Treatment of nail fungus of advanced form with a laser

Every person is extremely important not only his state of mind and inner beauty, but also appearance. Unfortunately, some diseases and pathologies can alter our appearance, thereby bringing many problems. Onychomycosis is considered one of such diseases. Unaesthetic appearance of the nail plate confuses the person and develops complexes. It is possible to get rid of such pathology, the main thing is to start the treatment of nail fungus in time. The neglected form of the disease requires additional efforts, but the end result will always be positive.

Types of nail fungus and its causes

Types of nail fungus and its causes

Oh, those insidious parasitic microorganisms of the genus Candida! How many difficulties, inconveniences and torments they bring to man. They are invisible, but at the most inopportune moment they can wade into the body and hit vulnerable spots. With the advent of the fungus on the nails are faced by many adults, and their number is growing every year.

If suddenly you find yourself experiencing symptoms resembling a fungus, then immediately contact a dermatologist. In no case do not think that the fungal infection appeared due to insufficient personal hygiene. This is not at all the case. The lesion of the nail plate with fungal parasites can be due to various reasons, in particular:

  • wearing uncomfortable cramped shoes;
  • excessive sweating of the foot;
  • using non-sterile items for a pedicure;
  • visiting the bath and sauna without personal hygiene;
  • wearing shoes, using towels or other items of people suffering from onychomycosis;
  • weakening of immunity;
  • inadequate blood supply to the lower limbs;
  • eczema;
  • various injuries of the nail plate, skin, bones;
  • long-term antibiotic medication.

Each of us is individual, so the reason that provoked the development of the fungus may be completely unexpected. We will talk about preventive measures a little later, and now let's take a closer look at the forms of the development of nail fungus.

Dermatologists distinguish several different forms of the manifestation of fungal pathologies. The types of fungi are classified according to the following features:

  • a kind of fungal infection;
  • the scale of the lesion;
  • symptomatology.

Specialists subdivide this pathology into three main types:

  • normotrophic;
  • atrophic;
  • hypertrophic.

Depending on the scale of the nail, a fungal infection pathology can be:

  • lateral (lateral nail);
  • distal (nail tip);
  • total (the nail is affected entirely);
  • proximal (back of the nail plate).

Regardless of the type of disease, the scale of its spread and the cause of the appearance, the nail fungus is highly amenable to medical treatment. In rare cases, treating specialists resort to surgical intervention.

Treatment of nail fungus of advanced form with a laser

Treatment of nail fungus of advanced form with a laser

Recently, laser therapy has gained unprecedented popularity. To eliminate nail fungus, you can use a laser that accurately affects parasitic microorganisms, making the environment for their reproduction unfavorable.

This procedure is carried out in many medical institutions. It lasts for 20-30 minutes. The laser radiates heat, under the influence of which fungal microorganisms are destroyed. Laser therapy is absolutely painless. To get rid of a fungal infection, you need to go through 2-3 procedures with a certain time interval. In rare cases, dermatologists advised to remove the affected part of the nail surgically. Full recovery after laser therapy occurs in about six months, when the nail is regenerated.

What pills will help?

It is possible to treat a fungal infection by taking oral pharmacological preparations. Independently to this method of getting rid of parasitic microorganisms is not desirable to resort. But still it is useful to know which pills help to cope with the disease.

Often, pills for the treatment of fungus are prescribed when an infection occurs in the internal organs. For the treatment of nail fungus, pharmacological agents in the form of tablets or capsules are prescribed in exceptional cases. The following factors are taken into account:

  • age category;
  • physiological features;
  • individual intolerance to other drugs;
  • the presence of serious diseases.

The best and most effective pharmaceuticals, whose action is aimed solely at suppressing fungal enzymes and eliminating parasitic cells, are recognized as such drugs:

  • Lamisil;
  • Fluconazole;
  • Terbinafine;
  • Itraconazole;
  • Griseofulvin;
  • Ketoconazole.

These or other drugs are best taken after consulting with the attending specialist and passing all the necessary tests, in particular, scraping from the nail plate. To achieve the best effect, doctors prescribe a complex treatment, that is, along with pills a person is strongly recommended to use ointments, sprays or special varnishes.

The most common outdoor pharmaceutical agents that do an excellent job with nail fungus include the following ointments, creams and drops:

  • Zalain;
  • Candide;
  • Nizoral;
  • Lamisil;
  • Exoderil.

Folk remedies will come to the rescue

Treatment of nail fungus of advanced form with ammonia

Along with the pharmaceutical treatment of nail fungus, many people use various methods of traditional medicine. Just want to draw the attention of readers to the fact that any folk remedy used in the fight against fungus, will be effective only in combination with pharmacological drugs. Let's look at the most common means of traditional medicine, with which you can cope with annoying nail fungus.

Hydrogen peroxide in the fight against fungus

Hydrogen peroxide by itself does not eliminate the infection and the cause of the appearance of fungal microorganisms. With its help, you can whiten the nail plate and create an unfavorable environment for the development of fungus. Thus, hydrogen peroxide acts as an antiseptic and disinfectant that prevents the fungus from spreading.

If you really want to achieve a positive result as soon as possible, then you can add copper sulphate to the baths. In such a mixture should steam the damaged nail plate daily. After that, the nail is thoroughly dried. Cotton disc should be moistened abundantly with hydrogen peroxide and applied to the nail. This compress should be held for at least half an hour. Horny parts of the nail will become soft, it is they that need to be cut. At the end of this procedure, be sure to apply a special cream, ointment or drops to the nail plate.

How to use apple cider vinegar?

There are many recipes for the treatment of the fungus of the nail plate with table vinegar and apple cider vinegar. The easiest way is to wear socks soaked in vinegar. So you create an acidic environment for your nails, which in itself is deadly to the fungus.

Some experts in the field of traditional medicine use special compresses based on apple cider vinegar. Treatment with this tool can last up to one year, until the affected nail is fully regenerated.


  • Apple vinegar - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • Vodka - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • egg white - 3 pcs.

Preparation and use:

  1. All components must be thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous consistency mass is formed.
  2. In this mixture should be moistened gauze cut and attach it to the affected nail in the form of a compress.
  3. The duration of the procedure is approximately 20-25 minutes.

Recipe with ammonia

Treatment of nail fungus of advanced form with ammonia

Most often, people faced with the problem of the fungus, for its treatment using ammonia.


  • boiled warm water - 200 ml;
  • ammonia - 1 tbsp. l

Preparation and use:

  1. The above components need to be mixed.
  2. In the resulting solution should be moistened gauze cut.
  3. Such a compress must be applied daily to the affected nail for 12 hours.
  4. Best of all these packs do at night.

Prevention of fungal nail diseases

Infection with fungal infection can be avoided if you follow a number of preventive measures, in particular:

  • wear only loose, comfortable and well-converting footwear;
  • follow the rules of personal hygiene;
  • treat feet with antiseptics;
  • do not use other people's items for a pedicure;
  • do not wear someone else's shoes;
  • take vitamins to strengthen the immune system;
  • balance your daily diet.

As you can see, the fungus is a very insidious infection that spreads almost imperceptibly. To protect yourself from infection with fungal parasites, follow the rules of personal hygiene, monitor your health, in particular, the state of the immune system. Be healthy!

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