Triple temperature

Every mother wants to protect her baby from diseases, but it is not so easy to hide from a cold, the virus is able to get to the child at any time of the year. A cold or acute respiratory viral infection begins with fever, so the body begins to fight the disease, and immunity helps it. Therefore, we all know that the temperature cannot be brought down to the level of 38.5 degrees. If the immunity is very weak, the temperature rises, medication is necessary.

If agents with paracetamol and ibuprofen do not help, perhaps a triad on temperature, the composition of which is known to many mothers, may be appropriate. It is worth noting that this tool has a beneficial effect in severe inflammatory processes.

Troychatka for children on temperature: composition

The composition of the mixture includes such available components:

  • Drotaverinum;
  • Analgin;
  • Diphenhydramine

Do not despair if one of the above components is not available. They can be replaced by similar drugs. For example, Drotaverin can be replaced with No-spa or Papaverin, and instead of Dimedrol, it is recommended to take Tavegil or Diazolin. These drugs have the same properties. These components are mixed and injected into the gluteus muscle with the help of the injection. The triad acts very quickly, within 15 minutes the temperature will return to its usual mark.

Dosage for children

Troychatka temperature: dosage for children

Children the above drugs should be mixed in equal quantities. Analgin is the main one in this triple, as it quickly relieves fever and also relieves aches and pain. Diphenhydramine or Diazolin enhances its action, and also eliminates the appearance of allergic reactions. In addition, diphenhydramine eliminates mucositis. Drotaverinum or No-shpa relieve spasms and dilate blood vessels.

Together, these drugs can reduce even the highest temperature. It is worth remembering that if the child’s body is experiencing an inflammatory process, the triad will act for 4 hours. After this time, the drugs must be administered again. Since the load on the body is large, one can use the composition no more than 3 times per day.

If the child is afraid of injections in panic, and the temperature is high, you can use the enema, which includes Dimedrol, Analgin, as well as hot water. The temperature will drop within 10 minutes. Although this method is very effective, resorting to it is often not recommended.

The above drugs in pharmacies are also presented in tablets. When fear of injections can be mixed 1/3 pills and give the child.

The dosage of the triad on the temperature of adults is 2 ml of the ampule Analgin and Drotaverin, as well as 1 ml of Dimedrol. If the drugs are replaced by analogues, then only the doctor will tell you what dose should be used.

Triple temperature

Contraindications to the use of the mixture

There are cases when the triad is categorically contraindicated in both adults and children. Therefore, you can not use this method in the following situations:

  1. When, in addition to high fever, the patient has abdominal pain. Perhaps these are signs of appendicitis, and the triad relieves any type of pain, so you cannot take such a risk.
  2. If the child or adult is allergic to drugs or to one of them.
  3. In the case when the temperature was tried to churn drugs, which are included in the composition of the triad, an overdose may occur.

Contraindication mixture

In conclusion, it should be added that the triad is a proven and effective mixture that lowers the temperature, but it must be applied quite carefully. It is not recommended to self-medicate, ideally, this tool should be attributed to a specialist.

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