Treatment of uterine fibroids folk remedies


Uterine fibroids - a benign tumor that develops from the muscle tissue of the uterus. This is one of the most common problems affecting women between 35 and 55 years old. Depending on the position and structure of the fibroids, different types of tumors can be distinguished: interstitial, submucous and subserous.

Many women fear that a benign tumor will turn into a malignant one. But do not worry, such cases are rare.

Uterine fibroids: causes

The causes of the tumor may be several.

  • Hormonal disruptions. This is one of the most common causes of the disease. The higher the estrogen level, the bigger the swelling becomes. For this reason, when a disease is detected, doctors advise taking hormonal preparations that normalize its level.
  • Irregular sex life, frequent change of partners and problems with achieving orgasm. This is not rarely the cause of problems. Try to have regular sex with your partner. If you have problems with achieving orgasm, try to diversify your sex life or consult a gynecologist.
  • Gynecological interventions (abortion, curettage, helix setting, traumatic labor, cesarean section, etc.). Such interventions can lead to disruption of the reproductive system and, as a result, the development of fibroids.

Uterine fibroids: treatment

  • Genetic predisposition. If the family has at least one relative from the woman suffered uterine fibroids, it is possible that the disease will be inherited.
  • Some diseases affect the development of a benign tumor. These are obesity, diabetes, thyroid problems, high blood pressure.

Uterine fibroids: symptoms

As a rule, tumor development is asymptomatic and is detected during a planned visit to the gynecologist. Sometimes it happens that the symptoms do show up. Be sure to see a doctor if you have:

  • Long and abundant menstruation. Often uterine fibroids is accompanied by abundant menses. If you have noticed that the menstrual cycle has changed dramatically - this is a reason to contact a gynecologist and find out the reason
  • Reduced hemoglobin levels. As a rule, the disease is accompanied by a decrease in hemoglobin level, and, consequently, a deterioration of health. You may feel hurt badly. Dizziness, weakness will begin, faints are possible
  • Pain in the lower back and lower abdomen, similar to menstrual
  • Pain when urinating and frequent constipation. The tumor severely squeezes the surrounding organs, which can cause these symptoms.

Uterine fibroids: complications

If you do not take timely measures to combat the disease, serious complications can occur.

Possible consequences of late treatment of uterine fibroids:

  • Hypoxia and fetal hypotrophy;
  • Miscarriage;
  • Fading pregnancy;
  • Infertility;
  • Rebirth in sarcoma (malignant tumor);
  • Tumor progression;

Treatment of uterine fibroids folk remedies

  • Lowering the tone of the uterus;
  • Development of hydronephrosis;
  • The development of pyelonephritis.

Uterine fibroids: prevention

  1. Visit the gynecologist 2 times a year. The doctor will diagnose the disease promptly and prescribe the necessary treatment;
  2. Do an ultrasound of the pelvis 1 time per year. Such a procedure is mandatory not only for the detection of fibroids, but also for the prevention of other diseases of the reproductive system;
  3. Harmonious and regular sex life;
  4. Refusal of abortion. Abortion and curettage contribute to trauma to the internal organs, which can cause a tumor in the uterus;
  5. Fighting overweight;
  6. Reception of microelements and vitamins that have antioxidant effects. Such vitamins include A, C, E, iodine, selenium, zinc and iron.

Folk treatment of uterine fibroids

  • Stone oil. In 4 liters of water, dilute 5 g of stone oil (take the mixture for 12 days). After 2 liters of water, dissolve 3 g of stone oil and take 12 days. Take a break and repeat the course 3 times.
  • Walnut. Prepare the tincture of walnut partitions. Pour 30 g of partitions 1 tbsp. vodka. Cap the tincture and remove for 2 weeks. Take the tincture of 30 drops half an hour before meals 3 times a day with water.
  • Tincture of calendula. Tincture can be purchased at the pharmacy. Before use, dilute it with boiled water (1:10). The resulting solution make syringing the vagina.
  • Solution with mummy. Dilute the mummy with boiled water (2.5: 10). In a prepared solution, moisten the swab and place it in the vagina in the evening. Leave until the morning. The course of treatment is 10 days, then a break for 5 days, then the procedure must be repeated.
  • Treatment with propolis. Pour 40 g of propolis 400 ml of vodka. Cover the jar with a lid and store in a dark and cool place for a week. Drink infusion before bedtime for 1 tsp. in a day. The course of treatment is 2 months.

Herbal Treatment Myoma

Herbal collection.

Treatment of uterine fibroids


  1. Calendula - 50 g
  2. Birch buds, nettle, plantain, pine buds, wild rose, viburnum - 150 g
  3. Yarrow - 100 g
  4. Chaga - 200 g
  5. Celandine - 50 g

Pour herbs of 2.5 liters of boiled water. Put the mixture on the fire and bring to a boil. Cover the mixture with a lid and store it in a warm place for 2 days. Add 250 ml of alcohol and 250 g of honey. Mix everything. Put the composition in the refrigerator. Take the drug in 1 tbsp. 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is 4 months.

Nettle infusion. Pour 1 tbsp. nettle leaves and yarrow flowers 400 ml of boiling water. Put the mixture in a water bath and simmer for 10 minutes at low heat. Ready broth strain, dilute to the original volume. Take 3 times a day before meals and 1 tbsp. The course of treatment is 1 month.

Tincture of white mistletoe. Chop the mistletoe leaves, fill them with 1/3 liter jar. Fill the can with vodka to the top. Insist 30 days in a dark place. Strain and take 30 drops of tincture 3 times a day.

A decoction of strawberries. Pour 1 tbsp. strawberry plants 1 cup of boiling water. Insist in a warm place for 3 hours. Strain and take 1/3 cup 3 times a day.

Treatment of Celandine fibroids

Pour 1 glass of vodka 1 tbsp. chopped grass celandine. Insist the decoction in a dark place for 2 weeks. Strain. Take the decoction as follows: in 100 ml of cold water dilute: in the 1st day - 1 drop, in the 2nd day - 2 drops, in the 3rd - 3 drops and so on up to 15 drops.

Wash fresh celandine. Together with the root and the flowers, skip through the meat grinder, squeeze the juice and mix the juice of celandine with vodka (1: 1). Take the tincture of 1 tbsp. 3 times a day.

Uterine fibroids: treatment of boron uterus

Uterine fibroids: treatment of boron uterus

Pour 1 tbsp. plants 200 ml of boiling water. Insist the decoction under the lid for at least 3 hours. Strain the tincture and begin treatment. It can be drunk only from the third day of the menstrual cycle. Tincture can be taken in the form of douching in the vagina.

Despite the fact that uterine fibroids are a benign tumor, it is dangerous to neglect treatment. Like any disease, it requires timely diagnosis and properly selected therapy. If you prefer traditional medicine, be sure to consult before using herbal decoctions, potions and tinctures at your gynecologist!