Tubo-otitis in children

Tubo-otitis in children (or otherwise Eustachitis) develops with inflammation of the mucous membrane of the middle ear. Inflammation occurs during the disruption of the auditory tube.

Simply put, Tubo-otitis in children is an inflammation of the ear, which brings a lot of suffering to the baby. The child begins to eat worse, every attempt to swallow food is accompanied by pain. The baby's sleep is also disturbed, because he feels pain with each touch of the diseased ear.

Often in children observed double tubootitis - inflammation of both ears. This is a very serious disease that requires immediate treatment in order to avoid serious consequences.

Causes of tubotitis in children

Most often tubootitis occurs in violation of the normal functioning of the auditory system. When this occurs, there is a violation of the ventilation of the tympanic cavity. The infection enters the body when the baby transfers acute respiratory infections, influenza and various acute infectious diseases. The causative agents of tubootitis in children are most often staphylococci, streptococci and other viruses.

Tubo-otitis in children: symptoms

Along with the above reasons, inflammation of the ear can occur due to the presence of chronic diseases of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, nasopharyngeal tumors, and curvature of the nasal septum. All this can lead to chronic tubotitis

Another reason for the development of various forms of tubotite can be a sharp drop in atmospheric pressure, such as, say, landing an airplane.

Tubo-otitis in children: symptoms

Due to the fact that in children the ear canal is somewhat shortened in size and, at the same time, more direct than in adults, children are more vulnerable to diseases of the ears and, in particular, to tubotitis.

Symptoms of tubootitis in children are no different from the symptoms of tubootitis in adults, this:

  1. noises in the ears;
  2. weak audibility by the inflamed ear;
  3. ear congestion;
  4. short restoration of hearing when coughing, yawning or sneezing.

No increase in temperature in children during tubootitis, the pain and fragility of the whole organism is absent - this complicates the process of diagnosing the disease and leads to the need to consult a qualified specialist.

During the onset of tubootitis, the child begins to complain of chills, ear congestion, hearing loss and tinnitus. Ear pain may not appear immediately. Tubo-otitis also produces redness and swelling of the auricles, and often bubbles appear on the surface of the ear canal.

Tubo-otitis in children: treatment

Treatment of tubotitis in children It is necessary to begin with manipulations aimed at normalizing the functioning of the auditory and pharyngeal apparatus. In order to slept ear swelling, most often used drops for the nose, narrowing vessels, most suitable for this: Naphthyzinum, Tizin, Sanorin, Nazivin and others. Antihistamine medicines are used together with drops.

Antibiotics for the treatment of tubotitis in children are prescribed only by experts in the most neglected cases, they are not recommended to be used independently. Blowing nose during tubootitis is recommended for children, so that the mucus does not fall on the tympanic cavity.

Tubo-otitis in children: treatment

In addition to the use of drugs, procedures are carried out blowing the auditory tubes. Mandatory activities are ultraviolet irradiation, laser therapy of the auditory tube, UHF on the nose and pneumomassage of the eardrum. Even acute tubootitis in children with proper treatment takes a couple of days.

Treatment of tubotitis in children folk remedies

In addition to pharmacological methods, in the treatment of tubootitis in children and folk remedies are used.

  • Take a head of onions, peel, cut a piece, heat it, put in a bandage or gauze and apply to the sore ear for a month.
  • You can also bury the sore ear with the following solution: chop the head of garlic to a mushy consistency, add 120 g of vegetable oil and mix thoroughly. Infuse the mixture for 12 days, strain and add glycerin. Heat the mixture before digging into the ear.

Carefully monitor the health of the ears of the baby, because neglected tubootitis in children can be detrimental. Go through regular checks with specialists and do not forget about the immunity of your child. Be healthy!

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