Uterus prolapse


Uterus prolapse (uterus prolapse) - one of the most common diseases of women of reproductive and post-reproductive age. This disease is detected by examination at the age of 30 years for every tenth woman, at the age of 30 to 45 years - for every fourth woman, and at an older age - for every third woman.

The omission of the uterus often women run and blame themselves in the consequences, since many of them do not pay attention to the first bells, signals from their female body. If you go to the doctor on time, you can easily cure the prolapse of the uterus. and get rid of the unpleasant problems associated with this.

Symptoms of uterine prolapse

Symptoms of uterine prolapse

  1. Women of reproductive age, as a rule, lead a regular sex life. Therefore, they need to monitor the quality of this aspect of life. After all, the first symptom of uterus prolapse is decline in the quality of sex. It is about the sensations of comfort and satisfaction. If sexual intercourse delivers unpleasant emotions, pain, a feeling of rejection and unwillingness to repeat it again - it means something is wrong with you. Consult a doctor, perhaps it is not even a prolapse of the uterus, but another gynecological disease.
  2. The prolapse of the uterus gradually leads to periodic pains in the lumbar region, in the lower abdomen in a state of sexual rest.
  3. Another sign of disease is urination disorder. Patients with uterine prolapse often "walk in a small way."
  4. The formation of wounds and edema in the crotch area - also signal the presence of this unpleasant disease.
  5. Accompanied disease bowel disorder and constipation.
  6. When the disease starts, the woman appears pelvic dysfunction. This is a set of problems with the intestines and urinary tract. Blood circulation in the pelvic organs is impaired.. In this regard, the following health problems may occur: varicose veins, inflammation of the mucous membrane, atrophy.

In this way, characteristic symptoms of prolapse of the uterus are:

  • feeling of heaviness and pain in the lower abdomen,
  • pain in the lumbar region, vagina and sacrum,
  • spotting or leucorrhea from the genital tract,
  • frequent urination (up to incontinence),
  • constipation, intestinal disorders.

Symptoms of uterine prolapse

In more serious cases, symptoms such as:

  • pelvic dysfunction
  • circulatory disorders in the pelvic organs,
  • phlebeurysm,
  • inflammation of the mucous membrane of the genital tract,
  • atrophy.

Uterus prolapse: what to do?

When the first symptoms of prolapse of the uterus, you should not delay the treatment in the antenatal clinic. The doctor will examine you and prescribe treatment. Many women do not pay any attention to the first signs of uterine prolapse. The intercourse stopped bringing a sense of satisfaction - and, okay, whites appeared from the genital tract - thrush exacerbated, etc. There will always be excuses, but it is important for the disease to accept help from doctors in time to make it easier to deal with this problem.

If uterus prolapse is neglected, treatment takes a lot of energy and years.. Do you really want to deprive yourself of female happiness? A woman should always feel healthy and happy, no matter how old she is.

The gynecologist should determine the severity of the disease. With a small degree of prolapse of the uterus The treatment is as follows:

  • special physiotherapy,
  • gynecological massage
  • introduction of uterine ring.

Uterus prolapse: symptoms and treatment

The first two methods are very good. They are aimed at strengthening the muscles of the pelvis and the gradual return of the body to its original place. The uterine ring is a rather problematic thing, and it is better to avoid its introduction. It should be removed at every sexual intercourse, often washed and, in addition, can cause discomfort.

With a more serious, neglected disease, you need to resort to surgical intervention.Do not be afraid! You will not be cut out the womb if you are going to give birth! You just spend a small special operation, from which even the scar will not remain. This way - treatment of uterine prolapse by surgery- very effective. After the time it takes to recover from the operation, you will return to the same rhythm of sexual life, feel harmony in yourself again.

Gymnastics with uterus prolapse

With a small degree of uterine prolapse, in your antenatal clinic look like special gynecological massage. It is aimed at strengthening the muscular and ligamentous apparatus of the pelvic organs.

To strengthen the muscles of the pelvic organs will help and special exercises, which, by the way, can be done independently at home. Here is the complex necessary therapeutic exercises in case of slight prolapse of the uterus:

  • Compression of the muscles of the perineum.Tighten the group of necessary muscles as much as possible and count to 5. Relax. Repeat 5-10 times.
  • Contractions of the muscles of the perineum. Quickly and quickly strain and relax the muscles of the perineum, i.e. make cuts. Repeat 30 times.

Uterus prolapse: symptoms and treatment

  • Popping.Just make a little effort. Relax. Repeat 5-10 times. This exercise, in addition to the muscles of the perineum, causes tension and some abdominal muscles.
  • "Urination management". In the middle of excretion of urine, stop the flow of urine, squeeze the urethra muscles. After that, try to stretch the process of urination and squeeze out of yourself all that you can. The regularity of the exercise is individual! Perform with each trip to the toilet "in a small way."
  • "Bicycle". The well-known exercise, simulating cycling, perfectly helps to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis. Perform 5-10 times
  • The tension of the muscles of the perineum in the sitting position. Tighten your muscles as much as possible while sitting on a chair and count to 5. Relax. Repeat 5-10 times.
  • Walk on all fours. In this case, the legs are best kept not bent at the knees, but straight. Imagine yourself a spider with 4 legs.
  • "Kitty". Standing on all fours, bend and arch the back, while squeezing and unclenching the muscles of the perineum. Repeat 20 times.

In this way, If you find the first symptoms of uterine prolapse described above, consult a doctor immediately.. The easy lowering of the uterus can be quickly cured with the help of special gymnastics. When you start a disease you can not do without surgery.

On the modern technology of strengthening the muscles of the vagina, read the article Vumbilding: exercise at home.

Having got rid of lower abdominal pains and discomfort, you will return to the former joyful rhythm of life and feel the happiness of being a woman!