Useful properties of birch sap


Once we watched the development of relations between the main characters - Alexander Belov and Olga Surikova (Bezrukov and Gusev) in the sensational television series “The Brigade”. Remember how a wayward heroine, having decided to slightly reduce the pressure of a gentleman, defiantly ordered birch sap in a restaurant, which greatly surprised both the waiter and the fan himself?

And I must say, I did it right birch sap is a great helper, which, by the way, is also worth nothing. By law, you can score up to 50 liters of this natural elixir absolutely free. But spring is already here, it will give us the purest natural product - birch sap, it's a sin not to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

The benefits of birch sap

Studies conducted by physicians have proven the indisputable benefit of the drink. If you use a glass of birch sap 30 minutes before a meal for 3 weeks, you can get a stunning result - weakness, confusion, fatigue, depression and vitamin deficiency leave the body, leaving you alone with a good mood and a sense of renewal. And all because the birch gives us not just a clear liquid from its trunk, it gives us a large amount of organic acids, minerals, iron, potassium, calcium, glucose, fructose.

Birch juice splits stones in the bladder and kidneys, cleanses the blood, strengthens metabolic processes, treats a stomach ulcer. Plus, it helps with duodenal diseases, treats sciatica, rheumatism, gout, arthritis, bronchitis. He is even on the shoulder with such severe illnesses as tuberculosis, scurvy, and venereal diseases. And imagine that this vitamin-rich liquid also prevents the appearance of caries.

It should be added that also juice has a protective function - helps the body resist colds, allergies and infections. And if you remember our deep spring springs that contribute to getting cold symptoms, you can safely turn to this serious advocate for help. So if you sink in the spring waters, a cup of birch sap will become a circle of salvation that will not let you fall out of public life for a week.

Getting birch sap

Just do not forget that the process of getting a drink is very painful for its donor - birch. And when you collect the juice, remember not only yourself, but also about the tree you are harming. Try not to harm the trunk. Collect the juice is not barbaric, but with a special technology, do not deprive it of vital force, which, later, will help you so.

The use of birch sap in cosmetology

The benefits of birch sap do not end there. Berezovitsa is widely used in cosmetology. Her used for skin diseases, such as eczema, acne, age spots. In addition, birch sap is excellent dry skin moisturizer and cleaner. It can be used in face masks to help the skin become matte. It also fits and for scalp and hair, eliminating dandruff and promoting growth, softness and shine.


It is not recommended to drink the juice for those who are allergic to birch pollen and have oxalates in the kidneys - special stones. Berezovitsa - a diuretic drink, And this can contribute to the rapid penetration of stones into the urinary tract, which is fraught with serious complications and a sharp deterioration in health.

Birch sap forbeauty andof love

As you had time to guess birch sap - diet drink, and what do all women want when spring is in the yard? Right! After a long winter look refreshed, rejuvenated, renewed and even more blooming and beautiful.

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So, dear ladies, do not hesitate in restaurants to order birch sap, and if the waiter does not cope with the order, let your chosen one get you such a miracle drink. If we consider that it is not easy at all, you will kill two birds with one stone - and you will benefit, and the man will once again feel like a magician, capable of fulfilling any woman's whim.