Vegetarianism - denis


Denis is a vegetarian not only because this type of food leads to health, but also according to ethical principles. One of the reasons for his refusal of meat food was the development of awareness and the understanding that the commandment “Thou shalt not kill,” applies to all living creatures.



How did you find out about the new type of food, when and why did you decide to switch to it?How easy was the transition (abrupt or gradual)?

I believe that vegetarianism is the most famous type of food. I have not met a single person who did not know about the diet of plant foods. Until June 2011, I consumed meat. Not to say that I ate a lot, but I did eat it. They were mostly chicken and fish. Despite the sharp transition, my body took it for granted, and I freely switched to the path of health.

Do you plan to continue eating like this?

Yes, while I continue to be a vegetarian, in 3-4 years I plan to switch to a raw foods diet.

How did you fight public opinion?

At first, I tried to prove my case to both peers and parents and doctors, but most of the disputes were in vain. However, several of my friends became interested in this, and have been practicing vegetarianism for several months now, and they like it a lot. First of all, my parents were against. Still, doctors around the world speak of meat as a necessary food product. The dermatologist helped her to change the decision of mom and dad because she herself practices healthy eating and esoteric. After listening to the doctor, my mother understood me and accepted my lifestyle.

Were there moments when you returned to the previous steps or did you allow yourself to eat something that you refused?

Such moments really were. Sometimes I wanted to eat sushi, fish or eggs, and I did not deny myself. But these were isolated cases. At the moment, I calmly look at the "products of the past." Until now, I can not understand how I consumed the "energy of death."

Are there any side effects?

My life was not and is not accompanied by any side effects and illnesses. On the contrary, the body feels light and clear.

How has your life changed due to the transition to vegetarianism (spiritually and physically, socially)?

I can not fail to note unearthly calm and harmony. Aggression and outbursts of anger melted away in inner silence. Universal love is something that every spiritual person aspires to. A rejection of the use of animal corpses - one of the steps in the road of light.

What do you advise those who are just going to start eating the same way as you?

For those who want to start practicing vegetarianism, I advise, first of all, to abandon any meat, except chicken and fish. Next from the chicken, and then from the fish. But, of course, you should listen to your body. Only he can say: what and when. If you are tempted to eat something meat, remember that this is a boiled or fried piece of a corpse. I do not think that after these words you will want to swallow it. Also, leave the world view behind. Listen only to yourself. Love and light!

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