Treatment of periodontal disease at home

Periodontal disease is one of the most serious diseases of the oral cavity. The name of the disease comes from the name of the tissue that envelops our teeth. This fabric is called periodontal. Actually, periodontal disease is an inflammation of this tissue. The disease leads to the appearance of purulent discharge from the gums, inflammation, loosening of the teeth. In the most neglected cases, periodontal disease may threaten tooth decay.

This disease often affects people with pathologies and diseases of internal organs. therefore the cause of periodontal disease should be sought not in the oral cavity, but look deeper into the body.

Symptoms of periodontal disease

Due to circulatory disorders in the mucous membrane (its thinning), the neck of the tooth is exposed. This is perhaps the main sign of the appearance of periodontal disease. Due to the fact that the bone is atrophied, the teeth become loose, the bite changes. Due to a change in the position of the teeth, tissues near the tooth may be injured. Since periodontal disease is primarily an inflammatory process, a putrid odor may appear from the mouth. This leads to very unpleasant sensations, which are noticeable not only to you, but also to those around you.

As with any disease, If you experience symptoms of periodontal disease, you should immediately consult a doctor. Moreover, not only to the dentist. After all, the reason is not in the mouth. This is an alarm bell that says you need to undergo a full examination.

Home remedies for the treatment of periodontal disease

As a supplement to the treatment prescribed by a doctor, you can use folk remedies.

  • For the treatment of periodontal disease can be used salt water. For its preparation, you need to dilute one teaspoon of salt in a glass of water. It is necessary to apply means after each meal. This simple remedy, however, helps to strengthen the gums, prevent their bleeding and the growth of bacteria. Sea salt even better for this purpose. It is rich in iodine, which will help speed up the healing and strengthening process. Very good for strengthening the rubbing of sea salt in the gums with a finger. It is possible to carry out such rubbing once a day.

  • In addition to salt, periodontal disease can be treated at home with the help of celandine. This plant is spread very widely and, for sure, is known to almost everyone. With the help of celandine can relieve inflammation of the gums. In order to help yourself in this way, you need to chop the celandine and put it tightly in a one liter jar. After the plant is in the bank, it must be poured with vodka and allowed to stand for a couple of weeks. This infusion is necessary for ten minutes to rinse your mouth after each meal. In order not to be afraid of burns in the mouth, add a little boiled water to the infusion. This tool involves a whole course of treatment, which should last about ten days. It is necessary to undergo such a course of treatment approximately once a month.
  • Also at home periodontal disease is treated with horseradish. Horseradish - gum mate He is able to reduce or completely negate their bleeding. You need one glass of grated horseradish and half a liter of boiling water. Horseradish must be placed in a jar and pour boiling water over it. Cover the jar tightly with a lid. You can use this tool after it has cooled completely. This tool is not just necessary to rinse your mouth, and swallow it after rinsing. This tool helps not only your gums and kills germs, but also a positive effect on your blood vessels.

  • In the treatment of periodontal disease, you can do a massage with essential oils.. Orange, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon and coriander oils are a threat for the disease. It will help you not only massage, but also the oils themselves. As a result of this massage improves blood flow to the gums and the entire oral cavity. In order to make the right massage, you first need to clean the mouth and thoroughly wash your hands. After the hygiene requirements are met, it is necessary to put two drops of oil on the thumb and index fingers of the hands. The tool must be rubbed on the edge of the gums in a circular motion. Need to move from the farthest teeth to the center. It is necessary to repeat the procedure twice.
  • Gymnastics is very useful for teeth.If you do it regularly, your muscles will work, which will ensure blood flow to the gums.

In addition, the "shells" for such gymnastics have healing powers. To do this, you will need a peeled sprig of oak or spruce needles. At first, just bite the stick with your teeth. This simple exercise must be done every day. Then add another exercise: place the wand between the front teeth and clamp it. In this position, move the jaws up and down, as well as sideways. Lastly, leave the most difficult exercise. The stick must be clamped between the teeth so that one end of it sticks out. Begin to pull the wand over the protruding end, while creating resistance with your teeth.

  • For the treatment of periodontal disease at home, you can do the baths for oral cavity. You need to make a decoction of herbs. Take chamomile, St. John's wort, horsetail, rosehip and sage as ingredients. Type in the mouth of this broth and hold for fifteen or twenty minutes. Then spit and dial the second batch. So repeat several times. Such baths for the treatment of periodontal disease can be done for about a month, after which a break should be taken.
  • An important step in the treatment of periodontal disease is a change of diet. You will need to deny yourself such products as chocolate, cookies and various sweet drinks. It is necessary to do this, because such products create an unfavorable environment in the oral cavity, and have a destructive effect. But they are excellent for creating conditions in which the pathogenic flora will feel excellent.

Periodontal disease at home is quite possible to treat, however, when it appears, it is best to consult a doctor. Like any disease, it is easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, engage in the prevention of periodontal disease, which, of course, is possible at home.

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