Ultop or omeprazole

Nerves, haste, unhealthy diet - these factors lead to the fact that for many people the problems of gastritis and ulcers have become burning. Therefore, it is important to find the answer to the question: Ultop or Omeprazole - which is better? After all, these drugs lead the list of prescriptions for ulcers and those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. What drug to buy - more expensive or cheaper?

Two names - one active substance?

which medication will be more effective - Ultop or Omeprazole?

In fact, it is. How can you decide which medicine will be more effective - Ultop or Omeprazole? What is better and what is worse if they are created on the basis of the same component, omeprazole? The "field of activity" of these drugs is also practically no different. They are proton pump inhibitors, are used for the treatment of erosive-inflammatory pathologies and gastric ulcers and operate exclusively in the acidic environment of the stomach. They come to the rescue if there is a malfunction in the normal functioning of the digestive system: the acidity of the gastric secretion increases, its contents are thrown into the esophagus, ulcers on the mucous membrane occur.

Omeprazole and Ultop are analogues. They perfectly replace each other. You can make a choice between them, focusing only on the individual characteristics of the patient and the specifics of the course of the disease.

In order to form an unbiased opinion about which of the drugs should still be put in the first place, it is best to study what is in common between them, what are the differences, pros and cons of each of these drugs. Let's do the analysis.

Comparative characteristics of Ultop and Omeprazole

If you have a dilemma, than to be treated with Omeprazole or Ultop, see how they look like:

  • one active ingredient is omeprazole;
  • release form - tablets (20 and 40 mg each);
  • belong to the anti-ulcer drugs that reduce the acidity of gastric juice and blocking the production of hydrochloric acid;
  • eliminate heartburn, heal ulcers, reduce gastritis pain;
  • have similar contraindications - intolerance to omeprazole, age up to 18 years, pregnancy and lactation.

In fact, Ultop - this is Omeprazole. But, according to experts, the differences between them still exist. Here they are:

  • in the manufacture of drugs used various technologies. Ulthop passes more degrees of purification, so less often gives side effects;
  • Ultop is manufactured in Slovenia, Omeprazole - in Russia (it is produced by JSC "Synthesis");
  • indications for use vary somewhat. For Ultop, this is dyspepsia of unknown etiology, ulcer prevention; for omeprazole - acute short-term heartburn, an ulcer in the acute and chronic stages, a violation of the secretory function of the stomach;
  • different and the list of additional components that make up each of the drugs. In Ultopa, there are 6 such elements: sodium lauryl sulfate, sucrose, corn starch, magnesium carbonate, sugar granules, hyprolase. Omeprazole includes 4 auxiliary components: the same sodium lauryl sulfate, glycerin, dioxide of tiana, gelatin;
  • price. Ultop is much more expensive: it costs 104-270 rubles, while its Russian prototype (Omeprazole) will make the patient pay from 20 to 50 rubles. per package;
  • a specific contraindication that Ultop has, is forbidden to those who suffer from intolerance to sucrose.

Advantages and disadvantages of drugs: the decision of patients

Ultop or omeprazole - which is better?

It should be noted that both drugs - Ultop and Omeprazole (reviews prove this), according to the patients themselves, are highly effective means. Among the advantages that are inherent in Ultop, they attributed such qualities:

  • Available in low dosage - 10 mg;
  • developed injection form (for injections);
  • it can be used by patients with liver pathologies;
  • in comparison with other analogues has a relatively reasonable cost;
  • acts quickly, the effect lasts up to 10 hours;
  • even one pill will relieve painful symptoms.

Is it suitable as an ambulance? Reviews say that it begins to act within an hour, and the maximum effect is found after 2 hours.

Patients have noticed this remedy and disadvantages. The main ones are a large number of side effects; to achieve maximum concentration takes a lot of time.

What they say about Omeprazole (by the way, his therapeutic "experience" is 37 years!)? Its advantages:

  • has a convenient form of release;
  • acts quickly (after 1 hour after taking the pill), the pain disappears completely after 2 hours;
  • pain syndrome is stopped on the day;
  • reduces the likelihood of disease recurrence.

People call a minus the fact that constipation is possible when taking the drug, the food is worse digested because the acidity of the gastric juice decreases. There are adverse reactions, or the medication does not help at all.

What do the doctor's say?

Experts do not give general recommendations about which of the drugs is better. They insist that the best medicine for each patient is selected on the basis of the medical history, symptoms and individual characteristics of the organism. But some doctors note that in 32% of cases immunity to the components of omeprazole is found in patients - thus, its reception does not give any improvement.

Ultop and Omeprazole: analogues of these drugs

Today, the most famous drugs of a similar spectrum are Omez, Nexium, Pariet, Zhelkizol, Chrismel, Nolpaz, Orthanol, Zorsel, Omepruz, Romsek, Zerocid, Omizak, Losek, Demeprazol, Helicid, Gastrozol, Omefez, Tsisagast.

What conclusion can be made on the basis of a brief monitoring of drugs? If we evaluate them from a financial point of view, then Omeprazole is much cheaper. As for side effects and effectiveness, the Ultop looks more attractive. It is less likely to provoke undesirable effects and helps more patients. But the most correct decision that it would be better - Omeprazole or Ultop, will be made only by the attending physician based on the results of the examination and the exact diagnosis.

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