Tubing at home

Human liver is the so-called laboratory of body health. Everything that enters our body passes through this organ. Therefore, in some failure of the liver, the health of the whole body suffers.

Tubage is a blind sensing of the liver. With the help of tubage cleans the liver. It can be produced at home. This procedure is considered more preventive than curative. If grains of sand or stones form in the liver, then the tubage is very dangerous at home, it is better to contact a specialist.

When do you need a tubage?

Blind sensing is the most convenient way to improve the flow of bile from the liver.

Tubing at home

Usually the liver shows signs of an unhealthy condition for several symptoms:

  1. whites of eyes have yellowish color,
  2. a yellowish bloom forms on the tongue,
  3. there are persistent constipation and bloating,
  4. unreasonable pains in the head appear, which are accompanied by irritability and nervousness.

How to spend a tube with magnesia at home?

Herself tubing procedure is very simple. Basically, at home when carrying out the tubing, magnesia sulphate is used. In the evening, dilute one dessert spoon in a glass of warmed water, and in the morning drink the resulting solution on an empty stomach. After that, you need to lie down on your left side, and attach a warm heating pad to the right. After this procedure, you should have the urge to use the toilet. If the chair has a normal consistency, but a greenish hue, then the tubage was normal. Loose stools indicate that with the next procedure a smaller amount of magnesia should be used. In the absence of secretions need to increase the amount of medication.

Mineral water tub at home

There is another way to hold a tubage. For him use mineral water, which has a choleretic effect.

Mineral water tub at home

In the morning, drink mineral water on an empty stomach. With a warm heating pad, lie down for about 1.5 hours. Signs of carrying out of a tuba - as well as at the specified first method.

Tubing with choleretic herbs

For this method of carrying out the tubing use a glass of broth from choleretic herbs. After 30 minutes you can drink one of these drinks - a tablespoon of honey, diluted in 100 gr. water, a glass of grape juice or a glass of apple juice. Then you should lie down with a heating pad for 2 hours. Soon you will want to use the toilet. The results of the tyubazh - as with the above methods. For some people, this method of tubage can cause mild pain in the right hypochondrium.

Castor oil and cognac tuba

At home, in order to carry out such a procedure, natural cognac is needed, since such cognac expands blood vessels, and castor oil gives a laxative effect.


Castor oil and cognac tuba

In the morning you need to do an enema. All day you need to eat fruit and drink more fruit juices. The liver must be unloaded before cleaning. After 19-00 hours, drink 50 grams of brandy to expand the bile ducts. Then after another 30 minutes drink the same amount of castorca. After you need to drink clean water. Go to bed. In the morning you will have a weakening of the stomach. This procedure is best done at the weekend, because the chair can be several times a day.

Tubing with sorbitol at home

For this method, a no-shpy tablet is drunk in the evening and an allohol tablet, this will all reveal all the bile ducts. In the morning you need to drink on an empty stomach 1-2 tbsp. l of sorbitol, dissolved in 1 tbsp. boiled water. Then you need to go under the blanket, putting a heating pad under your right side. Lie down for 1-2 hours. After that, the body will begin cleansing.

Radish liver tube

There is another way to cleanse the liver. He is very old. With it, take 10 kg of radish and pass it through a meat grinder. Squeezed juice. The cake itself is mixed with honey. Everything is stored in a dark place under the yoke. Drink juice 1 tsp. an hour after eating. If you feel normal, then the dose can be increased. When the juice is over, begin to eat cake. Eat it while eating food for 1-3 tbsp. l

Home Tube: Useful Tips

  • 3 days before cleaning the body, you need to go to the plant food intake.
  • On the day of the procedure you need to drink as much water as possible.
  • During tyubazh it is necessary that someone else conducts it with you, so that this person can follow your well-being.
  • The tubage itself must be carried out by preheating the liver with a heating pad.

Home Tube: Useful Tips

  • People with low acidity of gastric juice for 20-25 minutes before the end of the warming up need to drink a little citrus juice.
  • At the very moment of the procedure, it is necessary to help the liver and gallbladder to throw away hepatic bile, by several inhalations and exhalations, drawing in and out pulling out the stomach.
  • To the intestine threw all the excess, you can make a salad, which consists of cabbage, beets, carrots. Salt and vegetable oil is not added. There is a need for such a salad in about 20 minutes after tubage. In the evening you can eat boiled rice without salt.
  • Tubing cannot be used for gallstone disease, tuberculosis, pregnancy, abdominal wall hernia, inflammatory processes of the abdominal cavity.
  • The procedure is carried out either early in the morning or in the evening before bedtime for 2 hours.

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After the procedure, try to lead a healthy lifestyle. Get rid of bad habits, eat healthy foods, so as not to constantly resort to such a procedure of cleaning the liver. You can find out how to cleanse the body from the Clearing of the Body section.

Be healthy!

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