Vaginal suppositories to restore the vaginal microflora in

The disease in which the vaginal microflora is violated, doctors call vaginal dysbiosis (dysbiosis). Its symptoms do not cause much concern, but if untreated, the disease can lead to the development of dangerous infections. In the recovery of microflora, women come to the aid of candles. How to use this tool?

Types and causes

Vaginal dysbacteriosis

Vaginal dysbacteriosis is most often found in two forms:

  • gardnerellosis - characterized by the predominance of gardnerell;
  • candidiasis (thrush) - the predominance of Candida type fungi.

The causes of dysbiosis can be many:

  • excessive hypothermia and weakened immunity;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • climate change during trips;
  • infectious diseases;
  • antibiotic therapy;
  • non-compliance with intimate hygiene;
  • intestinal dysbiosis.

This is not all factors that can lead to a violation of microflora. If the immunity of a woman is in good condition, dysbacteriosis is not terrible. Otherwise, antibiotics and suppositories can be prescribed to restore microflora in women.

Symptoms and diagnosis of the disease

Quite often, vaginal dysbiosis occurs without symptoms. In some cases, there may be such signs of the disease:

  • copious yellowish-white discharge;
  • unpleasant smell;
  • feeling of dryness, itching and burning in the perineum.

The symptoms themselves are not dangerous, but bacteria can infect the cervix and vagina.

vaginal dysbiosis diagnosis of the disease

In order for the doctor to diagnose dysbacteriosis, the patient will have to pass several types of tests:

  • PCR diagnostics for the presence of genital infections;
  • seeding sensitivity to antibacterial drugs;
  • smear on microflora.

Based on the test results, the cause and treatment of dysbacteriosis can be determined.

Overall strategy

Therapy of dysbacteriosis can be carried out in three stages:

  • the elimination of pathogens;
  • restoration of beneficial microflora;
  • immunity strengthening.

In the case of detection of thrush and other genital infections, candles for the restoration of microflora in women can be assigned only after pathogenic microorganisms are suppressed. In this case, the treatment is carried out with antibiotics and antifungal drugs.

If the pathogenic flora was not detected, but dysbacteriosis is present, a course of antibiotic treatment is either not prescribed at all, or is reduced to 5 days. In most cases, treatment with local antiseptics, which are introduced using trays, tampons. Such measures are much more effective, since many bacteria are not susceptible to antibiotics.

The total recovery of microflora takes about 3-4 weeks. During this time, the patient also undergoes a course of strengthening the protective forces with the help of immunomodulators. This is necessary because a decrease in the immunity of the vaginal wall contributes to the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.

After taking antibiotics, women often develop thrush, which also has to be treated. Only after completing the full course can we talk about the restoration of microflora.

The principle of the candles

The principle of the candles

Vaginal suppositories for microflora restoration are probiotics that contain lactobacilli. Such candles are prescribed after antibiotic treatment of genital infections, thrush or microflora regeneration in case of dysbiosis and the absence of pathogenic microorganisms.

However, such agents will not always be effective, since infections have a detrimental effect on epithelial tissues. That is why manufacturers add to the preparations of substances that contribute to the restoration of the epithelium, so that lactobacilli can be fixed in the vagina.

The principle of action of candles to restore microflora after treatment of thrush is quite simple. They are designed to lower the pH level to 3.4-4.5. Lactobacilli produce acids. So that the thrush does not develop again against the background of a decrease in the pH level, special substances in preparations come into effect.

Bifidobacteria, contained in probiotics, stimulate the immune system and have anti-inflammatory action. It is recommended that while undergoing treatment, you should drink bifidobacteria, as a result of which the risk of re-development of thrush drops sharply.

Preparations for the restoration of microflora

  • Vagikal (analogue "Laktogin")


These are phyto-candles, which restore microflora in an efficient and gentle way and suppress pathogenic microorganisms. The composition of the drug consists of calendula flowers, which are a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Vagikal is an excellent antioxidant that promotes the healing and restoration of vaginal epithelial cell structure. You can use the drug for 10 days.

  • Gynoflor


These are candles with lactobacilli to restore microflora. The composition also contains the hormone estriol. Due to the lactose contained in it, the beneficial bacteria begin to actively proliferate. Estriol restores vaginal tissue. Despite the presence of a hormone in the composition, the drug is completely harmless to health. It should be applied within 6 days, but if necessary, the maximum period can be two weeks. Introduce candles before bedtime. After the course of treatment after a couple of weeks, it can be repeated.

  • Bifidumbacterin ("Lactobacterin")


Candles contain bifidobacteria that successfully treat not only vaginal dysbiosis, but also a violation of the intestinal microflora. The course of treatment is 5-10 days, during which 1-2 suppositories are administered per day. The drug is absolutely safe and can be used even during pregnancy.

  • Vaginorm C

Vaginorm C

Due to the high content of ascorbic acid, it successfully normalizes acidity and suppresses pathogenic bacteria. Suppositories are introduced before bedtime, the course of treatment is 6 days, but if necessary it can be extended to several months.

  • Kipferon


Candles are aimed at strengthening immunity and restoring microflora. One course is 10 days. For full recovery, you must go through 2-3 courses, passing tests between them.

Restoration of microflora during pregnancy

Dysbiosis can occur during pregnancy due to changes in the hormonal system and weakened immunity. Since the use of antibiotics during this period is not possible, the treatment becomes local in nature and is aimed at eliminating the symptoms of the disease and preparing for labor. Candles to restore the microflora of the vagina of local action are not as effective, but they are harmless to the health of the mother and the unborn child.

Prevention of dysbiosis

  • Strict compliance with the rules of intimate hygiene.
  • Meals with the inclusion of dairy products, fruits and vegetables.
  • Antibiotic treatment only under the supervision of a physician.
  • The use of underwear made from natural fabrics.
  • Condom use during intercourse.
  • Refusal to use pads and tampons in the period of menstruation, if they provoked the development of infection.

Dysbacteriosis can be prevented. For this, it is enough to observe precautions. And although candles for microflora restoration are mostly harmless, women should try to avoid their use in time. But if there is a need for them, then these funds will provide effective assistance, including for pregnant women.

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