Treatment of warts in children. proven folk methods and


Warts are skin tumors that need to be treated, but in no case be left unattended, as this is a sure sign of the weakening of the protective functions of the body (immunity). With the appearance of warts in children, parents need to take immediate action, since, once manifested, the disease will continue to progress.

Why do baby warts appear?

It provokes the appearance of warts in any age papilloma virus. In almost all cases, the infection will occur as a result of contact with a sick person, as well as subject to the use of other people's things.

Regardless of how exactly the infection occurred, after a few months the virus begins to actively manifest itself. However, the warts themselves appear in the case of favorable conditions for development.

To provoke the appearance of warts in children can a strong weakening of the immune system, which occurs in the presence of viral respiratory diseases. The provoking factors are the presence on the skin of a large number of abrasions and wounds, cuts, scratches.

In case of non-observance of shoe hygiene - inconvenient or very tight shoes provoke the appearance of plantar wart in those areas that are most susceptible to friction. Most often in children it appears such warts, which are neoplasms covering the surface of the skin of the legs, while with their appearance they can resemble simple corns.

Treatment of warts in children.

Plantar warts are multi-layered tumors consisting of yellow or white horny cells, while they can reach 1 cm in diameter. If timely and correct treatment is not carried out, there is a chance that their number begins to grow rapidly, the process begins their merger. This type of warts is one of the most painful.

Children may also have flat warts, which are also called "youthful". The fact is that this type of neoplasm, most often, is manifested in children of school age. Externally flat warts look like small oval-shaped swelling, appear on the skin of the hands (phalanges of the fingers, back of the palm), neck or face (forehead, corners of the lips, in the area around the nostrils).

Removal of warts in children: proven methods

Warts are benign tumors on the skin, the appearance of which occurs for a number of reasons, most often having a viral character. These tumors appear as characteristic growths on the skin, while they will be quite dense, but practically have no differences in color from healthy skin.

The child does not experience any pain from such growths, of course, if he does not begin to tear them off himself. Warts in children should undergo compulsory treatment, which gives positive results, but can take a long time. Also today, there are cases when such neoplasms disappeared independently, without any treatment.

Pharmacies sell a huge amount of modern medical products, the action of which is aimed at the effective and rapid removal of all existing warts.

For example, discs and plasters that are salted with salicylic acid are quite popular today. They need to be cut to the required size and then pasted directly onto the wart. This method of treatment is ideal even for restless children, as it turns out the maximum adhesion of the patch to the skin. You can also use various ointments, which are applied with a thin layer on skin growths, then you have to wait until the ointment is completely absorbed.

It is worth remembering that all of the above funds are not able to have an instant effect after the 1st application, as viral warts require long-term treatment. Such patches and ointments must be used for at least 2 weeks. But these tools can not be used for more than 2 months.

In the event that after two months of treatment, it was not possible to completely get rid of warts, it is necessary to contact a dermatologist as soon as possible for help. After examining the child, the doctor will be able to select the correct and effective method of treatment.

Treatment of warts in children.

One of the most effective and fastest methods of removing warts in children is to contact a professional doctor; several methods can be used:

  • Surgical intervention. This method is used in cases where pharmacological agents do not have the desired effect. The procedure for removing warts is performed under local anesthesia, but at the same time a slight soreness can be felt. After surgery, a small scar may remain on the skin;
  • Cryotherapy. In the case of using this method, liquid nitrogen will be used. In just a few procedures, you can achieve complete removal of warts. This technique is one of the most effective, however, it has certain consequences, for example, the painfulness of the procedure itself, the appearance of scars;
  • Laser removal. This procedure is one of the most effective, and therefore enjoys such great popularity today. The advantages of laser wart removal are not only painless procedures. There are no traces on the skin, the probability that a build-up will appear again will be reduced to zero. Given the number and size of the neoplasm, complete removal of warts is carried out in approximately several sessions.

You can use proven folk methods that are also very effective. In order to remove skin growths in a child, you should use the following recipes of traditional medicine:

  • Several times a day to process the warts with fresh juice of celandine (you can pick a leaf or buy a concentrated solution in a pharmacy). During this procedure, you should try not to get the juice on healthy skin;
  • You can take a small amount of grated garlic and mix it with flour and vinegar. The resulting slurry is applied directly to the wart, fixed with a patch. This mixture should be left for 3 days;
  • Raw potatoes, crushed on a fine grater, are applied to the wart and fixed with gauze and plaster. This compress should be left overnight.

However, before starting the use of folk methods, it is imperative that you should consult with your doctor, and the entire course of treatment should be under its strict control. Improper self-medication can lead to disastrous results.

How to remove warts in a child?

Treatment of warts in children.

Most often, for the removal of warts in children are used folk remedies, since most of them are completely safe and suitable for delicate baby skin. The easiest such methods will help get rid of simple and flat warts, most often manifested in children. However, most of these methods are very effective, which was confirmed by dermatology.

When choosing traditional medicine, it is necessary to prepare medicinal decoctions, tinctures, ointments with such components as raw potatoes, dandelion juice, green apple juice, onions, shredded willow bark, aloe juice, milkweed juice, mountain ash juice, ash, chalk.

Warts in children - a frequent occurrence, but this does not mean that they can not be treated. Despite the fact that the education does not usually bother the child, they need to get rid of them. It is recommended to use proven national recipes or medical techniques, but always under the supervision of a dermatologist.