Vascular preparations for improving blood circulation of the


In modern medicine, great attention is paid to the cerebral blood flow, since the brain uses about 20% of the available oxygen in the blood, and its uninterrupted delivery and tight regulation will be decisive in life. That is why vascular drugs to improve blood circulation in the brain are so relevant. Let's get to know them better.

What are drugs that stimulate blood flow to the brain?

Vascular preparations for improving blood circulation of the brain

Impaired cerebral blood flow can make itself felt in any age category:

  • In newborns, these are the consequences of passing through the birth canal.
  • Adolescents undergo enhanced brain activity in the process of learning and development, which directly affects the blood flow. The processes of puberty can also influence it.
  • Adults in a crazy pace of life do not notice how they give start to various pathological processes, including those that have a negative effect on blood circulation in the brain.
  • Older people are forced to pay tribute for the years lived.

Taking into account the life situation, drugs are often used to stimulate brain activity, while their duration of use and effectiveness are different. There are such symptoms of circulatory disorders in the vessels of the brain:

  • dizziness;
  • pain;
  • noise in ears;
  • memory problems.

In many ways, they are caused by both functional and organic lesion of blood vessels. This may be a consequence of injury or a manifestation of the disease. The blood flow destabilizing factors are:

  • vasospasm;
  • thrombus;
  • atherosclerotic changes;
  • hypertension;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • squeezing of vessels.

As you know, demand creates supply, and it is the latter that pharmaceutical companies are quite widely selling, providing a huge range of drugs that improve blood circulation in the vessels of the brain.

Vascular Review

Means, expanding vessels

The onset of symptoms is a signal to see a doctor. The tactics and scheme of the treatment process, based on taking pills to improve blood circulation in the brain, requires careful analysis and detailed examination, taking into account side effects and contraindications. And this can only be carried out by a specialist.

Blood flow in the brain is not a place for experimentation. Self-treatment needs to say decisively no!

Means, expanding vessels

Their action is aimed at preventing oxygen deprivation by increasing blood flow, as well as at optimizing cellular energy metabolism, functional normalization of the brain. Three generations of calcium antagonists affect the arteries, relaxing and expanding their muscle walls. These include the following drugs:

  • Odalat;
  • "Kardafen";
  • "Dilakor";
  • "Nasoldipin";
  • "Galopamine";
  • Clentiazem;
  • "Amlodipine";
  • Norvask.

Herbal preparations

From vincamine Vinca minor alkaloid, a vinpocetine corrector of blood flow disorders in the brain is synthesized. Drugs based on it have become very popular, for example, Vinpocetine and Kavinton.

Medicines containing extract from the leaves of Ginkgo Biloba, have antioxidant, vasodilating, anti-thrombotic action, regulate vascular tone:

  • "Bilobil";
  • "Memoplant";
  • "Ginkgo biloba".

Medical Nicotinic Acid Products

Vasodilator effects on small blood vessels have such drugs:

  • "A nicotinic acid";
  • "Nyoshpan".

They strengthen the vascular walls, reduce cholesterol in the blood.


Preparations for improving the blood circulation of the brain

Preparations of this group have an antiplatelet effect, which is expressed in preventing the formation of blood clots, thereby reducing its viscosity and improving fluidity. These include:

  • "Aspirin-S";
  • "Aspirin Cardio";
  • "Thrombone Ass";
  • "Curantil".


They reduce blood clotting, stimulate blood flow at the level of capillaries, thereby preventing the formation of blood clots in large cerebral vessels. Warfarin is a drug of this group.


The action of nootropic drugs is aimed at increasing the ability of the brain to resist damaging factors. Stimulation of energy metabolism of nerve cells, their improvement is the basis of the action of nootropics.

The funds are classified as follows:

  • pyrrolidone derivatives - "Piracetam", "Fenotropil";
  • dimethylaminoethanol derivatives - "Deanol", "Atsefen";
  • pyridoxine derivatives - "Pyritinol", "Encephabol";
  • neuroamino acid preparations - "Glycine", "Glutamic acid";
  • cholinomimetics - Cerepro.

Pharmacology does not stand still. Going into any pharmacy, one can observe an abundance of medicines, including vascular or nootropic drugs for the brain of the new generation. And often, if there are health problems, we initially go to the pharmacy, where the pharmacist, like an experienced neurologist, cardiologist, and so on, will prescribe, select and sell us the medicine. We, in turn, do not read the instructions, start taking medications.

Do not do this. In case of detection of symptoms of diseases, and in case of circulatory disorders in the brain and even more so, consultation with a specialist is necessary, and often not with one. The diagnosis and prescription of therapy will be preceded by laboratory and physiological studies. And only after all this you need to go with a prescription to a pharmacy and purchase drugs that will help to cope with the violation of cerebral circulation. Take care of yourself!