Useful properties of momordiki


Momordica is an ancient Chinese folk remedy for viral diseases, intestinal infections, cancer, heart disease and blood vessels and other ailments.Currently, it is used not so much in traditional medicine as in cooking. She has an unusual taste and beneficial properties - more than enough!

Description of momordiki

Maybe someone heard the names Chinese melon,bitter melon, "Indian cucumber". These are all nicknames of momordica. Momordica itself is a relative of the well-known cucumbers, zucchini. It belongs to the Pumpkin family.

It is a momordika grassy vine, on which fruits are formed. They are yellow, bumpy, covered with small swellings. The mature fruit becomes more saturated color, changes its yellow color to orange. In the future, the ripe fruit is divided into three parts. The seeds are quite large and are also used for medicinal purposes.

Composition momordiki

Useful properties is not easy to determine without knowing the composition of the product. Momordica is a valuable, unique product rich in nutrients: vitamins, minerals, etc. In the fruits of the plant a lot of protein.

The vitamin composition of momordiki is also diverse. These are vitamin A, and vitamins of group B, and vitamin C, and vitamin E, etc. Of the beneficial mineral substances momordiki particularly want to highlight phosphorus and calcium. In addition, the fruits of the plant contain heart alkaloids, various beneficial oils, as well as a substance that lowers blood sugar levels.

What is useful momordika?

  • Useful properties of momordiki known for a long time. In China, it was used as a means to increase appetite and for many diseases of different nature (intestinal, cardiovascular, etc.).
  • In tropical countries momordika - excellent anthelmintic. She also found application in the field of fighting external parasites. The leaves of the plant are applied to the body by snake bites.

  • Momordica - a natural remedy for diabetes. But it will only help those with diabetes - an acquired disease.
  • Due to its composition,momordika restores pancreatic cells. Consequently, the process of digesting food and, accordingly, complex sugars is getting better.
  • In addition to the treatment of diabetes, momordika is used for psoriasis, for cancer.
  • The fruits of the plant have the ability to reduce cholesterol in the blood.
  • Momordica is a low-calorie product. Therefore, it is recommended for those who want to lose weight.
  • The plant has the ability to accelerate fat metabolism.
  • For intestinal and gastric diseases, momordica seeds are used.
  • Advise momordika and people involved in sports. The plant helps to gain muscle mass, without metabolic disorders and fat deposits.
  • Momordica will also help in the fight against some viral diseases. Scientists have conducted research and found that it destroys streptococci, staphylococci, herpes virus, and according to some sources - even HIV.
  • Perhaps the last statement is doubtful and due to the fact that momordika strengthens immunity, able to restore it.
  • For colds, alcohol tincture of momordica fruits will help. To do this, pour the fruit with alcohol and insist about two weeks.
  • In addition to medicine and popular recipes, momordika applied in cosmetology. This is an excellent means for personal care. Momordica is very good for the skin.. It has a rejuvenating effect, makes the skin velvety. That is why momordiku include in the composition of age-related skin products. Momordica lotions and creams tighten pores, tone the skin.

The plant has no side effects, except that it should not be used by pregnant women. During this period it is impossible not only to eat a plant, but also to use preparations made on its basis. There is an opinion that momordika has contraceptive properties and provokes spontaneous miscarriages.

Momordica is a natural remedy known since ancient times for its unique beneficial properties. The plant is used in food, it is used to prepare dishes, it is included in the composition of medicinal and cosmetic products, used in traditional medicine. Momordica is an extremely interesting product and its benefits are obvious!