Treatment of rhinitis in a child folk remedies

Every person suffers from a cold, and children, unfortunately, are prone to such an unpleasant disease. Especially often the common cold, which causes a runny nose, bothers children in the cold season. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the overall body of the baby throughout the year, increasing its immunity. But, if, after all, such a nuisance has happened to your baby, and he has a runny nose, use traditional remedies.

How to stop the development of a cold in a child?

The most effective remedy for dealing with rhinitis is saline, which will help to cope with nasal congestion and the development of rhinitis at the very beginning. Dilute in a glass of warm water 1 tsp. salt without slides. Enough discomfort, so it is better to bury the nose of the child with a small amount of solution. If the baby is small, wash the spout with this solution. Use a syringe without a needle by injecting the solution into the baby’s nose. During the procedure, the baby's mouth should be slightly open. After that, the mucus is washed, and breathing becomes easier. Washing with saline will help clear the nose and kill the germs that cause the formation of mucus. Rinse the baby's nose 4 r. per day.

Folk remedies for quick treatment of rhinitis

Quite quickly help to cope with a cold: vitamin drinks, eucalyptus, coarse salt for inhalation, rosemary, sage, eucalyptus, a set of mustard plasters or compresses, lemon juice or vinegar, water.

In order for the child to quickly recover, you need to pay special attention to strengthening his immunity and, first of all, to cope with a cold. If a runny nose is accompanied by high fever, it must be brought down with natural antipyretic agents. You can make warm acidified water by diluting 1 tsp. on 1 tbsp. water and wipe her baby. Then cover with a bed sheet and after 3 minutes with a warm blanket. Rub every 30 minutes. Instead of vinegar, use lemon juice.

Be sure to give the child a lot of fluid. This will help get rid of harmful toxins that appear from the cold. Make drinks tasty, it is not necessary to deliver the baby discomfort when he is already sick. Freshly squeezed juice from carrots and apples, fruit juice with honey and cranberries, of course, tea with lemon, raspberry and honey will be very tasty.

Treatment of nasal congestion in a child

  • If the child does not have a fever during a cold, but a nasal congestion has appeared, make warming compresses. To do this, put on the sides of the nose bags of hot salt. This will help prevent the development of purulent rhinitis. Then heat large salt in a pan, put rosemary, eucalyptus or sage in it. After the smell, put the pan below the level of the bed on the side. The smell will rise up and penetrate the respiratory system of the baby. Repeat 3 p. in a day.
  • Inhalation also helps to cope with nasal congestion. Take a deep plate and pour hot water there. Then add fir oil or salt. Allow the baby to breathe for 10 minutes, just make sure that he does not strongly lean over the plate, otherwise it may burn the upper respiratory tract. Then let him blow his nose. Spend inhalation a day 3 p., And runny nose will disappear without complications.
  • Helps in the treatment of rhinitis and children's warming ointment. Due to the high content of essential oils, a warming ointment will help ease the breathing of the child. Smear the temporal region and nose bridge with ointment. This will help clear the nasal passages.

Treatment of the beginning cold of a child with folk remedies

If the nose is flowing, you can use carrot juice instead of drops for the nose. Also next to the pillow of the child put chopped onions. As soon as air the room, put a new onion. Do not forget about the need to air the room 2 p. in a day. Fresh air will help clean the room of disease germs and will have a beneficial effect on the body of the baby. If it is warm outside, leave the window open, if it is cold to carry the child into another room while you air it.

It is worth remembering that not only medical care is important for the child, but also your attention and care. Support him, read interesting tales to him, tell something interesting, sing songs. Positive emotions that you give him will help to quickly deal with a cold.

How to treat a runny nose in an infant using folk remedies?

Infants may have a runny nose due to the slightest temperature drop. During the meal, he will be capricious, and discharge from the nose will appear, so he needs to help as soon as possible.

Treatment of a cold in an infant begins with alleviating the general condition. Finely chop the onion and place it in different parts of the room, but not close to the baby. Onion phytoncides will help to destroy the germs that caused the cold.

Ensure a constant supply of fresh air. But it should not be cool and dry. To keep the air humidity normal, place 2 cans of water or hang wet diapers in the room.

Warm baby's legs with a heater, put on woolen socks and a waistcoat. Wool will help keep warm and cope with the cold faster. Take the syringe and gently pump out the discharge from the nose. Then drip 2 drops of carrot juice per day. 3 p. If green secretions appeared from the nose, then for instillation you will have to use drops of saline solution, so it’s better not to bring this up. If your baby is not more than 3 months old, instead of carrot juice for instillation of the nose, use breast milk.

In general, coping with nasal congestion in babies is more difficult than in adults. They can not bury the nose with drugs that narrow vessels. To facilitate the breathing of the child, it is necessary to carry out procedures with folk remedies that will help to remove the edema and remove mucus from the nose. To avoid frequent rhinitis, try to strengthen the immunity of your child constantly.

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