitation of other people's beliefs. Child health is a very fragile thing, experiments in this area are irrelevant.