Treatment of tonsillitis at home

Tonsillitis - inflammation of the tonsils. This is a very insidious disease that can bring many complications. Complications caused by delayed treatment may result in the tonsils being removed.

Tonsillitis occurs in two types: chronic and acute. Caused by this disease may be an infection in the body.

To cure tonsillitis, you need to immediately consult a doctor. However, the sooner you start treating it, the better. Therefore, try to start treatment for tonsillitis at home.

Symptoms of tonsillitis

As mentioned above, tonsillitis can be both acute, that is, appearing one-time, and chronic.

  • If you have acute tonsillitis, you will find yourself having a sore throat, as well as weakness in the whole body. In addition, as with any inflammatory process, body temperature may increase. When examined by a doctor, a characteristic redness in the tonsil area can be detected.
  • The chronic form of this disease manifests itself somewhat differently. The patient feels most often mild pain when swallowing. There is also a feeling that something is stopping the throat. The doctor during the inspection can detect an increase in the tonsils, as well as purulent plugs in them.

How to treat tonsillitis at home?

To relieve the symptoms of this disease at home will help you gargle, warm, infused herbs and homemade preparations for lubricating the throat.

Rinse off tonsillitis at home

  • Prepare a special medicinal collection of three parts of camomile flowers, two parts of oak bark and one part of linden flowers. Take one tablespoon of the resulting mixture and pour boiling water in the amount of 200 ml. It is necessary to insist this mixture within one hour. After the tool is infused, it must be drained. Before you start gargling, add a teaspoon of honey to the infusion.

  • Two tablespoons of Hypericum need to pour 200 ml of medical alcohol. Insist means necessary in a dark place for about two weeks. When the infusion is ready, strain it. In order to rinse the throat, you need to take a glass of water and dissolve in it 20 drops of the resulting infusion.
  • Pour a glass of water into the container. Then put in there 1 tablespoon of dried potato flowers. This tool assumes course use. Broth must gargle three times a day. The course of treatment lasts ten days. After the expiration of this period it is necessary to make a monthly break. Then the treatment must be repeated.
  • Two tablespoons of yarrow herb pour an hour glass of boiling water. Then strain the infusion. Rinse your throat as often as possible, at least four times a day.

Home inhalation treatment for tonsillitis

  • For the preparation of inhalation it is necessary to make a mixture of three infusions. The first consists of 200 ml of boiling water and one teaspoon of eucalyptus leaves, the second contains the same amount of boiling water and a tablespoon of walnut leaves, the third - the same amount of boiling water and a dessertspoon of pharmaceutical chamomile flowers. After each infusion is ready, they need to be mixed. Use this mixture for inhalation or rinsing of the tonsils.

  • Dissolve garlic juice in water in a ratio of one to ten. Juice must be fresh. Use this solution for inhalation. Make them better by breathing over a plate with your head covered. Such inhalation should be carried out within two weeks.

Drinking herbal for treating tonsillitis

From one leaf of aloe squeeze juice. The plant must be at least two years old. Drink juice one teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach for ten days. After the course you need to take a break for a month. If the symptoms of the disease still appear, then after the break, the course should be repeated.

Take the leaves of coltsfoot and wash them thoroughly. Crush them and squeeze the juice. Then add in equal proportions red wine and onion juice. Shake the mixture and refrigerate. The mixture must be taken one tablespoon three times a day. Before use, the product should be diluted with three tablespoons of water.

  • Prepare a collection of two parts of coltsfoot leaves, two parts of Althea root and one part of Oregano. Brew one tablespoon of the collection with a glass of boiling water and let cool. After the brewed collection has cooled, add honey to taste. It is necessary to take the remedy four times a day in half a glass.

Means for lubricating the throat at home

  • Take some fresh garlic juice and dilute it with boiled water. Lubricate the tonsil solution with your fingers. The effect of this tool will increase the lubrication of the throat infusion of propolis.
  • This procedure is best done after inhalation. You will need aloe juice and natural honey. Ingredients need to be mixed together in a ratio of one to three. Lubricate the tonsils with this mixture should be within two weeks. To carry out the lubrication of the throat better on an empty stomach.
  • For the preparation of this tool you will need ficus leaves. You need to take three pieces and grind them. Fill the leaves with medical alcohol (half a liter) and leave for ten in a warm place. In the early stages of the disease, this tool is used as a compress, in the later - lubricate the throat.

  • This remedy is used for chronic tonsillitis. In this disease, it is recommended to lubricate the tonsils with black radish juice with the addition of natural honey. The ingredients are mixed in a ratio of one to three. It is good to drink at the same time instead of tea four or five times a day a fortifying agent, which includes calendula, peppermint leaves and black currant leaves, a line and a pharmacy chamomile. To make tea, you need one teaspoon of this mixture pour boiling water in the amount of 200 ml. Let it brew for eight hours.

Tonsillitis is an unpleasant disease, so take the appropriate measures at the very first signs of its appearance. Do not wait until the disease passes by itself - this is fraught with the occurrence of complications. Folk remedies should be used as a treatment supplement prescribed by a doctor.

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