Treatment of urticaria in adults at home


Everyone knows the feeling when itching back. As a rule, as a result of simple manipulations we get rid of it. And what to do if the itch does not go away, but it acquires even greater strength and no longer in one, but in several places? In addition, red blisters appear on the body. The main thing is calm - this is the usual reaction of the body to the rash. And how to treat it, we'll figure it out now. So, treatment of urticaria in adults.

Types of urticaria and its causes

Urticaria, also nettle fever, is a dermatitis of allergic origin.

Urticaria, also nettle fever, is a dermatitis of allergic origin, accompanied by the appearance of pinkish watery blisters. Why urticaria? Because blisters are very similar to nettle burns. And if you did not run on nettles that day, then the cause of such a rash can be:

  • food, medicines, household chemicals, insect bites, pollen of flowering plants;
  • pets;
  • mold or dust;
  • sudden change in ambient temperature;
  • the effect of solar radiation;
  • disorders of the digestive system, liver or kidney disease;
  • disruptions in the endocrine system of the body;
  • serum sickness or hypothyroidism.

Depending on the nature of the rash and its development, these types of nettle fever are distinguished:

  • chronic;
  • acute (angioedema);
  • contact;
  • cold;
  • solar thermal;
  • aqua;
  • dermographic;
  • physical.

Treatment of urticaria at home in adults

Itching and rash can go away on their own within a few hours or days.

Itching and rash can go away on their own within a few hours or days. And no trace of them remains on the skin. The acute form of the disease can last up to 10 days, with a chronic form of pathology blisters last a month or more.

Since urticaria is an allergic reaction of the body, the treatment is applied as in allergies. To begin with, the cause of the allergy is eliminated, then the body is cleaned with activated carbon, enemas or laxatives. And only after that you can begin treatment.

Therapy of allergic urticaria: drugs

The basis for the treatment of urticaria in adults are sedative and antihistamine drugs:

  • Suprastin;
  • Diazolin;
  • Tavegil;
  • Fencarol;
  • Tazepam

Vitamins, ascorbic acid, calcium, riboflavin, pyridoxine are used as immunostimulating agents and in order to normalize digestion. Diphenhydramine is very good for relieving itching. In cases of chronic urticaria, corticosteroids are prescribed - Prednisone and the like. In extremely severe cases, for example, in cases of angioedema, doctors use anabolic steroids with gluco-steroids, for example, Retabolil. At the same time to bring in the tone of the capillaries and reduce the permeability of blood vessels prescribe calcium gluconate along with salicyles, iron and rutin.

As an immunostimulating agent and in order to normalize digestion when urticaria

To relieve the condition of the patient also apply topical ointment. They are applied to areas affected by nettle rash:

  • Elok;
  • Ointment prednisolone;
  • Flucinar;
  • Deperzolone.

Note that these are hormonal agents that contain corticosteroids. In addition, in the case of food or drug urticaria, zinc blended creams or sulfuric acid magnesia can be prescribed.

Remember that all prescriptions for the use of medicines are made only by qualified specialists in order to avoid complications or anaphylactic shock. The dosage of drugs is selected individually depending on the height and weight of the patient.

How to get rid of the disease folk remedies?

If you decide that your condition is not so severe as to go to the clinic

If you decide that your condition is not so severe as to go to the clinic, you can try proven folk remedies for the treatment of urticaria at home:

  • Peppermint decoction. Four teaspoons of crushed mint leaves need to pour 0.3 liters of boiling water. Broth should insist, drink warm in the morning, afternoon and evening, 50 ml.
  • Fresh medium-sized beets need to be grated and pour 2 liters of cold water. Insist for a week in a warm place. Take the means you need this way: 1 tbsp. l once a day. External use for rubbing the rash is also possible.
  • Nettle tincture. Five tablespoons of crushed nettle leaves need to fill 0.5 liters of vodka. Insist a week, then strain. Take one tablespoon three times a day.
  • Potato gadgets. Raw potatoes should be peeled, thinly sliced. Apply to the sites of rash for 30-40 minutes.
  • Marjoram bath. Boil 400 g of dried marjoram in 4 liters of water. Add to bath water.

User Reviews

Now let's visit the forum and see what people say about treating urticaria.

Now let's visit the forum and see what people say about the treatment of urticaria:

  • Edward: "Itching for three years. Poured out at the slightest physical exertion. After researching on allergens, I avoid animal hair and house dust. I took Erius tablets one for three days. Now it is easier, the urticaria visits every 3-4 months. Yes, almost forgot, the whole story began after a course of antibiotics. "
  • Albina: “And I was helped by cleaning the body. I was on a diet for two weeks and took Enterosgel three times a day. And the urticaria passed. Why do people prefer taking medication, are we already soaked with this chemistry?”

If your urticaria has passed quickly, and in the morning there is not a trace of it left - that is, of course, very good. But maybe not everything is so simple, and this light allergy warns you about some other hidden problems. It is better to be safe and go through research on allergens, and then go into prevention and a healthy lifestyle.