Vaseline oil

Vaseline oil or liquid paraffin is a colorless and odorless mineral oil. It is produced in the process of refining. The substance does not contain harmful organic substances and their compounds. With the help of vaseline oil, various ointments soften, increase their flowability, which allows them to better penetrate into the epidermis. This tool can be mixed with any fats and oils, except castor.

Vaseline oil: beneficial properties

Vaseline oil: application

This oil has a large number of beneficial properties:

  • It has antimicrobial and healing properties, so it is used to lubricate cracks and wounds. Vaseline oil is often used as a laxative for constipation, it contributes to the natural cleansing of the intestines, is not absorbed into its walls and is well excreted from the body. This oil is often used to facilitate the introduction of enema or venting tube.
  • In industry it is used as a lubricant, as a plasticizer and in the production of plastics. Some manufacturers oiled the surface of vegetables and fruits for their safety.
  • For cosmetic purposes, the tool is also widely used: it softens coarse skin, lubricates open areas during severe frosts, and is used during massage. Oil perfectly keeps moisture, because of the formed film on hair and skin. True, it blocks the access of oxygen, which can cause irritation or drying out.
  • In winter, it helps protect the lips from frost, so it can be used as a balm. In the manufacture of gels, ointments, creams, petroleum jelly is often included in their composition. It is completely eliminated from the body, does not accumulate, does not possess any carcinogenic and toxic properties, is hypoallergenic, so that petroleum jelly can be used even for young children.
  • Vaseline oil is incredibly beneficial for hair. Especially in the fight with curly and naughty hair, as well as with non-cutting tips. Curly ringlets become more obedient, healthy shine and natural smoothness appear. Apply the oil better on wet hair, pre-rubbed a little between the palms. The tool also has proven itself as the best product to improve the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes. It is applied with a cotton swab or brush.

It is best to use petroleum jelly together with other oils of vegetable origin, otherwise the benefits will be reduced to the visual effect. Be sure to wash off such a tool, because it is not absorbed, but only creates a film on the surface of the hair and dermis.


Vaseline oil is prescribed for chronic and long-term constipation. His take on 1 - 2 tbsp. 2 times a day. Because this substance is not absorbed by the body, it serves as a lubricant, thereby accelerating the process of defecation.

Lubricating the intestinal wall and softening the fecal masses, causes stagnant waste of life to slide along the intestine. None of the existing drugs can do this. Oil may be removed for some time after stopping.

How to use vaseline oil for cats?

Vaseline oil: application

Due to the unique composition, liquid paraffin can be used for cats. When your pet is healthy, its intestines are emptied 1 - 2 times a day. To relieve the animal from constipation, you can give him vaseline oil. Due to its physico-chemical properties, it has a mildly laxative effect without pain.

It is best to calculate the amount of oil with a veterinarian, who will easily determine the required dose, corresponding to age and weight. If it is not possible to consult a specialist, you can try to determine the dosage yourself. As a rule, for 1 kg of cat weight is 1 ml of the drug. For example, if an animal weighs 5 kg, 5 ml of vaseline oil must be applied.

It is best to give oil in the morning, on an empty stomach. For this you need a syringe without a needle. Take the required dose in the syringe and pour liquid pet into the mouth. Keep oil out of the tongue. If the animal does not fulfill the need until the evening, repeat the procedure. For prolonged constipation make the cat an enema with petroleum jelly, adhering to the prescribed dosage.

How does it help the newborn?

The beneficial properties of this oil have been known since antiquity, and it is used both to eliminate skin defects of babies and for the health of nursing mothers. With Vaseline Oil, you can:

  1. To process and remove the crust on the head of a newborn;
  2. Treat and prevent prickly heat;
  3. Use to prevent the baby from rubbing their skin;
  4. Moisturize the nasal sinuses or clean the nose;
  5. To facilitate the penetration of gas sticks and enemas;
  6. Moisturize and heal skin irritation in an infant;
  7. Use as a mild laxative.

Vaseline oil: application

In caring for newborns, use petroleum jelly neatly. Try to apply it as thin as possible. Remember that the tool clogs the pores, so use it sparingly.

Vaseline oil has a wide range of applications in cosmetology and medicine. It should be in every first aid kit, since it can replace a large number of expensive cosmetic preparations. When buying a product, pay attention to the shelf life and color. High-quality oil has a transparent color, without turbid impurities. Do not store the product for longer than the prescribed period, as it may lose its properties.

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