Twitches upper eyelid

Fatigue and stress, constant tension and chronic insomnia have a negative impact on human health. The body soon begins to weaken, to falter. This is manifested in every woman in different ways. Someone falls immunity, allowing viruses to enter the body, someone has a hand tremor or eye twitching.

Twitching of the eyes (more precisely, the eyelids of the eyes), lips, cheeks and other parts of the body (not only faces) means that you have a nervous tick. Certainly, a nervous tic is not dangerous for our health. But still we feel not very comfortable. What woman will like that she suddenly had nothing to do with during the important conversation or event that the upper eyelid twitched? This makes the mood worse and self-esteem decreases.

Twitches upper eyelid

Why is the upper eyelid twitching?

Nervous tic in medicine refers to mild neuroses. Twitching of the upper eyelid is the scientific name of hyperkinesis.

The stronger the stress, the longer the chronic insomnia, the more stable the woman’s anxiety and feelings, the faster the increase in the rate of hyperkinesis. In the most serious cases, this can lead to quite severe pain due to overstretching the muscles of the upper eyelid. Therefore, it is necessary to do something to eliminate the nervous tic.

Hyperkinesis can be caused by the following reasons.:

  • Stress. This is one of the most common causes of many diseases, including the emergence of a nervous tic, hyperkinesis.
  • Overstrain, eye strain. There is a certain group of people who are particularly prone to hyperkinesis. These are the people whose work is related to the concentration of visual attention. Naturally, after a long working day, their eyes get very tired. Such people (these include programmers, writers, cameramen, accountants, journalists, etc.) need gymnastics for the eyes, a special diet and rest mode.
  • Wearing glasses and / or contact lenses.
  • Any eye strain, not related to the professional sphere of life.
  • Bad habits. These include not only alcohol, excessive use of caffeine, but also incorrect posture while reading books, insufficient lighting when working at a computer, writing handwritten texts, etc.

Twitches upper eyelid: causes

  • Allergic reactions. One of the common causes of nervous tic. But only a doctor can help you eliminate it, and after the examination, you will prescribe the necessary drugs.
  • Inadequate and inadequate nutrition. Usually this is a lack of a certain group of vitamins and microelements.

If the nervous tic of the upper eyelid tortures you regularly and often, then it is better to consult a doctor. It will help identify the cause of hyperkinesis in your case and tell you what to do next.

Twitching upper eyelid: what to do?

  • Treatment of the nervous tic of the upper eyelid can be performed without the help of a doctor. Sometimes at the beginning of hyperkinesis it is enough to eliminate the cause, and everything will be fine, the tick will disappear by itself. Therefore, the first thing to do- find the cause! It is necessary to eliminate it or, if it is impossible to do it (do not quit the job well!), Re-arrange your daily routine.
  • Under stress prolonged nervous tension, excitement, experience you need to quickly and truly calm down, come to your senses. However, stress can be so long and imperceptibly flowing that you can’t get rid of a nervous tic. In this case, take time off at work and travel somewhere for positive emotions, for example, at sea or to distant relatives. I can not take a vacation, take a couple of days off at his own expense before the weekend. Then you at least rest for 5 days.

Twitching upper eyelid: what to do?

  • Go to a beauty salon, relaxing treatments (massage, aromatherapy, etc.), visit the sauna or the bath, meet with friends or relatives. In the summer you can go hiking for a couple of days with a group of like-minded people, in the winter you can go in for active sports: go ice skating, skiing, take walks in the woods or in the park.
  • If you know exactly what upper eyelid twitches due to eye fatigue, then close your eyes, relax. Massage the upper eyelids. To do this, swipe your fingertips over the closed upper eyelids. Do different movements in different directions: rubbing, tapping, stroking, tingling, etc. Complete the massage of the upper eyelids should be light touches, stroking. This method will help eliminate the attack of the nervous tick of the upper eyelid.But so that it does not happen again and again, keep to work and rest at work and at home. Rest more often when working at the computer. Do physical exercises, walks to the next room, toilet, etc. Remember the school years and build your work on the principle: 40-45 min. I work, 10-15 minutes have a rest.
  • If hyperkinesis is caused by allergic reactions, here you cannot cope on your own, need the help of a doctor. In addition, it is possible that you have more serious eye diseases or diseases of the facial or trigeminal nerve that go through there.
  • In no case with a long and constant tic of the upper eyelid, do not let things drift! If rest or normalization of work and rest during work does not help, immediately contact a specialist for help!
  • Take care of your health. Bad habits, such as incorrect posture while reading books, insufficient lighting during strenuous visual work, and alcohol and caffeine-containing products cannot pass unnoticed by your eyes. And the first thing that reminds you of this is a nervous tick.

Observe the correct mode of work and rest, eat properly and do not be nervous over trifles (and even for serious reasons!), And then you can avoid such an unpleasant and annoying moment as the jerking of the upper eyelid.

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