Vegetarianism - julia


Julia is a vegetarian. She is the wife and mother of two adult children, but she looks amazingly young. Julia believes that in her life vegetarianism is a step to a new level of spiritual development, because spiritual vibrations increase with such nutrition.



How did you find out about the new type of food, when and why did you decide to move to it? How gradual was the transition?

I went to vegetarianism for about 3 years. In late 2008, I started to get depressed. And I was able to get out of it thanks to the site "Your Yoga". Reading literature, esoteric practices, etc. There was also about vegetarianism. The person eating meat has low vibrations, but then I was not ready yet. I started and threw, because it is difficult to build something on the prohibitions. Finally, I switched to vegetarianism after watching the film "Earthlings, seven months ago.

Do you plan to continue vegetarianism?

I plan to continue! I would like to switch to raw foods, but for now I do not feel full readiness. Again - there must be a very strong motivation, you will not get far on bans.

Have you had side effects from the transition?

No, it was not. I will not say that I became healthy at once, during this period the ARVI was sick, but no more than when I was not a vegetarian. Weight loss also did not happen much, there are a lot of carbohydrates in fruits, but my motivation is not a weight loss, but a spiritual one.

How did the others react to your decision to change the diet?

The surrounding people at first twisted their fingers at their heads and told horror stories that they could not live without proteins, and then they got used to it.

What are the most important changes in your life?

I began to live more consciously, the perception of reality and myself in it deepened. How to explain it in words, I do not know. I can not say that this is the merit of purely vegetarianism, but I think that all in all. I went beyond the "cardboard world" into the "living world": I live all very emotionally. For example, people drink alcohol to relax, to be joyful, I do not need this doping, I am already in a state of joy. I also do dancing, they give me a lot of energy.

What do you advise people who are just planning to make the transition to vegetarianism?

Awareness must be! But not like this: I really want meat, but I can't, because ... I need to find in myself a very strong motivation for this. If there is no strong motivation, a return is inevitable.

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