Ultrasound of the bladder


When we are sent to any medical procedure, there is always a little excitement, especially if it is to be for the first time. Questions one after another come to mind: what will I do there, and how will I behave, and what should I take, will my friends discover something bad? Today we will try to figure out how to prepare for the ultrasound of the bladder.

Power Rules

How to prepare for a bladder ultrasound

Of course, we are not talking about a rigid diet, which is aimed at leaving a few kilograms. Here it is appropriate to say about proper nutrition, which will help to avoid errors in the results of diagnostics, as well as allow you to see important medical nuances of a specialist.

Therefore, it is desirable to remove the following products from the menu 3 days before the research: black bread, beans, milk, fresh vegetables and fruits. That is, as you can see, those ingredients that can cause bloating. What then is there? - you ask. You need to make your diet on the basis of fish, meat, cereals, you can replace black bread with white.

Some doctors recommend a few days before the ultrasound to take drugs that improve digestion, struggling with gas. For example, mezim, espumizan.

Before the procedure, you should not smoke, chew gum, soothe yourself with sweet candies, including candy.

What can and should be done the day before, what should I take with me to the office?

In order for the preparation for the study of ultrasound of the bladder to be successful, you should not only adhere to the correct diet, and also not do the above mentioned things before the diagnosis itself, but also drink 1 liter of liquid (plain water). Naturally, as long as you do not do an ultrasound, you cannot go to the restroom. Drink water can begin 1-1.5 hours before the procedure.

preparation for the study of bladder ultrasound

And another option, when you do not need to drink, wait for the natural filling of the bladder. To do this, do not urinate for about 3 hours.

It is also worth noting the transrectal method, when in addition to an enema, to clean the intestines. This method allows you to study not only the bladder, but also to detect a tumor, stones, to make such a diagnosis as ureter prolapse.

What to take with you to the doctor's office, you will be told in the institution where you will undergo the procedure. Usually, much is not needed, enough sheets (diaper), previous diagnostic results (if any), as well as your medical record.

What will they do to me?

Probably the most troubling question is how everything will pass. Believe me, even if you will be doing a joint ultrasound of the kidneys and bladder, then you will know how to prepare correctly, and there is nothing terrible waiting for you on the procedure itself.

Your body position will depend on the purpose of the study; if you look at the bladder, you are asked to lie down. If you are looking for a tumor or stones, then you should stand. When checking the mobility of the bladder, research is carried out when the patient lies on his side.

Ultrasound itself is carried out either through the abdominal wall (external) or through the vagina. Another internal can be attributed to the examination through the rectum or inspection through the urethra.

If the ultrasound is external, you undress to the waist, lie on your back, and the diagnostician will apply a special gel on the stomach. The sensor will move on the gel, so you can see the bladder on the screen, as well as the organs next to it. The procedure will be painless, it will take about 20 minutes.

In the case when the specialist has a need to check his suspicions about the pathology, he may ask you to go to the bathroom, and then again conduct a study.

If you are thinking about how to prepare, it should be said that ultrasound of the bladder in women is most often done internally. To do this, you also need to have a full bladder. The specialist will insert a sensor (a disposable condom is put on it) into the vagina and thus see the condition of your bladder.

As for the results, do not decipher them yourself, it is better to confide in your doctor. Which summarizes the research, based on the figures (compare your results with the norm) and the symptoms with which you addressed.

Thus, preparation for ultrasound of the bladder consists of the following steps: proper nutrition for several days, including prescribe drugs that help digestion; collecting the necessary things in the doctor's office (diaper, previous test results, ambulatory card); Before the procedure, fill the bladder with fluid (you choose the method together with the doctor). You also now know how the research will be conducted, which means there is nothing to be afraid of. Treat your health carefully!