Vegetarianism - anastasia


Anastasia is a young vegetarian. Her body told her that meat food was not for her. And she obeyed him. Since then, many surprising changes have taken place in the life of Anastasia. And most importantly - she became happy!



How did you find out about the new type of food, when and why did you decide to switch to it?How fast did the transition happen?

Last winter, I thought a couple of times: "And maybe I should become a vegetarian?" But why I thought so, I don’t know, I soon forgot about it at all. One fine and happy, as it turned out later, the day, or rather May 1, 2011, I woke up in a good mood, got up, went to the kitchen and told my relatives that I had become a vegetarian. It was very unexpected even for me, as if the organism had decided everything for itself. At first, I ate neither meat, nor fish, nor dairy. Now I sometimes drink milk. The reason for the transition to vegetarianism, probably more spiritual: the desire for a cleaner perception, not harm the living, conscious life.

How did your loved ones react to your decision: friends, parents. Who supported?

My mother reacted perfectly, and everyone else, especially my grandmother, did not feel well, but at first they didn’t tell me anything, but now they began to worry that “I don't eat enough, I do not receive vitamins.

Were there moments when you returned to the previous steps and allowed yourself to eat something that you refused?

There were no such moments. Is it that by chance at the festival I was given some kind of incomprehensible dish with meat, but I immediately felt everything and did not eat it.

Were there any side effects from the transition to vegetarianism?

It was summer cleansing of the body, vomiting. After that, it was good for me and it seemed that I didn’t need any food at all, it was a renewal, recovery, new forces. I had to eat all the same, because of my relatives, so that they would not faint.

Tell me, how did life change as a result of the transition? If to compare "before" and "after"?

Before that - I was an irritated, dependent on people girl, albeit a good one. I was afraid a lot, even to go to the library myself! There were bad relationships with people. After the transition to vegetarianism: the mood improved, as if the veil began to disappear from my eyes, I looked at the world with new eyes. Irritability, dependence and fears began to go away, I became independent. There are new friends who are good to me, and most importantly I am to them! I have no desire to possess them, to be friends only with me (as it was before). I started to engage in self-development, I learned about the various spiritual practices that I do now! In general, I am very happy!

Recently, I also noticed that the people around me also began to change, I try not to impose anything on them, I just talk about myself, and some are inspired, this is very pleasing.

What do you advise those who are just going to become a vegetarian?

Drop all doubts and fears! It works for the good of man both physically and spiritually! You will see soon that the world, it turns out, can be beautiful!

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