Useful properties of red pepper


Red pepper is distinguished by its burning taste and strong aroma. It can be used both fresh and dried. Even in dried form, it retains its taste. Red pepper has many beneficial properties for health. It is used for external use in various diseases. It is an excellent warming agent and can help in the treatment of colds.

And even in the fight against obesity, red pepper is on top. With so many beneficial properties, red pepper is one of the best natural medicines.

The composition of red pepper

Red pepper contains vitamins A, B and C, carotene, essential for good vision, alkaloids responsible for its pungent and spicy taste, as well as essential oils, proteins and minerals. It contains very few calories. When buying ground red pepper on the market in the open form, choose its saturated red color. This pepper is the highest quality.

What is useful red pepper?

Red pepper is able to cause and improve the appetite, a beneficial effect on the digestion of food and the gastrointestinal tract. Its use in food helps the functioning of the pancreas, the production of enzymes essential for the proper functioning of the stomach. is he positive effect on blood circulation, this helps in turn to treat, strengthen the blood vessels and increase their elasticity.

For diseases of the joints patches made on the basis of red pepper are used as compresses. It is applied externally in the form of an extract and tinctures as a warming agent for arthritis, rheumatism, bronchitis, colds and cough treatment. It will help in the fight against a stuffy nose and will have an antibacterial effect against colds and flu. Red pepper helps the process of burning fat and improving metabolic processes in the body. It can even slow the growth of cancer cells, and is a powerful prophylactic for some types of this disease.

Does red pepper have contraindications?

Red pepper is a wonderful product, but even it has some contraindications because of its too hot taste. Those who suffer from diseases of the stomach, especially during their exacerbation, red pepper is not recommended. Also, its use is undesirable for kidney diseases and other kidney diseases, ulcers and gastritis. If you still love this product, then before you start eating it, consult your doctor.

Applying red pepper

Red pepper is most used in cooking. It helps to make dishes spicy. When cooking eggplants and adjika, as well as fried meat, red pepper will be indispensable. If you want to give a little spice to familiar dishes, it is enough to put a pod of red pepper in them for 3 minutes, you can fresh or dried, and take it out. Or you can add a little in the form of a hammer.

Fresh pods of red pepper can be stored in the refrigerator or frozen in a freezer. It can be simply dried and used at any suitable moment, it will not lose its taste and beneficial properties. When using fresh pepper, it should be finely chopped, and when cooking adzhika grind in a blender.

Besides the fact that red pepper is used for medical purposes, it also suitable for creating gels that help improve skin nutrition and have an excellent anti-cellulite effect on it.

The benefits of red pepper in the fight against excess weight

Red pepper, thanks to its ability to speed up the body's metabolism and improve the process of digesting food, has a beneficial effect on the body in terms of weight loss. There are several recipes for the use of red pepper for the preparation of special dishes and masks for weight loss, which will help in the fight against obesity and cellulite on the skin. To gradually burn excess fat, drink kefir every day, adding a little red pepper. You can put in there a small piece of fresh red pepper, or put ground on, who likes what.

To stock up with energy for the whole day and cheer yourself up, make coffee and add cinnamon and a little ground red pepper there. The taste of the drink will make you feel the taste of life to give up the extra pieces of sweet.

Cooking eggplant under red pepper

To prepare this dish, take half a small pod of red pepper, 3 eggplants, 4 tomatoes, 150 g of cheese, garlic, herbs, mayonnaise and salt to taste. Cut the eggplants into medium-thick slices, then salt and fry until golden brown in vegetable oil. Grate the cheese, chop the tomatoes into thin slices, then finely garlic and greens, and chop the red pepper.

Then take a baking dish and put foil there, and then put a layer of tomato, after eggplants, red pepper, again tomatoes, eggplants and red pepper, and then cheese, a small layer of mayonnaise, garlic and greens on top. Cover the bottom carefully with a foil and turn the dish over into the pan. The oven must be heated to 185 C, and cook for 20-25 minutes.

Thanks to the use of red pepper, you can not only give a special taste to your dishes, but also give your body all the nutrients it contains. Red pepper is able to help the body fight various diseases, being an excellent prophylactic agent for the body. To maintain health for many years, to improve the overall condition of the body, use red pepper.

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