Use flax porridge

Remember from childhood: "a spoon for dad, a spoon for mom ...", and on the table is a plate full of hot odorous porridge? And the kid is sitting at the table and pushes away this hated spoon with porridge. Here's how to explain to him that any porridge is very useful? Wheat, buckwheat, barley, semolina, oatmeat ... Tell me, what else is porridge? It is safe to say that few people remembered flax seed porridge. And even more so, few people know what is the use of flax porridge.

Interested? Then dive into the essence of the issue.

Properties of porridge from flax seeds

Properties of porridge from flax seeds

For some reason, such porridge is unjustifiably forgotten in our country. But the British even oatmeal prefer this dish. Why are there British, almost no European cuisine can not do without flax porridge in the menu.

Rich in trace elements and vitamins calorie dish. Quick and easy to cook without a long stay on fire. Given the positive reviews, we can safely include flaxseal porridge in our daily diet.

Linen porridge: the benefits and harm, reviews

Let's take a closer look at what hides the flax seed in itself? If you take a microscope and look under the thin shell of flaxseed, you can see the following elements:

  • high calorie protein proteins;
  • Omega-fatty acids, which fish oil is rich in, but our body does not produce such substances;
  • fiber from the seed coat - its value in the physiological effects on the body;
  • plant lignans are a powerful antioxidant and phytoestrogen;
  • potassium;
  • vitamins A, B and C.

Flax seed porridge: benefits

Thanks to this "chemical table" of flax, having included flax porridge in our menu, we unwittingly carry out prevention of the cardiovascular, immune and endocrine systems, as well as improve digestion, because the product is useful in almost all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Lignans normalize the balance of hormones, improve the state during menopause, and also carry out the prevention of cancer tumors.

Pregnant women, eating quite a bit of flax cereal, take care of the normal prenatal development of the baby, and nursing mothers stimulate lactation. Diabetics, eating such porridge daily, reduce blood sugar levels.

Athletes can also safely lean on this healthy product, as flax contains a large amount of protein. Flax porridge for weight loss - just a find, because it activates the body's metabolic processes.

Who is such a mess?

Do not do without a fly in the ointment. Harm flax porridge, oddly enough, from its benefits. It's very simple: after reading the previous section and examining the reviews, many "take a big spoon and begin to catch up the lost time without amazing porridge." That is in vain, because the greatest harm to flax seed in its immense consumption.

The fact is that in addition to the useful elements, small cyanogenic glycosides are included in flax, cyanide is common in the common people. But do not worry, it all depends on the amount of flaxseed eaten per day. According to nutritionists 50 g per day - it is quite safe. And if we consider that these insidious cyanogenic glycosides break down during heat treatment, the harmful properties of the product disappear altogether.

How to include flax seed porridge in the diet?

What is the use of flax porridge?

Here are a few recommendations that will allow you to correctly enter flax porridge in your menu:

  • pregnant women should not abuse flaxseed, that is, porridge can be eaten no more than once a week;
  • With exacerbations of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and urolithiasis, the use of flax cereal should be reduced to a minimum;
  • Flax seeds are rapidly oxidized in an open environment, which is not very good for our health, therefore, it is necessary to ensure proper storage of the product.

To cook flax porridge, you need to correctly select the seeds. To do this, use the advice of experts in the case. When buying, pay attention to such moments:

  • Shelf life. We need the most fresh product. Ground seed after opening the package is stored from 6 to 16 weeks, whole - from 6 to 12 months (if properly stored).
  • Packaging must be intact and completely dry.
  • Prefer vacuum packaging.
  • After opening the package, store the remaining flaxseed in an airtight container in a dark, dry and cool place. This place can be a refrigerator.

Flaxseed Recipe

So much talking about porridge, it's time, finally, and cook it. Let's look at the easiest recipe.

Flaxseed Recipe


  • 1 tbsp. l ground flaxseed;
  • ⅔ Art. hot water or milk;
  • salt, sugar.


  1. Flaxseed is poured with hot water or milk (just not boiling water).
  2. Add sugar and salt to taste.
  3. Beat the blender until smooth, let stand a few minutes - the porridge is ready. Enjoy your meal!

Calorie and nutritional value of flax cereal

Together with 100 g of cereal your body will receive:

  • energy value - 300 Kcal;
  • fat - 14 g;
  • proteins - 30 g;
  • carbohydrate - 12 g;
  • potassium - 2000 mg.

Let's sum up our research. Without a doubt, flax seed porridge is a very healthy and nutritious product. As we have seen, she prepares pretty quickly. Of course, as with everything, in the process of absorbing flax porridge is important measure. If you follow all the recommendations on the use, proper selection and storage of the product, then as a result we get two in one: tasty porridge and good health. For such a small grain as flax, this is a pretty good result. What do you think?

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