Turpentine baths at home

Turpentine baths are a safe method of influence on the body, with which you can heal and rejuvenate it. Turpentine baths used in the home, slow down the aging process of the skin and enhance its elasticity, which deteriorates with age, causing wrinkles. To benefit from them, it is very important to follow the rules of their preparation and the time of reception.

Turpentine baths: use

  • Turpentine baths at home accelerate the cleansing of the body, opening up clogged pores and capillaries, improving the nutrition of organs and tissues. They improve the work of the organs.
  • Frequent intake of turpentine baths helps to recover faster after operations and serious illnesses.
  • Turpentine baths strengthen the immune system, thanks to the stimulation and support of the body's natural defenses. The effect of natural turpentine helps to remove the causes that prevent the body to fight diseases.
  • The positive effects of a turpentine bath for the treatment of chronic diseases in the home are based on their effects on the capillary system of the body.

Turpentine baths at home

  • Turpentine baths are useful not only for people suffering from various diseases, but also for those who are completely healthy. They help improve performance and are an excellent preventive measure against diseases.
  • Turpentine baths are of several types, differing in useful properties. Yellow turpentine baths are recommended at elevated blood pressure, and whites - at low.

How to take turpentine baths?

  • Before you decide on the use of turpentine baths at home, be sure to consult with your doctor. It will help to choose the right composition of the bath, its appearance, as well as the specific effect you want to get when using turpentine baths.
  • The main conditions before the start of bathing is the presence of intact smooth skin. In the presence of furunculosis, eczema, urticaria, the skin must be prepared. For help, you can contact a dermatologist.
  • Baths with walnut leaves and chest hot wraps for a few weeks can also help.
  • While taking turpentine baths, one should not smoke, give injections, take synthetic and hormonal preparations, alcohol.
  • White and yellow emulsion should be stored in a dark container in a dark place. Shelf life at room temperature is 2 years. The white emulsion stratifies with time, so it must be shaken before use. Keep them out of the reach of children.

How to make turpentine baths at home?

To prepare turpentine baths at home, you will need:

  1. Beaker, plastic container or bottle for stirring turpentine
  2. Pressure measuring tonometer, clock, water thermometer
  3. Caustic soda - 13, 3 g
  4. Oleic acid - 150 ml
  5. Castor oil - 1 cup
  6. Salicylic acid - 3 g
  7. Camphor alcohol - 20 ml
  8. Zhivichny turpentine - 1 l
  9. Distilled water - 683 ml
  10. Baby soap - 30 g

How to make turpentine baths at home?

To make a white emulsion, pour distilled water into an enamel saucepan and boil. Scrape baby soap. Put soap and salicylic acid in water. Boil over low heat, stirring until the soap is completely dissolved. Turn off the fire and add turpentine. Mix everything thoroughly. Pour the alcohol into the solution. Cool the mixture, pour into a glass bottle. To make a yellow mixture, pour castor oil into a small saucepan and put it in a water bath.

Prepare caustic soda solution. To do this, wear rubber gloves and pour 133 ml of distilled water into the flask. Slowly rotating the flask, pour caustic soda there and rotate until it dissolves. When the solution has cooled, pour it very carefully and slowly into the oil. Continue over low heat to cook the mixture, stirring constantly, until it thickens. Now add oleic acid to the pan and mix everything until the mixture becomes liquid. Then turn off the heat and pour in 500 ml of turpentine. Mix the mixture and pour into a glass bottle.

Type in the bath water 370C, but not to the brim. Shake up the necessary emulsion, and, measuring 20 ml, dissolve in a separate container with hot water. Mix everything thoroughly, and add to the bath, stir and distribute throughout the volume.

Turpentine baths Zalmanova at home

The dosage should be increased gradually from 20 ml, but do not exceed 130. Sensitive areas: armpits, chest, genitals, - grease with vaseline or fat cream. Turpentine bath at home is desirable to take every other day, and with acute pain every day.

Turpentine baths Zalmanova at home

Dive into the water completely, except for the head. Add hot water every 2 minutes. The temperature of the water in the bath with a yellow mixture should not be higher than 410C, and from white - above 400C. The duration of taking turpentine baths at home is usually 15 minutes, but finish as soon as perspiration appears on your face. Dab the body with a towel, and lie down in a bathrobe under a warm blanket for 2 hours. After a cup of herbal hot tea, it will increase perspiration and enhance the effect, then take a shower.

Baths, named after the Russian doctor who developed them - Zalmanov, help to achieve excellent results in the treatment of various diseases. They normalize blood pressure, fight neuritis, tumors and muscle atrophy. When using turpentine baths at home, you can quickly recover from strokes and heart attacks, get rid of scars and significantly strengthen the immune system. But in order to take advantage of their beneficial properties, it is necessary to strictly observe all the rules for the reception and preparation of turpentine baths, and then you will be able to maintain health for many years.

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