Vibroplatform and its benefits for the female body

Not every one of us can or wants to practice traditional sports, but everyone wants good health and the ability to strengthen it. How can you combine the reluctance of intense physical exertion and good physical shape? In our time, this issue is successfully resolved. It is for that In order to obtain the necessary load for your body, various simulators were created, of which the vibrating platform is considered the most effective. Without extra effort, you get all the necessary physical activity.

What is vibroplatform?

Flat vibrating platform, which is installed on the floor, and is a vibroplatform. It gives you the opportunity to do gymnastics at any time. You can independently adjust the intensity and frequency of vibrations, adjust the device as you like. For convenience, there are handrails and a computer on the vibroplatform that allows you to set the necessary modes. If you wish, you can set your mode or turn it on automatically and, getting up on the platform, proceed to the exercises.

Uniqueness of a vibroplatform

Occupations on a vibroplatform will not cause in you fast heartbeat, fatigue. You can, without prejudice to your workouts, reduce their number and duration simply by increasing the intensity of the exercises.Occupations on a vibroplatform exclude emergence of injuries.You will not feel any pain and discomfort, because due to the metabolism acceleration, toxins and lactic acid do not accumulate in the muscles.

Platform platform and health

The vibroplatform has a great positive effect on health. It is a preventive measure to fight heart attack and thrombophlebitis. With the help of vibration, which forces your muscles to contract and relax very quickly, you can easily get in good physical shape and make your body beautiful.

Exercises on a vibroplatform will have a beneficial effect on the skeleton, help in the fight against osteoporosis, increase bone density.. Your endurance, muscle strength will increase, and ligament flexibility will increase. Hormonal balance will return to normal nervous exhaustion and stress will disappear, which will improve the nervous system as a whole. There will be a strengthening of your blood vessels, improving blood circulation, spatial and temporal perception.

Vibroplatform and female beauty

During classes, your tissues are enriched with oxygen, thereby improving the complexion and sleep, and the production of collagen responsible for youth and beauty of the skin will occur. Excess fat will begin to burn, and muscle tissue will strengthen, the skin will begin to smooth, and this will give it a velvety. Several exercises on a vibroplatform - and you will feel how the skin will become smooth, muscles - elastic, excess weight will begin to disappear along with a bad mood. You will become more cheerful and more cheerful.

Vibroplatform and weight loss

One of the useful properties of a vibroplatform is the ability to lose weight with it. During classes on the vibroplatform, slags are removed from your body, the metabolism is improved, due to which weight is reduced, the risk of cellulite is reduced. Being engaged, you correct a figure, the most problem zones, accelerate process of a lymphatic drainage.

Contraindications for vibroplatform

Despite all the benefits of the vibroplatform, it has contraindications. Exercises on a vibroplatform are prohibited for epilepsy, tumors, thrombosis, skin diseases, osteoporosis, severe diabetes, during pregnancy and lactation, kidney stones or gall bladder, in the presence of prostheses, fresh scars after surgery. If you suffer from migraine, acute hernia, discopathy, spondylosis, cardiovascular diseases, eye dysfunction diseases, you should consult with your doctor before starting classes.

Vibroplatform exercises

  1. Before you start the exercises do not forget to do a little warm-up. After you can proceed directly to the workout. Here are some of the possible exercises for you. We take a hand on the handrail, put the foot on the floor, the second foot - on the vibroplatform. The muscles of the legs, abdomen and waist are trained.
  2. Sitting on the platform, crossing your legs and holding the handrail or standing on the platform, bending your knees and holding the handrail, you train your legs, shoulders, stomach and waist.
  3. The shoulders, hips and arms are trained with the help of the following exercise: we sit down on the platform, bend our legs, press our knees to the chest, place our hands on the rail.
  4. In order to train the upper half of the body, shoulders and arms, we kneel down and lean on the edge of the platform with our hands.
  5. To train your entire body, stand upright on the platform and grab the rail.

Use of vibroplatform trainings

Exercises on a vibroplatform will help you prevent paralysis, muscular atrophy and chronic venous insufficiency, help cleanse the body. They will have a beneficial effect after operations, will contribute to physical recovery from injuries. Classes will help increase the strength of the skeleton. Vibration will contribute to a better distribution of fluid in the joints, the restoration of mobility in the joints and cartilage. During classes, there is reddening of the skin, which indicates an improvement in the peripheral blood circulation, and this contributes to the removal of decomposition products and the rapid restoration of the body.

You can choose a different type of occupation on a vibroplatform, focusing on massage, stretching, strength loading, or just relaxing.

If you decide to lead an active lifestyle, but do not have time for long workouts and the opportunity to attend a sports club, the vibroplatform is exactly what you just can't do without. 3 times a week, 10 minutes a day and you will get the effect of full exercise. A surge of strength and vitality you will be provided.

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