Treatment of natoptyshy on a sole


Bell beetles are corns. They are hardened skin. Bell nails deliver a lot of discomfort to a person, including pain and burning. They arise because of the increased level of friction of the soles of the feet on the surface of the shoe, as well as unreasonable physical loads on the feet, excess weight and excessive pressure on the feet. Flat feet and wearing heels can also cause natopys on the foot. You can get rid of this problem at home both with the help of medications and folk remedies.

Treatment of natoptyshy on the sole with the help of pharmacies

Whatever pharmacy medication for dealing with corns you choose, carefully read the composition of the tool. It must necessarily enter salicylic acid. Its content in the ointment or cream should be at least ten percent. Preparations from natoptyshey are harmful to healthy skin. Therefore, the treatment should remember that the skin of the sole, not subjected to the appearance of corns, with the drugs should not be in contact.

In order to avoid unwanted contact, you need to do the following: first, steam up the natoptish, putting his feet in the antibacterial bath. Then paste them with a plaster so that healthy skin is under the plaster, and the sling itself is outside. Thus, we will protect the skin of the foot from damage. After the sling is isolated, a medicine should be applied to it, and then, taped on top of it with a plaster. To withstand such a compress you need seven to eight hours. After the time, the plaster must be removed, and the natoptysh should be rubbed with a pumice stone, a brush or a foot scrub. In this way you can treat natoptysh on toes, heels, on the entire podozhve as a whole.

It will not be superfluous to buy some vegetable oil at the pharmacy (preferably the first spin). This oil should be soaked with ordinary cotton socks and put on overnight. In the morning, you need to thoroughly wash your feet and rub with a pumice stone or a brush on the place of the corns.

Treatment natopyshy on the sole of the national methods

First of all, I recommend you to use modern SOSU pedicure socks. After 5-7 days of using socks you will forget about cracks in the legs. Quality assurance, production in Japan.

Traditional medicine offers many tools that will be useful to you to solve this problem.

  • First recipe: 1 tbsp. laundry soap, grated, and 3 tsp. baking soda dissolved in 1 liter of warm water. Keep your legs in such a bath need at least forty minutes. After applying this procedure, natoptysh must be removed with a pumice or brush. If your callers are painful, then the bath must be replaced. Stir in salt and potassium permanganate in water. Salt needs quite a bit, and potassium permanganate is enough to turn the water into a bright red color. This procedure must be maintained for about ten minutes. She will help you to remove the pain.

  • The second recipe, like the first, is intended for the treatment of corns on the sole. It is necessary to dissolve one tablespoon of salt in one liter of water at room temperature. Keep your feet in this solution for about half an hour. During this time, the tentacles soften significantly, making them easy to remove with pumice or a brush.
  • The third recipe is also based on the solution. Need to add 2 tbsp. l hydrogen peroxide to a liter of warm water and stir. Keep your feet in such a bath is necessary for half an hour. After this procedure, natoptysh can be easily removed by pumice.
  • In the fourth recipe help us in the fight with corns on the sole comes to the well-known potato. Grate the potatoes on a fine grater, clearing it beforehand. The resulting mush must be wrapped in cheesecloth. Then, attach it to the sling and wear a sock. In such a potato sock you need to be all night. In the morning, hardened skin should be rubbed with pumice, and the feet should be washed with warm water.

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Still good remedy for natoptyshey on the sole is a bow. The procedure using this vegetable is best done at night. Onions should be cut into rings and a few of them attached to natoptyshu. A foot with a bow attached to it tightly wrap a film, and on top of a bandage. Then put on the sock. In the morning, rub the softened corns with pumice, and wash your feet with warm water. After that, sprinkle your foot with baby powder.

Folk remedies for dealing with corns quite a lot. Combine them with each other, and soon this unpleasant problem of your feet will disappear. Your legs will be beautiful and healthy.