Treatment of synechia in girls


It is believed that gynecological problems - the lot of adult women. Many do not even suspect that diseases of the genital organs often begin in girls at a very early age. Pediatric gynecologists have to deal with various problems, of which the most common is recognized fusion of the labia minora, or synechia.

Causes of Synechia

Fusion of the labia minora - problem that more than 10% of girls face under the age of 2 years. The reasons for this may be several.

Causes of Synechia

  1. First of all, it is a feature of the structure of the labia minora, which consist of thin and delicate tissues. In combination with this, a warm humid environment creates prerequisites for the development of inflammatory processes.
  2. The formation of synechia may be complication due to inflammation. The risk factor contributing to the development of synechia in girls may also be low level of female genital hormones (estrogen).
  3. Careless attitude to the rules of hygienealso often leads to the development of this disease.
  4. Doctors suggest that risk group are children who are prone to allergies and prone to urinary infections.
  5. Sometimes synechia are formed in girls due to metabolic disorders, intestinal diseases (especially dysbacteriosis), and infection with worms.

Prevention of synechia in girls

For the prevention of synechia can recommend:

  • Carefully follow the rules of hygiene. As rarely as possible wash the girl with ordinary soap, which dries the skin.

Prevention of synechia in girls

  • Regularly inspect the child's genitals independently. If necessary, consult a specialist.
  • After each washing, lubricate the region of the labia with oil (gynecologists recommend almond oil). This is very important for girls with a predisposition to allergies.

Types of synechia in girls

Synechiamay be complete and incomplete. If a small area of ​​the labia minora is captured (incomplete synechia), then the problem may well be resolved by itself. Strict hygiene and constant monitoring - the only thing needed for recovery.

With full fusion of the labia minora you must immediately consult a doctor. Launched disease can lead to violations of the outflow of urine, the development of inflammatory processes of the urogenital system. Further synechiae can lead to atypical development crotch, leading in turn to reproductive impairment right up to infertility.

Diagnosis and symptoms of synechia

Identify synechia in girls is easy during the inspection of the genitals. Small sexual lips are glued together, covered with a thin greyish film.

Diagnosis and symptoms of synechia

Gynecologist when detecting the disease necessarily prescribes several tests to establish the causes of synechia in a particular case. This is a smear test, a general analysis of blood and urine, a blood test for sugar, an analysis of feces for dysbacteriosis and for worms eggs.

The presence of the disease can be judged by the following problems:

  1. The child has trouble urinating.
  2. During urination the trickle of urine is directed upwards.
  3. Vaginal discharge appears.
  4. There is irritation in the genital area.

Very importantnot only to detect synechiae in time and consult a doctor, but also select a qualified experienced specialist. Given the delicate nature of the disease, it is necessary that the doctor is extremely attentive and correct and does not cause psychological trauma to the young patient.

Conservative treatment of synechia in girls

If the fusion of the labia is observed on a small segment and there are no signs of inflammation, the doctor most likely will not prescribe treatment. Problem solving there will be strict hygiene:

  • It is necessary to wash the child not only in the morning and in the evening, but also during the day if necessary.
  • Child's underwear should be made from 100% cotton only. No synthetics!
  • For the care of the genital organs, use only products (creams, powders) recommended by the doctor.
  • Avoid frequent use of soap, products containing fragrances and perfume compositions.
  • To wash the child only with his hands, without using sponges and scouring pads.

Even if your child got rid of the synechia, do not be lazy to show it to the doctor every month. Then you will notice the threat of recurrence of the disease.

Conservative treatment of synechia in girls

Drug treatment is usually prescribed for severe synechia., accompanied by inflammation and problems with urination. Doctor appoints outdoor preparations containing estrogen. The treatment is carried out for several weeks on an individual basis. Using an estrogen cream is important apply it correctly. It is necessary to apply a small amount of the drug to the place of fusion, slightly pressing, as if separating the sex sponge. But in any case, do not make sudden movements., the child should not experience even minimal discomfort! Subsequently, the doctor replaces the medicine with the usual neutral cream, which needs to treat the problem area in order to avoid repeated synechia.

Many parents consider the use of hormonal drugs at an early age dangerous. But serious scientific studies confirm that if you follow all the recommendations of the doctor, the medicine will not cause any harm to your baby. During the treatment of synechia, it is necessary to show the child to a specialist at least twice a month. Yes, and after successful therapy It is important to visit the doctor at least once a month during the year..

Surgical treatment of synechia in girls

Surgical treatment of synechia is an extreme measure. It is addressed only if conservative methods do not produce results. The procedure itself is separation of synechiae under local anesthesia. It is extremely rare, with tight fusion, which can not be separated, resort to surgery under general anesthesia. Doctors try to avoid the surgical treatment of synechia. It is traumatic, causes pain in the child, imposing a serious imprint on the nervous system. May even lead to the development of psychosexual disorders in the future!

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remember, that timely diagnosis and treatment synechia in girls will help avoid many of the health problems of your child.