Vascular stars on the face


Differently spider veins on the face are called red moles, nets, spiders and couperose. These are extended pathological vessels that are visible even to the naked eye. If the nets give you discomfort, you need to fight them, and there are such techniques.

Vascular stars on the face: causes

What are the most common causes of spider veins on the face? In most cases, this is a genetic predisposition. But if you add to it also adverse factors, such as hypertension, chronic liver disease, pregnancy and childbirth, excessive alcohol consumption, hard physical work and a great passion for baths and saunas, the expansion of the vessels will begin to progress.

Vascular stars on the face: causes

Vascular stars on the face: how to remove?

In order for spider veins to no longer appear and even completely disappear, you need to follow some tips.

  1. Protect your skin from sudden changes in temperature of air. In winter, before leaving for the cold, first wait 3 minutes at the entrance. The temperature there is lower than in your apartment, but higher than on the street. So your skin will prepare for the fact that you go to where the cold air.
  2. Exclude from your diet too hot food, do not abuse alcohol and cigarettes. All these factors contribute dilation of blood vessels, so, instead of disappearing, spider veins will only increase in size.
  3. Exclude effect on the skin of harmful ultraviolet, as this may form new spider veins. Those stars, which already have, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation increase in size.
  4. Carefully keep your face clean. Try to apply all face skin care cosmetics from only 1 manufacturer. Your main task is not only to get rid of the reticulum, but also to strengthen your blood vessels. For this, as well as to reduce their fragility, eat vitamin p, which is sold in a pharmacy.
  5. You also need vitamin K and ascorbic acid. These two components have excellent vasoconstrictor effect.

Removal of spider veins on the face

  • As soon as you have spider veins on your face, do not postpone your visit to a specialist. Single stars are much easier to remove. Not so long ago, red grids were removed by cryodestruction or electrocoagulation.
  • However, unfortunately, these techniques very often caused scarring. Today, the removal of spider veins on the face has changed dramatically. And this is due to the advent of lasers.

Removal of spider veins on the face

  • The most effective for removing rosacea are lasers that emit yellow or green. Without damage to the epidermis, the light spectrum of these lasers perfectly coagulates the dilated vessels.
  • The infrared range of lasers is less effective due to the fact that the vessels absorb infrared color much worse. For effective treatment of dilated vessels on the face of great importance is the size of the laser light spot, which must be at least 3 mm in diameter, otherwise, the required amount of energy simply will not reach the vessels.
  • The large area of ​​the pulse from the laser allows you to speed up the procedure for removing spider veins. For added safety and comfort, lasers provide a special protection system that prevents thermal damage to the skin.
  • Effective removal of spider veins depends not only on the availability of a good laser, but also on sufficient experience of performing the procedure by a specialist.

About,how to deal with spider veins on the face with the help of traditional medicine, read the article Kuperoz: photo, treatment.

By following these tips, you will forever save yourself from unpleasant feelings when you look in the mirror. Do not be uncomfortable for you, which is very easy to forget today.

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