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Ruslan is a vegan with experience, for many years he has been practicing various types of food (veganism, raw food, Brethorianism) and, as a result, returns to vegetarian food. Ruslan believes that we all will inevitably gradually move to more advanced sources of nutrition, because this is the law of evolutionary development.



Tell me, how long and why did you decide to switch to vegetarianism?

I read an article in the newspaper at 18, it was 1991. He tried and was vegan for up to several months, but then included cheese again. Now I just try to listen to the body, and it whispers: "I want raw fruits and boiled vegetables." But sometimes I am tempted to cheese.

Did you feel a desire to be healthy physically or spiritual motives?

Spiritual motives, although I quickly realized that physical health would accompany this.

How best to make the transition to another type of food? Share your thoughts on this.

I am still far from syroedov and pranoedov. Although I tried to quickly become a bretarian, starving for several days to dry (without water), but I returned to food again. But I realized that if there is a desire, then it is better to implement it as smoothly as possible, gradually, systematically. And it is better to stretch for several years than to try sharply. So real bretarians come to this., Still saints and ascended.

And how did the people around you take your decision?

Calmly, although they themselves kept their old eating habits and thought that my health would be shaken, but it turned out the opposite: they are all overweight and envy me.

Have you had any breakdowns and side effects due to the transition to vegetarianism?

I had attempts to stop eating and drinking in general, and immediately, which lasted a maximum: up to 8 days of dry fasting and 12 wet (on water). And I came back to the food, but to the vegetarian. And there were periods when I did not go hungry for a long time, plunging into the ordinary life of all people with my head, and it became boring for me, and at these moments I decided to have some fun with fish, sometimes even sausage, or cutlet. And such moments were from one to several per year, although it seems that not every year.

Tell me, how has your life changed in connection with the transition (spiritually and physically, socially)? What are the most important changes that have occurred?

I stopped to go to the doctors (except for one dentist), because I stopped being ill. And only the dentist sometimes came in handy, as my sugar abuse still continued. From childhood I was fat (I didn’t like it), and in the army my weight reached 77 kg, with a height of 175. But while experiencing different vegetarian diets, I began to notice how they could adjust not only weight, but also body shape. And he gradually adjusted his forms to one or another ideal (planned in his youth), which, when achieved, changed and achieved the next one. Now my height is 177, and weight is 53. And it is easy for me to live with such a body. Sensitivity to people increased, some energy began to come out through the arms and legs, which could relieve the symptom of the illness from the father, but quickly got stuck with it, because he realized that it was useless, because everything returned later, because he did not want change, but just hoping for someone or something.

What do you recommend to people who just want to become vegetarians?

You will succeed. If not in this life, so in the next. For this is evolution. We, as aspects of the soul, once experienced in minerals, plants, animals, human-animals, and now we continue to live in a mixed society: among people who have not yet fully learned from their past animal experiences, since for this transitional period, on average, it takes about 70 lives. You should not refer to them, because it is really difficult for them without meat, because some neural chains have not yet formed, which are starting to switch the body to more high-vibration power sources. But this happens very gradually, even with us. Therefore, we should not be upset if we suddenly and sharply fail to become a vegan or pranoyed. For the whole secret is in gradualness, smoothness and how we listen to all our bodies, and we have a lot of them. And we master them one by one, with tenderness and care for each, and, of course, enjoying the process itself.

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