Treatment of ingrown nail. folk remedies and drug techniques


The problem of ingrown nails (oniocryptosis) is faced by many people. There are several ways to get rid of this trouble. It is believed that the only way out is surgery. But if you start treatment in a timely manner, you can get by with conservative therapy or folk remedies.

Ingrown toenail: prevention or treatment?

Most often, the problem of an ingrown nail arises because of wearing too tight shoes, in which he finds himself pressed down and after some time grows into tissues. Also, the appearance of the defect is strongly promoted by high heels, since the toes are strongly deformed when walking both from above and below.

If the nail has grown into a finger, it causes pain and a lot of inconvenience, and it looks ugly. Often, the nails grow due to improper cutting. It is best to do pedicure with scissors with rounded tips after a hot bath, when the tissues are softened and the nails are elastic. If you accidentally cut the nail deeper than necessary, continue to work with a file, since the non-sawed edge can later lead to ingrowth or even infection.

Ingrown nail treatment

There are many tools to get rid of this problem. Among them are folk and medical, for example, laser treatment.

Treatment of ingrown nail folk remedies

At the initial stage, the foot bath with chamomile flowers will help to deal with the problem of an ingrown nail.

For this you need: 2 l. boiling water, 6 tbsp. l chamomile. Cover all this tightly with a lid and insist for 1 hour. Then strain the resulting infusion, reheat it again and keep your finger in it until the water has cooled. The decoction can be used and so, it needs 10 minutes. boil, procedure duration - foot bath - 15 min.

After it, dry your feet well, remove the ingrown part of the nail and put a cotton swab dipped in green or iodine. The treatment will be completed after the nail has the correct shape with growth.

There is another method of treatment. Put on a thick fingertip with butter, and a warm sock on top. Do this for 20 days. Remove the compress in the morning. As soon as the pains stop, gently move the nail away, file it with a nail file and put a bandage under it. If possible, you should repeat the treatment, but without cutting, you need to give the nail the opportunity to grow with the corners.

There is 1 very effective recipe. Finely explain aloe leaf, add 25 drops of water and mix well. Dampen a cotton swab with this solution and apply at night, wrap a plastic wrap over it. By morning, the nail will soften, you can easily cut it or use a file.

Hot bath with table salt is an effective method, after several procedures the inflammation resolves.

To relieve irritation and severe pain, if you have an ingrown nail, take a piece of fat (not frozen!) Melt it over a gas burner, drip onto a sore spot. Repeat daily, 2 p. a day, after the cessation of pain, stop treatment, steam the leg and trim the ingrown nail.

An effective tool can be prepared by taking 1 tbsp. l .: gruel of garlic, onion, aloe, melted butter, 1 tsp. beeswax. The mixture must be boiled. Then cool. Apply the ointment on the nail with a thick layer, then on the inflamed skin and soft tissues of the finger, top it with a broken cabbage leaf, tie it up with a bandage and warm it with a wool toe. This procedure is repeated daily.

Laser technique

Ingrown nail treatment

Modern laser technologies allow quickly and without unnecessary injuries to get rid of oniocryptosis. Under the action of carbon dioxide laser completely remove the affected area of ​​the nail plate. The laser simply vaporizes the pathogenic area without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue.

However, the laser beam coagulates blood vessels, thus avoiding blood loss. Thus, the recovery period after such a correction is reduced and will not take more than 3 days.

Laser treatment is carried out in an outpatient clinic in several stages: for a start, the doctor conducts a full examination of the finger, then an x-ray is taken. It is important to have a blood test to rule out diabetes. In addition, it is necessary to exclude the presence of atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities.

Local anesthesia is used for laser correction. The operation lasts about 20 minutes. If the case is neglected, the time of exposure to the pathogenic area can be increased.

It is necessary to fight the problem of an ingrown nail necessarily and timely. First, you can try the treatment of folk remedies, if they do not help, then resort to high-tech medicine - laser removal.