Useful and healing properties of aloe. aloe vera treatment


Aloe grows on almost every window sill. But besides pure aesthetic beauty, aloe is very useful. This flower is a live pharmacy. It can be used for the care of female beauty and the treatment of various diseases. Using fresh leaves of aloe and its juice, you can easily make various healing recipes.

Aloe composition

Aloe leaves contain a substance with a powerful moisturizing effect - allantoin. It penetrates into the depth of the skin, delivering beneficial components, retains moisture in the skin, thereby promoting its regeneration and restoration. Aloe is one of the strongest natural antioxidants. It contains B vitamins, beta-carotene, C, and E. Aloe contains vitamin A, which is a cell protector against oxidation. Aloe contains in its composition about 200 biologically active substances such as minerals, enzymes, amino acids and vitamins.

Useful properties of aloe

Aloe helps to care for hair. Aloe juice with rubbing can immediately help with inflammation and burns. It can soothe and smooth wrinkles, eliminate bruises, reduce swelling and itching with insect bites. Aloe can quickly heal cuts, injuries and wounds.

The juice of fresh leaves of aloe is used in the treatment of ulcers, eczema, minor cosmetic defects, psoriasis, dermatitis and acne. Aloe helps to quickly eliminate toxins and slags, cleansing the entire body. It can slow down the appearance of wrinkles and aging. The process of exposure to aloe is such that it helps the rapid formation of collagen and connective tissue, contributing to the appearance and restoration of new cells.

Aloe Burn Treatment

To prepare the tincture of burns, take honey and aloe leaves.Leaves need to be cut and pour honey. Within a month, leave the mixture infused. After that, chop the leaves and mix them again with honey. Then strain and apply as compresses. For quick help in treating burns, use fresh aloe juice. Tear off the lower leaves of aloe, squeeze the juice out of them, and, after soaking napkins, attach to the site of the burn.

How to cure wounds with aloe?

Cut the aloe and apply to the open wound with pulp. After that, fix the aloe patch or bandage. Changing the aloe several times a day, the wound will begin to heal quickly. To prepare an ointment for the treatment of ulcers, frostbite, wounds and bedsores, take lemon juice, glycerin and aloe. Cut off the spines with aloe and mix it with 100 g in a mixer with cold boiled water. After that add 1 tsp. lemon juice and 100 g of glycerin. Again, mix everything thoroughly and leave for a day in a cool, dark place. Then strain and refrigerate.

How to apply aloe for the treatment of anemia and fatigue?

  • Aloe vera will be very helpful for anemia. To do this, take 100 g of unsalted goose fat, 100 g of cocoa powder and 100 g of 3-year-old aloe leaves. Aloe mince. Cocoa whip with goose fat until you get a homogeneous mass. Add everything to aloe and mix. Store the mixture in the refrigerator. Take it 1 hour before meals for 1 tsp. 3 times.
  • With a breakdown, you will need 3 medium sheets of aloe, 2 tbsp. spoons of dried apricots and natural honey. Pass the dried apricots and aloe leaves through a meat grinder, add honey, mix thoroughly, store in the refrigerator. Take after meals for 1 tsp. 3 times a day.

The use of aloe for the treatment of hypotension and erysipelas

  • When erysipelas is necessary to use 2 tbsp. l aloe juice, as well as 100 g of wholemeal rye flour and 100 g of flowers, leaves of fresh elderberry.
  • For hypotension, take 100 g of honey, aloe leaves, hips and 1 liter of cahors. Aloe through a meat grinder and mix with honey, dogrose, fill all with cahors. Put in a dark place warm for 2 weeks. After this, strain and squeeze. Take the resulting liquid 0.25 cup 30 minutes before meals 3 times.

Aloe for the treatment of chronic bronchitis

If you suffer from chronic bronchitis, you need to take 50 g of aloe leaves, birch buds and 50 g of cocoa, 100 g of unsalted goose fat and natural honey. Melt the fat, birch buds and aloe mince. Then mix with cocoa and honey, add everything to the fat. Stir until smooth. Store up to 3 months in the refrigerator. Take the mixture for 1 hour before meals and 1 tbsp. l 3 times.

The use of aloe for dry skin

From aloe, you can make a face mask that will help enrich the skin cells with beneficial substances and restore its elasticity. To start, wash the aloe leaves and pass them through a meat grinder. Then mix with birch tar, heated in a water bath. Apply on face skin for 20 minutes. After that, wash your face with warm water and then cold water. This mask is best suited for oily skin. It will help to heal acne in adolescence.

Aloe sensitive skin mask

To prepare a mask for sensitive skin, you must take 1 tbsp. l Aloe, 3 tsp. lime blossom, 2 tsp. pharmaceutical chamomile, Hypericum and 1 tsp. rose petals. Mix everything and pour boiling water on it, put it in a dark cool place for 20 minutes. Dampen gauze in infusion and apply for 15 minutes on face. Remove the napkin and wash with warm water. This mask will help to clean the pores, saturate the skin with vitamins, and if you use it regularly, it will help to preserve beauty and youth.

Aloe masks are suitable for any skin. They are able to soften, protect and moisturize normal and dry skin, revitalize fading skin and soothe sensitive, and oily skin - cleanse, relieve acne and relieve inflammation. Aloe perfectly helps to improve the condition of the scalp and hair. Hair becomes strong and elastic. Aloe can help with burns, accelerate wound healing, rejuvenate and help in the treatment of various diseases.

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