Twists legs


When the first cold weather and a sharp change in the weather occurs, first of all the legs begin to react, or rather, the vessels and joints located in them. The pain of the whining character, the feeling of twisting the legs (this condition is also called restless legs syndrome) to many people indicate that the weather is getting worse.

Twists legs: the main reasons

The cause of this phenomenon may be damage to the joints, that is - deforming arthrosis, in a simple way - the deposition of salts, as well as exchangeable polyarthritis, viral or infectious polyarthritis. Also, the problem arises due to vascular lesions: varicose disease or vascular atherosclerosis (dilated veins in the legs). In this case, the treatment will include the use of vasodilators and the passage of physiotherapeutic procedures. Warm foot baths made of chamomile and pine needles are also good. But for diseases of the joints, these baths are forbidden, anti-infective and anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as dry heat will help.

Feeling of leg twisting may occur not only due to illness, but also in a practically healthy person at the end of the summer. In the heat, people often take a cold shower, and for an organism that is not prepared, such a contrast of temperatures can lead to hypothermia, and then inflammation begins to develop in the joints and veins.

Another syndrome of restless legs can form in a patient, whose internal veins are blocked, although the superficial ones may be normal and the person does not even know about his illness.

Twists legs: what to do? Twists the legs during pregnancy: is it dangerous?

Why twists legs? Individual patients in this case are smokers. This harmful habit badly affects the condition of the joints, leads to a narrowing of the peripheral vessels of the legs - atherosclerotic plaques begin to be deposited, and the patient's blood circulation slows down, the arteries narrow.

Feeling of leg twisting may occur due to the infection, and not only because of SARS or acute respiratory infections, but also because of diseases of the genitourinary system or any other infectious inflammations. After all, the infection enters the joints and blood, while causing pain and inflammation.

If your knees hurt, this may indicate violations of the cardiovascular system or the fact that an inflammatory process occurs in the body.

Most often, if a patient goes to the hospital with this problem, it all comes down to what the doctor prescribes to correct the diet and lifestyle in general. It is better for the patient to give up bad habits, to introduce foods enriched with iron, magnesium and calcium into your diet. It is also recommended to use muscle relaxants, which help to achieve effective relaxation of the muscles in the legs and eliminate cramps. You can also take drugs that improve brain activity related to nootropics.

Any treatment procedures are selected individually for each patient, because here one must take into account the age and characteristics of the organism, as well as the disease, which led to the sensation of twisting the legs. If the patient has pathology of the circulatory and vascular systems, then doctors prescribe drugs that thin the blood and improve capillary permeability, such as: aspirin, normal, dertallex. There are also topical preparations, which, by the way, are very effective. These include gels and ointments based on heparin and horse chestnut extract: troxevasin, lyoton, venitan.

Physiotherapy here is also very effective - massage, rubbing, darsonvalization - all this helps patients get rid of this very unpleasant phenomenon. Another very effective course of impulsive or magnetic effects, acupuncture.

But it is not necessary to carry out procedures in medical institutions, there are also home ways to get rid of leg twisting. The temperature difference helps very well: before sleeping, you must hold your feet first under hot water and then under cold water. After that, it is recommended to massage the legs using a mixture of sea salt and olive oil, garlic and lemon juice.

If high temperature is added to the twisting of the legs, this indicates an inflammatory process that occurs in the body, which, obviously, has not bypassed the side of the wall of the veins. This condition can lead to disastrous clinical manifestations - varicose veins, severe forms of vascular insufficiency, and blood clots. If the patient still has this condition, he should be given drugs that will relieve pain and inflammation, for example: nimesil, nimesulide. Then, it is necessary to perform manipulations that facilitate blood flow and normalize the permeability of the walls of the veins and arteries, as well as strengthen them and increase their elasticity.

Is this symptom dangerous during pregnancy?

Twists legs: what to do? Twists the legs during pregnancy: is it dangerous?

This phenomenon can not only be formed, but also be aggravated during pregnancy, especially in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. If a pregnant patient first encountered this condition, then no need to panic, a month after birth, this syndrome will pass by itself.

The main signs of restless legs syndrome are: burning sensation, goosebumps, tingling, itching, dull pain. Often during pregnancy, the legs begin to twist in the evenings and closer to the night. And in the 1st trimester, this phenomenon occurs when the weather changes, but before the birth almost every day. A woman may have the impression that everything starts to twist and squirm inside her legs, she wants to change her position or at least move. Moreover, pain is hard to call, it is rather like a dull ache, and this occurs with seizures. First, you can feel a slight fatigue in the legs, a heaviness that pulls, and then it all increases. And you can stop this state by walking, moving your legs.

Causes of restless legs syndrome during pregnancy are:

  1. Lack of iron in the body (this very often happens during pregnancy). The overwhelming majority (75%) of this substance is in hemoglobin, and to increase it, the patient needs to eat foods of animal origin, such as calf liver. From food of plant origin, iron is absorbed by the body several times worse.
  2. Changes in hormonal levels. The level of estrogen at this time increases, which affects the condition of the vessels.
  3. Lack of B vitamins and magnesium. In this case, it is recommended to take the drug "Magne B 6" or other complexes of vitamins and minerals.
  4. Venous insufficiency due to circulatory disorders. Here it is worth giving your legs more rest, by raising them up and wearing special underwear (compression).
  5. Excessive consumption of strong coffee or tea. During pregnancy, it is better to refuse or significantly reduce coffee and tea in the diet, because caffeine adversely affects the growth of the child.
  6. Drinking alcohol, which includes toxins. The latter through the blood enter the placenta and, accordingly, into the body of the infant.
  7. Reception of neuroleptics, anti-depressants of tricylilic, preparations of lithium, calcium antagonists.

Twists legs: what to do? Twists the legs during pregnancy: is it dangerous?

How can relieve restless legs syndrome during pregnancy:

  • Get up and walk around the room. Walking helps release endorphins and also helps to improve sleep. If it starts to twist the legs, then you need to wave them back and forth.
  • Change your body position before bed to move your legs less.
  • Do not eat heavy food before bedtime.
  • Drink vitamin complexes, because this phenomenon affects the lack of iron and folic acid.
  • Before bed, rub feet.
  • Put a warm pillow on your feet or wrap them tightly with an elastic bandage.
  • Attach ice to the feet in a hot-water bottle, at the same time it will relieve fatigue.
  • Massage the legs for 15 minutes.
  • Reduce caffeine intake.
  • Give up sleeping pills.

Adhere to the proper diet and healthy lifestyle, walk and drink more vitamins, then the syndrome of restless legs will not bother you. And do not forget that twisting the legs - only a symptom of the disease, perhaps - serious, so do not delay the trip to the doctor, only he can prescribe the proper treatment!