Useful properties of iceberg lettuce

Now on the shelves you can see a huge number of different types of leafy and headed salads. Many housewives are well aware how useful they are for the body, and, on the one hand, this is a definite plus, and on the other, it is difficult to choose the salad that suits best.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to get acquainted with the useful properties of each of them. Of great interest is the Iceberg lettuce, which has many unique properties that deserve attention.

Useful properties of Iceberg lettuce

Iceberg lettuce

To get acquainted with Iceberg salad, you should start with its appearance. It is somewhat reminiscent of white cabbage, and its unusual name received from farmers in California, who supplied it, sprinkled with ice. Iceberg lettuce leaves have a pale green color, they taste very juicy and crispy, and the salad itself tastes vaguely like the taste of Chinese cabbage.

A large number of useful properties due to the rich content of useful substances in the composition. Folic acid, a large amount of Iceberg lettuce, is its main wealth, helping to regulate the exchange of substances. In addition, it provides normalization of the functioning of the nervous system, helps to cope with emotional disorders, depression and stress. Folic acid is required to participate in the production of red blood cells, ensure normal blood circulation and oxygen transfer to tissues and organs.

Who is iceberg salad for?

  • Iceberg lettuce is able to perfectly remove the salt, which is very important for older people.

Useful properties of Iceberg lettuce

  • This salad is no less useful for pregnant women, allowing the fetus to develop normally.
  • Iceberg lettuce is necessary for students during the session and knowledge workers.
  • In the treatment of diabetes, this salad will become an indispensable product in the overall composition of products recommended for diabetics.
  • Iceberg lettuce is perfect for getting rid of obesity and as a staple for fasting days. According to American scientists, this salad compares favorably with other similar vegetables in that it contains almost all the useful elements.

Iceberg lettuce: useful properties

  • It is best to use iceberg lettuce in a fresh form, since heat treatment destroys most of the available trace elements and vitamins. Iceberg lettuce contains calcium, potassium, iron, sodium, a large amount of vitamin A, vitamins B9 and C.

Useful properties of Iceberg lettuce

  • It is because of the large number of useful properties Iceberg lettuce has become a favorite among all types of salads in the United States. Due to its low cost, the possibility of long-term storage in the refrigerator and useful properties, it is becoming increasingly popular in Russia.
  • Continuous consumption of lettuce helps to significantly increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood. It helps to improve visual acuity. Regular consumption of Iceberg lettuce reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and stroke and heart attacks occur much less frequently. Lettuce strengthens the skeleton and prevents fractures of the limbs, which is especially important in old age.

What is iceberg salad made with?

Iceberg lettuce is loved by cooks from all over the world. With it you can cook a lot of different dishes, which he gives juiciness and unusual taste.

  • It is not possible to make a very tasty and healthy salad. Iceberg should be washed and cut into strips, then grate a hard-boiled egg and hard cheese on a grater. All ingredients to season to taste: mayonnaise or sour cream. Stir and add pepper and salt. The taste of this Iceberg salad is flawless, and the benefits of the vitamins and trace elements that make it up are hard to overestimate.

Useful properties of Iceberg lettuce

  • Another great option to take advantage of the useful properties of Iceberg lettuce is to make a salad with vegetables and olive oil. Iceberg need to wash and tear hands, chop tomatoes cucumber, cut the Bulgarian pepper. Season the vegetables with olive oil. Add salt, pepper, chopped basil and dill. This salad is best suited for girls who are dieting or spending fasting days. In these salads all the useful properties of Iceberg lettuce are preserved, which makes them a real pantry of vitamins.

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Almost all the vegetables in their composition contain a large amount of nutrients, and Iceberg lettuce, coming from sunny California, is no exception. For those who care about their health and body shape, Iceberg lettuce will become indispensable, helping to preserve them. With it you can cook a huge number of different dishes, including dietary salads, which can impress with their exquisite taste of anyone. Therefore, if you want to supplement your diet with a useful product, Iceberg lettuce is what you need.

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