Vegetarian yuri


Already a month after the adoption of vegetarianism, Yuri got rid of asthma. His approach to this type of food is surprisingly balanced and, unlike most vegetarians, absolutely not fanatical.

How did you find out about the new food? What made you decide to move?

Yuri:Initially, I don’t remember exactly how I came to know, it’s quite possible that even from the media. And so, one and friends switched to vegetarianism, and then became more closely acquainted with this. I confess that I initially took a negative position in relation to vegetarianism, but a little later, after thinking and weighing the arguments, I decided to try to go for the sake of cleaning. But since the motivation at that time was wrong, nothing came of it.

As a result, acquaintance with Ayurveda played a decisive role. When reading the relevant literature, there came a sharp realization that I did not need killer food at all. The initial urge to learn Ayurveda was the desire to help people, but along the way I realized that as long as I did not help myself, I could not help others.

How did you make the transition (how long did it take, immediately abruptly or gradually)?

Yuri: The transition relative to the lethal food made instantly. That is, immediately stopped eating meat, fish and eggs. But it all depends on the individual characteristics, they each have their own, so my experience is not a criterion, but he confirms that it is quite possible to refuse the lethal food immediately. Already later he refused yeast bread and other rubbish from shops.

How long have you been on a new kind of food?

Yuri:9 months already.

Were there "breakdowns"when you returned to the previous steps or once you allowed yourself to eat something that you refused?

Yuri:No, and did not even want to. On the contrary, all these products began to cause a feeling of disgust, and if I had consumed meat, my stomach would have immediately emptied. It was dealing with the use of french fries from McDonalds, for the sake of interest. So, as soon as I used it, my consciousness immediately started to get turbid, my world perception deteriorated, and the body unobtrusively asked to evacuate it from itself.

Were there any side effects (illness, sudden weight loss, etc.)?

Yuri:Of the side effects there was only a slight weight loss, about 5 kg, but this is only the beginning. Now the weight is straightened, as the body got rid of toxins and begins to build its tissues again. Although, I know cases when people gained weight after the transition, and significantly, so that everything is very individual

What good things have happened in your life in connection with the transition?

Yuri:A lot of good things happened and almost immediately. From a child vorasta, a very unpleasant affliction hung on me - asthma, which manifested itself upon contact with an allergen. This illness left me a month after applying the correct diet and diet. This was a pleasant surprise for me and a sign that I'm doing everything right. Also significantly strengthened muscles, increased strength and endurance. Thinking cleared, unmotivated aggression went away (there was almost no such thing yet, but there were still episodes). Completely gone bad breath, improved condition of the hair and nails. I improved my sense of balance (vestibular apparatus), that is, I can stand motionless in my arms for about a minute now, I could not do this before. But even at the end of everything almost as soon as I began to discard the killer food and began to study the Vedas - I got references to reputable sources and the information needed for further development flowed to me.

How did you fight with public opinion (friends, parents ... Who supported? Who considered crazy?

Yuri: How do you fight? Directly and openly, since silence is complicity in lawlessness, which in essence is meat-eating. After all, in order for the population of the planet to fill the stomach, millions of living beings are daily destroyed. Therefore, to report the fact of lawlessness is the duty of everyone for whom Conscience is not an empty phrase. It goes without saying that sound arguments are used. Parents and relatives in general in this matter did not support me, but on the contrary ... some of the relatives, in truth, called them insane. However, we supported two best friends, who some time after my speeches themselves switched to vegetarianism and are now satisfied with the results.

How much more do you plan to eat like this?

Yuri:As much as it takes to go to the next power level. Criteria for transition are successes in the practice of yoga and self-development, without which any transition to any level of food is reduced to fanaticism and stupid copying.

What would you advise the most important thing in your opinion, those who want to become a vegetarian / fruitarian / mono-eater / vegan / pranoedom?

Yuri:There is essentially one piece of advice - EXCLUDE FANATISM. Fanatics are excluded through the practice of yoga, because "outside of yoga, do not consider yourself reasonable". Another piece of advice: learn to eat properly and follow a daily meal regime, otherwise there will be almost no use for vegetarianism, and raw foods and higher levels will simply cripple. For pseudo-raw foodists, one competent person said a good phrase. " Until you shine with the Third Eye - you can forget about full syroedenie". The key to everything is yoga, which includes the mode and method of eating, but this is a broader topic. Fanatic cheese eaters turn up their noses from milk, which contributes to the formation of thin brain tissues, that is, it should be consumed until these tissues are fully formed. The criterion is the ability for deep and long meditation. And many "raw foodists" can so boast?

More wanted to stop at veganism. The position of vegans has no basis for anything other than someone's bloated ego or malicious sabotage. The refusal of milk and honey, but the use of thermally processed food is simply absurd. The arguments of vegans do not stand up to elementary criticism, because if the cow is not milked, it will die, and the bees will produce more honey than they eat. Those who understand the Vedas can smash the position of vegans in tatters. In general, veganism is a move to the side and another manifestation of fanaticism.

It is better not to mention about the prano-eaters at all, since this is the highest level of nutrition, and there is absolutely nothing to do without yoga. So those who are ready - know about it, but it is better not to tell the fanatics about such things.

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